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What furniture do we really need?

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This is our first baby and I'm clueless about setting up a nursery. I don't have any plans to really decorate until the baby gets older so for now I'm wondering what the essentials are. Crib? Changing table? What should I be on the lookout for?

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The only thing I found we really needed was a crib (we co-slept when my twins were smaller but they prefer their own space now that they're older) and dresser for baby clothes. We picked up a nice wooden dresser with a low profile and attached a changing pad to the top of that.
Changing tables are pretty useless after a couple years, I didn't really see the point in buying a piece of furniture I'd only use for a short time.
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I didn't have one single thing with my older son. We did just fine, but this time around, I want two pieces. One place that is safe to lay baby for naps (a crib or pack and play thingy) and somewhere to sit him while I shower (travel swing or bouncer).

We always changed on the floor, co-slept, and I didn't believe in laying my oldest down - ever. LOL. I don't have that luxury this time with a nearly 4 year old, and really, I think life would have been easier hand I been able to make a sandwich with two hands sometime in those first few weeks because we got babywearing down pat.
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For DD, the essential things were a dresser for her clothes & diapers and a diaper pail. I also enjoyed her swing, but it was free and only used for a short time. She went through a 3-4 hr nap phase in august of her first year and she was very happy to sleep in the swing for those long periods. Since we don't have a/c and it was HOT, I was happy to have a break from babywearing for a few hours while she contentedly slept, though I could have managed without. She was worn pretty much the rest of the time, and then slept in my bed. Her crib is sidecarred but hasn't gotten much worthwhile use.
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For me, the most important "pieces" are a place to stash clothes and a place to stash diapers.

I haven't "done" a nursery since my first baby (just moved 2nd, and then 3rd, into his room, which was no longer a "nursery". #4 doesn't even have a room, lol.) #4 and, eventually, #5 just get plastic drawers for clothes, and we use baskets for diapers.

I never used my changing table, and haven't used a crib for a newborn/infant since #2. I did put #3 in a crib toward the end of her 1st year.

Rocking chairs/gliders are a very nice thing to have if you have the space for one.
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someplace for the baby to sleep - doesn't have to be a crib unless that is what you want. And someplace to store clothes

I had a baby changing pad, and put it on the dresser, but the pad ripped and got all gross, and I think I had to toss it which killed me (ugh - sitting in a dump somewhere) I didn't even use it that long. Plus then you have to worry about the baby falling off after they are able to roll. Just change them on the floor!

a bouncy seat or swing or rocker is nice for the shower. I believe in baby wearing, but you'll need a shower whenever you can get one, so they are nice for that.
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I read about useless changing tables were and so didn't get one with DS right away. That was a big mistake for us! My back hurt when I hunched over to change him, and eventually got one. It was so much easier, and we got one really cheap from Ikea, so it wasn't a big expense.

Last time we had a crib, and that proved to be useless. He slept in bed with us and he wouldn't even nap in it. At first he napped in his cradle, then he napped in our bed, so the crib was pointless. This time we are holding off buying a crib until we see if this baby will need one or not.

We also the bouncy chair, the swing, and a bumbo seat. All of these came in handy with Ds because he did not like to be worn around the house (only outside of the house) but liked to be near me. Not sure what this baby will need though, but we saved everything just in case.
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I did like my changing table. We are currently using it as a bookshelf (those books with have to find a new home soon) You really dont "need" anything. This time around I am getting a co sleeper, and a nap nanny. We already have a crib, but I got rid of everything else long ago. Oh and I'd like to get another boppy since our last one is quite deflated LOL
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We didn't buy any furniture.

G-parents bought a co-sleeper, which was very nice, but not essential.

Last time we had a crib, and that proved to be useless. He slept in bed with us and he wouldn't even nap in it.
This was our experience with the co-sleeper. DH put him in it to take a shower when they were alone together. It served as a GREAT bedside table for all of my middle-of-the-night nursing needs.

We used a changing pad on top of the dryer; the shelf above the dryer served as diaper storage. This system worked GREAT for us, as it was the perfect height for our backs, and right next to the washer to dump dirty clothes and diapers into. We did have a diaper pail, a swing-lid garbage pail from the container store.

DS's clothing was stored in one-two of my dresser drawers.
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I love having a changing table-- it's just a portion that sits on top of Cecilia's dresser, so when she is PL'ed we can just take it off. Our diaper pail (cloth diapers) is a garbage can with a washable liner in it.

Our crib is a hand-me-down, and makes a lovely cat bed, since Cecilia only sleeps with us or in the swing.

The swing is the only piece we splurged on. It's one of those complicated Fisher Price ones that can swing side to side or back and forth. We bought it specifically because it has an A/C adaptor so we weren't spending a fortune on batteries. To my surprise, Cecilia actually sleeps better swinging side to side, so that's an added bonus too.

