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I have another question to ask you

I am returning to work and have arranged daycare for my 3 1/2 year old son and 9 week old daughter. They will go to in home daycare (Stacey) three days/week and have a nanny come over to our home (Becky) two days/week.

Do you see this daycare situation with Stacey and Becky as a good combo for our children? Any insight would be so appreciated!!

thank you!!
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The daycare is going to end up full time. Something with Becky is not going to work out. It feels like a combo of things. One is her schedule is going to change (unknowingly at this time) and two I do not think you will be as happy with her as you hope. She's not doing anything bad, or wrong, it's just not going to be exactly as you envision it. I think it's more your expectations than anything else. You might be a little picky about things. So this will play out when the nanny doesn't do just what you want her too.
that's my two cents and I'm sticking to it.
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