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Lyme Disease

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Do you have it?

What are you doing for it?

What have you tried in the past that didn't work?

What else can we talk about?

How are you feeling today?

I have just been dxed.

I'm starting the Buhner protocol but also have a homeopath I am working with and am meeting with a TCM practitioner I know tomorrow to see what she says. I have been on GAPS since Nov.

I got very sick in Feb but I suspect I have had it much longer. I also think I have given it to both of my children either while pg or from bfing.

I haven't tried abx at this point and really don't know what to do about that for me or my kids.
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there's a big lyme thread on health & healing somewhere. do a search for lyme and you should find it. It's got a lot of good info. in it. I was diagnosed a few months ago. Since then DS came up positive, and DD2 is being tested now.
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I don't, my husband does. He's dealing with chronic lyme. We did abx as soon as the rash appeared which was within a week of getting bitten. They didn't work. We have found many things that have.

I agree with Kathy, that lyme thread has a good amount of info. What I will say is that it's very clear that different things work for different people. This may be a matter of just following your heart as well as trial and error.

Homeopathy, flower essences and biochemics work very well for my husband and he had a particularly bad case. We have also changed his diet and that has allowed the remedies to hold for longer. I have someone right now for whom homeopathics aren't doing squat, but flower essences changed everything. Some people do really well on herbs. Just keep your mind open and be willing to discard what doesn't work.
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Just popping in to send a
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