We also have one of those little bouncy chairs. Cecilia won't sleep in it, but she likes to play in it. I think it or a swing is a great thing to have if you want to shower alone. Though, for the most part, I either shower with Cecilia or if it's hair wash time (I wash my hair once a week) I do it when my husband's home.
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We used the most, but I don't know if we needed it all.
an exerciser ball to rock and bounce on (SUCH a life saver!!!!)
a glider
dresser (was given one that was a dresser/changing table)
swing (for 2 months)
trashcan with closing lid

Other than that a moby wrap...

Later an exersaucer was great

DS didn't like bouncer, doesn't sleep in crib and I think thats it...
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we have a crib... it's a great all purpose baby holder she does sleep in it now, and likes to play/hang out in it more than i thought she would.

we definitely needed a dresser, i'm glad we got a big one cause it holds everything. we're low on storage space, so it has all the clothes she's currently wearing, clothes she is going to grow into soon, all the diapers and changing stuff, toys, baby carriers, extra blankets/sheets etc. the changing pad (inflatable one from IKEA) goes on top and it's a nice enough piece of furniture to keep for a long time.

if we had space i'd definitely get a rocker or glider for the newborn months... not as necessary now. we had an exercise ball that got a lot of use, plus a bouncy chair that lives in the kitchen and gets used while i make dinner, we'll probably switch to a highchair soon, since again, we don't have space for more than one baby holder!

oh yeah, and we had a step-can for diapers, and a small step-can for random trash. there is a bookcase that will be repurposed for baby books and toys fairly soon, but it's in the hallway now.
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A place for baby to sleep - crib, pack-n-play, or co sleeper - even if you co-sleep, it is nice to have a separate sleeping place for the baby on occasion. We use our crib for naps, and part of night time (that part during which DH and I are still awake). We also really liked our co-sleeper, but put it away when DS turned 7 mos and I felt more comfortable having him in our bed for the whole night.

A place for clothes, a shorter dresser to which you can put a changing pad on top is nice - we have this - but we rarely use it for diaper changes. The cat liked it though.

A comfy nursing chair with ottoman. This can be a glider, a rocking chair, an arm chair. Next time I may just splurge and get a comfy recliner!

We use a basket for diapers (cloth and disposables, when we did 'sposies). Though I am on the lookout for a better storage option!

But that's it, and we could have done with less, I suppose, but these made life easier!
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Oh wow, this is all extremely helpful. Thanks, you all!
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The only thing we needed was a changing table. I thought we could do without one, changing on the bed and whatnot, but life is MUCH easier with one. Our backs were hurting, we had to worry about pee in inappropriate places. If you can afford it, I recommend one.
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i would just say start small, you can always add later depending on what your baby likes. as you can see from PPs comments, different babies like different things!

as far as changing -- we have a wonderful utility sink in our laundry room. the changing area is on the counter next to the sink with a step can for dipes & one for trash, and a laundry hamper w/in throwing distance. open shelves above hold all our babycare stuff, along with a diaper stacker on the wall. I LOVE our changing station, mainly because everything is set up to be within arm's reach...and in case of a major blowout we can just rinse babe off in the sink!
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We never bought a crib. DS wouldn't sleep in the pack-n-play, so why bother with a crib? We kept it around for a while for the changing area, as well as a place to keep clothes. When he got too big for that (or had too many clothes - not sure which came first), I bought a low dresser with a surface large enough for continued diaper changing. We are following the same pattern now with DD. We also had two diaper setups, for cloth and disposable.

DS always nursed to sleep, so he napped in bed. DD usually requires rocking. So I'd say my glider (and ottoman) is essential furniture! I never got a swing, but the bouncy chair in the bathroom has been useful.

I think that's about it. I have a moby but only use it on special occasions.
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Just change them on the floor!
I'll change on the bed or sofa, if I have to, but changing on the floor is for when I'm out visiting! Maybe it's because I'm an older (and creakier) Mom, but I like having a dedicated standing-height place to change baby's diapers. For us, it's a counter in our mudroom, on the other side of the utility sink and washer/dryer. It's great to have the washer right next to the diaper pail, and DD's diapers get changed way more often there than they do upstairs where we sleep.

DD2 is the fifth baby in the family to use our co-sleeper and has been happiest in it the longest. I think this is because I put a bassinet mattress in it this time, on top of the cosleeper mattress. Our crib isn't even put together because (a) we didn't use it with DD1 and (b) DD2's room still needs drywall work done, then paint and major cleaning!

With this baby, we bought a rocker/recliner and I really am enjoying having a special (and comfy) place to nurse. Much nicer than last time when I had a really junky used glider with a really thin cushion.

I have a bureau for her clothes, and there are baskets on top of it for receiving blankets and the endless supply of burp cloths I need for my "happy spitter."
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the only thing we really use is the rocker glider. Multiple times a day, every day! DS's stuff only takes two dresser drawers, which I got by purging my cute underwear and bras that will never fit again.
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