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Screaming twins in bucket seats

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Well. My babes have always been screamers in the car. In fact, it's a little bit improved now that they can actually play with things. But my hubby just doesn't have the filter to be able to stand them screaming on trips. I take guitar lessons twice a month in the city, and it's an hour trip there and back, where we pick up hubby and he watches babes and then we all drive home. (So he's only with us one way!!) They were all miserable wrecks last night afterward. Hubby practically had a nervous breakdown.

So... I've heard people tell that moving to a convertible did a world of good in this situation, but I can't figure out which one to get. We'll need two, and well, quite frankly the Sunshines and Britaxes are out of our price range for that. I see a lot of people like the TrueFit. We've got a Chevy Trailblazer, which is huge, so I don't think we'll have a problem fitting them. Our second car is a Ford Taurus, though we practically never have the kids in that - it's also a large car, so I'm not too too worried in that regard, either.

My only concern is the "deepness" I see people describing - if the babes are going to be hunched over anyway, I don't see spending the money on this seat versus the buckets - I bought the Snugride 32s in hopes they'd last a little longer than this, but whatcha gonna do?

Also, my boys are likely to outgrow any seat by height rather than weight, since they're both pretty skinny in the scheme of things. Does this jump out at you and say another seat might be better?
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Have you tried putting the SRs slightly more upright. Sometimes that helps. I think it's being more upright in convertibles that helps a lot of babies.

For a taller child, I'd look at the complete air or the true fit. BRU will give a twins discount if you buy 2 identical things (I think it's 10% or something like that).
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I'd look at the TrueFit and also the Complete Air. The Complete Air RF to 40lbs instead of 35, and FF to 50lb instead of 65lb, but it is a similar height so will last most kids to booster age like the TrueFit. The TrueFit is almost never outgrown RF by height (it is very tall). Some folks on here get pretty amazing deals on Radians (like under $200) if it works in your vehicle. Also, some places will give you a twin discount if you buy two.

So, for tall kids, big cars and a long-lasting seat, I'd look at the Radian, the Complete Air, and the TrueFit, pretty much in that order.

I wouldn't consider Britaxes at this point, they don't make any convertibles that are really great right now, iMO.

As far as spending the money, you are going to need a convertible anyhow - kids just outgrowing a bucket seat shouldn't be FF yet - so even if it doesn't work for you now, you'll need it soon enough.

From your siggy, they are 9 months old? At that age I suspect they'd like the convertibles, and I'd install them fairly upright (up to 30 degrees for the Radian or Complete Air, up to 35 degrees for the TrueFit). My DD was a screamer, she got much better around 12 months, and actually started liking the car by 18months.
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My twins did this too. They hated their bucket seats. I do think it's as the PP said--they wanted to sit more upright. I adjusted our graco snugrides as far as they would go, but it wasn't enough. We had to go to convertibles for them to stop screaming.

We went to hand-me-now Evenflo Triumphs next. Those always drove me nuts (although we still have them as backup car seats in the second car) they were hard to install (always moved too much for my comfort, no matter what I did). The seat belt was forever folding over on itself in the buckle, it was impossible to keep clean, etc. I finally bought some Britax Regents that I found on sale--they are the next size up from convertible and kiddos will be in them until they are 6 or 7 y.o., so that justified the expense to me. And OMG, now I know why Britax are more expensive and why people still buy them. To me it's worth every penny. They are so much easier to install correctly and the seat belts work right and they're just great all around. I feel the construction quality is on a whole other level compared to the other car seats I have owned or rented on vacation. Which admittedly isn't that many brands/models, but there you go... my 2 cents and worth about that much.
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The only issue with the radian is that in some vehicles it will not install more upright than 45 degrees. And in some it will not install at all. So I would search over at car-seat.org to find out before you do that.
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The Radian installed like a dream in my mom's '98 Taurus, but that's the only one I have experience with.

I'd look at the Complete Airs--they are on sale at BRU and people are getting them for around $90-100.

I'm not sure how/why they would be "hunched over" though
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You could also try going to Kmart to see if you can find any of the $36 Safety 1st Avenues, or EFTA's.

i would probably install the infant seats more upright if you could, at that age I put the recline foot all the way up for my DS(who was in his SafeSeat 1, the predecessor to the Snugride 32, until he was nearly 2 years old)
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We really like the My Ride 65. I don't think it would make your babies slump. If they're slumping in ANY seat, you need to fix that. It puts them at risk for positional asphyxia.
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