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I've had our names picked since before I got pregnant (like, in a "If we were to have a third child, which we aren't, these are the names I would like" kind of way).

We're keeping them under wraps, but I've seen the girl name mentioned on this thread already.
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Nathan Douglas for a boy here and Gabriella at this point for a girl, though I do kinda like Everley. Not worry to much about a girls name for sure until I know what we are having, I always have a terrible time with girl names go figure. Nathan has been our boy name for our last two girls.

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Originally Posted by crunchynerd View Post
This one gets my ire up, too. Who do people think they are, cross-dressing your kid for you that way?

I am really shocked too that anyone in their right mind would call a baby girl named Frances, Frank! I have heard that people who think it will give their daughters some sort of professional advantage to be thought male on paperwork (how inherently misogynistic is that?!) name their girls completely male names, like Henry, and it's sad, because each time a boy's name crosses the gender line, boys can never use it again, and boys start running out of names except by making up new ones, and made-up names sound very silly to me.

Casualties of the well-intentioned gender-crossing war: these names were once exclusively for boys, and now they are exclusively for girls:
Laverne, Shirley, Stacy, Tracy, Dana, Leslie, Marion, Courtney, Avery, and plenty more.

They figure anything with a -y, -ie, or -a ending is fair game, but now, we are even having parents naming daughters things like Henry, David, and so on! and they think they are being progressive, when actually, the assumptions underlying that choice are inherently misogynistic (that being more like a boy, or being thought to be more like a boy, will make a girl either better somehow, or more successful somehow).

People who do this never stop to consider the long-term consequences to boys' available naming pool. After all, stealing girl names for boys is never seen as giving any advantage, and most people have the sense to realize what a social disadvantage a boy named Sue, faces. I wish they would quit hijacking boy names for girls in what, in my opinion, is a misguided belief that appearing somehow less a girl, is somehow an advantage for females.
LOL Ok have to jump in here I have an Avery and she is a girl, it had nothing to do with trying to make her more succesful etc. We named her that because I would never consider using Avery for a boy though I know many have and that's ok but for me it was a name I never considered to be very masculine no misguided beliefs that it would be advantageous for my daughter to be named anything other than a name I liked

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Names are 4-ever...right?

Names are difficult for us to think of... We have looked at all of the family tree's
and are starting a running list but so far I really like

Jack Vallen for a boy
& Neva Rose for a girl...

so far my in laws just say "hmmm" when I respond to their questions about the name... never do I hear "oh lovely that's a great name"

I want to see my baby first ...what if he does not look like a "Jack" ?

P.s. new here and glad to have some other ladies to bounce things off of...whew I needed that
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lol sarah I cannot imagine your niece being a Tess. Your Tess is so Tess.

It is funny when it comes to family and names. With my SIL (I was pregnant at the same time as my SIL when I was pregnant with my oldest) I didn't like her name that she came up with (it fits him now) but now that my brother and another SIL are pregnant and told me that they are going with Atticus I was like dang that is cute. But I don't love it so it isn't worth it to me to borrow it. Now if we went for the same middle name (family name that is also my brother's middle name) I would just say that both kids should have the same middle name.
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