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In my house, in the necessities are a crib, changing table, and somewhere to rock the baby when she was a newborn (we have a glider and a recliner and they're both awesome for this). We used a pack n play in our bedroom for the first 6 months and then transitioned her to a crib in her own room. The changing table is a must, ime. Changing her in the floor or anywhere BUT the changing table is hard on my back. I've honestly never changed her in the floor here at home once--so much easier at her changing table. I found a tall one (because I'm pretty tall) and it's also nice to have everything in one spot.
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Specific baby furniture? Nothing. For our first we had a change table because it was good for storing diapers. This time around we don't even have that because we don't have room. The baby will sleep in our bed, we'll keep his/her clothes in the dresser with my daughter's, and change the baby on the floor.

Now, that doesn't mean you shouldn't have anything. Cribs can come in handy even if you co-sleep. I wish we had room to side-car one to the side of our bed for more space! Think through what kind of choices you think you're going to make and buy things based on your decisions and values -- and then be prepared to change your mind I think it's almost inevitable that we make a purchase or two that we never use or end up buying something we thought was ridiculous but suddenly seems less so after the baby arrives.
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We used a high chair, but in hindsight I think we didn't even need that. Ours was very simple, none of these 3-reclining-positions garbage jobbies (I mean, WTH? You're not supposed to do solids until the kid is old enough to sit up on their own, it's a major safety hazard to recline a baby while feeding! What's supposed to be the purpose of these?) But when we moved, we switched to a booster seat at the table, and found that just as easy as the high chair had been, and one less big piece of furniture to have around.

Oh, and it isn't "furniture" but you don't need baby food either...
Hehe -- we loved the booster seat we got my daughter and bought it specifically because it reclined. She loved to watch me cook and clean in the kitchen and she couldn't get a good view in the bouncy seat. She was way too little to sit upright so I got her a booster seat so she could see better but stay in a more reclined position. We never used it for food until she was well over 6 months old, but it was great because she could actually see more than when I was wearing her on my back.
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If you are planning to co-sleep, then all you need is something for thier clothing. We use the top of the dresser to change dd2 now but when she was little, I just used our bed with a pad under her.

If you aren't planning to co-sleep then a crib/playpen/bassinet is probably needed. And to be totally honest with both my kids, one of those bouncy type chairs were great for when I was showering or cooking and they were still too little to just put on the floor.
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I had also heard from some friends how useless a changing table was, but for us we find it essential. I store all the diaper and breastfeeding stuff in the drawers, and it's much easier to change on a raised surface than on the floor.

Also essential is a cupboard for all his clothes and blankets and whatnot.

Besides that we have a hammock which is good for naps, and a glider chair which is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo comfy for feeding and just relaxing. Our baby sometimes gets all squirmy in the wrap, plus it's been 100+ heatwave (without air-con), so babywearing is on hold for now in this house. So we've found the bouncy seat to be great for when we cook and eat, the baby loves to just sit peacefully and watch. We also have a sidecar bed for him, but haven't used it yet, so I wouldn't say it's essential, but we are holding onto it and may try it out, so we'll see.

One thing that is not furniture but I find essential is a breastfeeding cushion. I have a Boppy and love it! You can also use it to nest your baby in on the floor. I also have a BrestFriend cushion which I like too.
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hammock is really a good choice, it won't take space and you can always take it off when you do not use it.
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for us: a place for babe to sleep (started out in bed with us, moving to crib later), someplace to put baby's clothing (for us a couple of crates that stacked, or a nightstand), place for baby to sit at meal times (a booster that sits on a kitchen chair). We don't use a changing table - had one and gave it to my mil to have at her house for the other grandkids.
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I borrowed a co-sleeper for our bedroom, bought a dresser, got a pack n play as a gift. Everything else is icing on the cake in my book. Changing tables are nice but definately (spelling?) a luxury item, not really necessary. I have never used one.
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