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possibly moving to Austin area

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My DH has an interview today and I am going to be roaming the countryside looking for nice neighborhoods to possibly buy in and I need some ideas.

We are interested in a diverse neighborhood, close to parks or trails, good public library, within close driving distance of the commuter rail as he will (hopefully) be working downtown.

Any ideas/help would be much appreciated!!
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I don't have any options for you, but you could look into the Arboretum area, it has a lot of trails and stuff. It is more north. We live in University Hills area/ North East Austin and we love it. We're far enough out that we don't have all the crazy traffic, but close enough to still be near downtown.

I also noticed that you are from DFW. We moved from there in Feb and it's where we both are from. What part do you live in? I grew up in HEB and DF spent most of his life in Arlington. We both have lived all over mid-cities. It's always great to meet other people from there. You will love Austin, I know we do.
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If you want diversity, your best bet is South Austin. It's nicknamed the 'real' Austin. It's a little more hippie than North Austin, which I actually love, LOTS of health food stores, lots of parks. It's not that close to the commuter rail, but I think the railways and the bus system kinda has a bad wrap here, I wouldn't use it personally, but I've never really checked out the rail system.
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The rail is brand new and fairly limited in both stops and times of day. You'll be looking on the north side of town all the way out 183 to Cedar Park/Leander. Honestly your husband could probably do just as well riding the bus to downtown from South Austin, which may be more what you are looking for.

I grew up in North Central Austin but live in Cedar Park now. Lots of parks and kid activities here but not walkable at all, but then neither is most of Austin unless you can afford downtown. Williamson County is definitely less diverse and more conservative but it still feels like Austin - there are some crunchy moms of varying degrees in my local playgroup.

Austinhomesearch.com is a good resource for home browsing, both for sale and some rentals. It can help you get a good idea of what's available in different areas.

Good luck!
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