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Formula Feeding Mamas

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Can you share with me your 6 month olds feeding schedule? We are just beginning to try solids so DD maybe takes one "meal" a day but barely. Right now it seems she takes (6) 4-6oz bottles thru a 24 hour period. She seems to want to drink the biggest bottles (6 ounces) late evening and during the night. Is that normal? I breastfed my son and never had to do formula with him so I'm lost! I feel like she's getting too much or not enough. She's a chunk BTW - 10 lbs. when she was born and she is in 9 month clothing already so I'd say she's pushing 17 lbs.

Also, she seems to be having trouble pooping. We feed her Baby's Only Organic Formula. Could other formulas be more gentle? Can I give her something like prune juice to help her move things along?

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I don't follow a schedule. I feed him when he indicates he's hungry. Sometimes that's 30 minutes after he just ate, sometimes it's 3 hours.

He rarely takes more than 3 oz in a sitting except at bedtime when he may take up to 12 oz. I usually have 4-5 oz in the bottle just in case though, since at naptime he'll often take a little bit more, and that extra sip is the difference between sleep and no sleep.

How long have you been using that formula? How long has the constipation been going on? What foods have you given her?

If the constipation is regular and unchanging, then I'd suggest trying a different formula. If it's new though, I would look to the solids she's eating and not the formula. Constipation can be normal for up to a week after changing formulas, according to my ped.

Oh, and at this point my guy eats when we eat, what we eat for the most part. I let him dictate how much solids he wants, but we're not allowed to eat without feeding him (10 mos). But I did intro foods slowly and one at a time to keep an eye out for issues like constipation or red butt.
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