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Failed NST. Now What?

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My little guy failed the NST today. Baseline was 140 and the only variances were from 138/139 - 145 BPM whether he was moving around or not. I ate before we went, they gave me a big glass of ice water to drink while there, I poked and prodded, they did an extra long strip (40-45 mins) and still no accelerations or decelerations. I'd like to say I'm not worried but the truth is, I am.

So now what? I imagine another NST, a BPP maybe? I am just about 35 weeks along and high risk due to high BP.
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I had pre-e twice but my NSTs were always normal, so this is just conjecture, but I would think that the next step would be a BPP and scan to check the functioning of the placenta and the blood flow.

Hang in there! I know it's not ideal, but 35 weeks is a good place to be if you have to deliver, and it sounds like you are getting very attentive care, which is SO important with hypertensive disorders of pregnancy.
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Thank you so much for your reassurance. I really appreciate it.

Is it possible for things to change that much in a week? I just had a BPP last Friday and all was good. I guess thats why they do them so frequently on some women though, because they CAN change quickly. I am just rambling now LOL.
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Things can change on a dime with PIH and pre-e. I was in the hospital for 3 weeks before DD was born and had NSTs twice a day and fluid checks twice a week, plus 24hr. urines once a week.

It's so frustrating, I know. Please keep us posted on what your doc says! FWIW, my 34-weeker only spent 10 days in the NICU, and that was mostly for mag. sulfate toxicity from my treatment.
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They didn't say anything? Like come back tomorrow for a BPP or we'll do another NST tomorrow or something? No, we'll send you to L&D for overnight monitoring or whatever?

I find that really annoying that they'd let you know that you failed, but didn't tell you what the future course of action would be.

The good news is that by making it to 35 weeks, your little guy should be O.K. should they need to deliver early. I hope he passes whatever future tests they give you and can keep cooking a few more weeks, though.

Sending positive thoughts and energy your way ***~~~*****~~~****
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UPDATE: Talked to my doctor and she told me not to be concerned. She said it wasn't great but so long as I am still feeling baby move she isn't going to hit the panic button. Whew.
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