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Birth Buddies update: MommaKitten21

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She is in labor and baby is still posterior, but her hubby is with her and she is in good spirits. I will update as I hear more info. I hope I am doing this right, feel free to let me know if I should be doing things differently.
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Oh, I hope that baby turns! I'm glad she's got her husband with her, though. And yes, you're doing this perfectly! (I'm a July co-clubber, so I've seen lots of updates).
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thanks for the update, SteelerMom! So so glad that her DH made it to be with her for this!

and sending lots of turn-baby-turn vibes....!
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Wow, I'm jealous she's already having her little one!! Hoping all goes well for her and the lo!
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How exciting! I'm so glad her DH got to come back for it too!!! Can't wait to hear more updates.
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Lots of thoughts and prayers for a happy healthy delivery MommaKitten!! I am so glad your DH made it home in time.
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Sending lots of good labor vibes for a healthy baby and healthy mama!
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Woo! Thanks for the update, Im keeping another thread she frequents updated on it too through this!
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Oh my goodness! I was just thinking today that it's less than two weeks until August 1st, so surely one of us would be having her baby soon!

Good luck, MommaKitten21!!!

How exciting! I can't wait to hear the news!
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Sorry, no big news here, just wanted to share a message I just sent MommaKitten21 on behalf of our DDC:

Hey there! I'm not sure if you're up to checking your messages, but I figured I would let you know there are a lot of people sending positive vibes your way. ALl are hoping baby is in optimal position for delivery and that you're tolerating labor well. Keep me (us) updated as you feel up to it. Keep up the good work and good luck!
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MommaKitten21 update: She is really appreciative of the support she has been getting from our DDC and others on mothering.com. She is going to try some hormones the midwife is bringing to speed dilation as she isn't progressing rapidly at this point, but the midwife is expecting a baby tonight or in the morning! The baby may have an arm next to his/her head which could be making things more difficult. She is still so happy that her DH is by her side and her spirits are up.
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Best wishes to her! My first was born with an arm up over his head and it made for tough back labor.
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i'm so glad her DH is there.
keep up the good work, mommakitten!
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Yay!!! I'm so happy for her that her DH is there with her. No real rush now since if I remember correctly he'll be there for about 5 days. How wonderful he made it.

MommaKitten21 - positive labor thoughts and vibes being sent your way. Hang in there, you can do it!!!

Thanks for keeping us updated, SteelerMom.
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Yay that her husband made it home! Thinking of you MommaKitten!
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So awesome! I was just thinking tonight how perfect it would be if she went into labor this weekend while he was (possibly) home for a few days.

Thanks for the updates SteelerMom!

Happy Laboring MommaKitten21!!!!!
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Hope all is going well for you Mammakitten21! So happy you dh is there too!
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You can do it, MommaKitten!!!
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Prayers for a calm and peaceful birth~~~~.
You can do this, she'll be here soon!!
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