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Omg Placenta!

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I just had to share something I came across this morning! CRAZY!!!
Crazy Placenta
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Some people may be a bit too attached to that lovely life giving organ!
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I saw that before -- I buried my placentas and that was fascinating, but preserving it like that is going too far for me.
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Thats hilarious!
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Is that a joke or did someone really do it? I ate DS's raw placenta in smoothie form so I'm already pretty far out there in Alternative Land but a preserved teddy bear is a bit much to believe
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I've seen that and although i'd never do it, I actually think it is pretty cool. If you don't tell anyone, they won't know it is made from placenta and honestly, I see that as no stranger than having items made from animal skins. A placenta bear or a leather bear... both are made from what used to be a living organ. It is definitely a cute way to remember the birth and appreciate the placenta though.

I still wouldn't do it... it would just be one more thing to dust!
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No thanks.
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I plan on eating and dehydrating my placenta as well, but this I think is a bit weird. It strikes me as an odd way to 'honor' the placenta. It is believed in Chinese medicine that you shouldn't even blend the placenta raw because it somehow disturbs the energy. I don't know, it almost seems a bit counter productive to me. Kind of degrading in a way. Maybe I'm looking too far into it but I just can't see the purpose of making a placenta teddy bear.
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I'm another one who wouldn't do it (I'm so not crafty) but I don't think it's that big of a deal. Whatever floats y'er boat and all.
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Oh me, oh my.

That sure is something else. I should try to convince DH that THIS is what I want to do instead of eating/dehydrating mine. His reaction would be priceless.
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ummm... I did a placenta print with dd2, this time we plan to plant a tree with it. But, for me the teddy bear is a bit much, my dog would move heaven and earth to get a hold of that .
I agree with the pp~ just another thing to dust
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Well, that is certainly...different!

I remember my 8th grade biology teacher told us that she kept hers preserved in a jar on her mantlepiece.
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Well that's certainly interesting....
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