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How to tell baby's position from outside the womb?

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Hey ladies,

There are so many experts here, so I thought I would ask: how does one tell the baby's position from the outside? I just turned 29 weeks today, and I meant to ask my midwife while she was measuring my fundal height, but I forgot! I keep feeling different hard masses, and I feel her hiccups from real low down in my pelvic region. Are there any other ways to tell? Of course I realize that her position could still change, but I won't be returning to the midwife for another two weeks, and I'm dying to have just one more way to get close to my sweet baby girl. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!
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Well, I'm no expert, but I feel the hard masses too...usually on one side or the other. My midwife said that baby is head down right now and the hard mass is her bum! It makes sense because I feel the kicks to one side or another (and up high). I feel a jumping sensation down low and I didn't think of them as hiccups before. That makes sense! The midwife said the baby is still small enough to twist and turn, so that's why the bum will be on one side or the other, even though her head is staying down. Also, sometimes I stick out more in front and the midwife said the baby still has room to bend in half with the head down.

After the explanation she gave me at my appointment on Monday, I feel like I have a much better understanding of how she's laying in there whereas before I couldn't imagine. I'm just past 28 weeks myself.
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Hey, MaybeJ! I just read an old MDC thread about determining the baby's position, and one woman mentioned that baby's for first pregnancies (this is my first) tend to get into position at 31 weeks, which isn't too far off for us; it's 34+ weeks for second pregnancies and so on. Anyone else heard that? I'm about to lie down and do some investigating!

As for the hiccups: I kept thinking (though I feel my baby turn and kick ALL THE TIME) that I had never felt them before. In the middle of the night the other evening, however, I felt what was definitely hiccups way down low, and they were kind of muted and/or not as pronounced as the punches that I feel. They also kept happening on cue over and over again for what seemed like forever. She did it again last night, too. I didn't think about positioning with regard to hiccups until I started researching positions today. This is all so fascinating!
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I am 28 weeks. My baby is head down and diagonal across my belly. It looks all lopsided and wonky, but I'm able to tell her kicks versus her hiccups.

The next time you see your midwife have her put your hands on the different parts and let you know what they are. My MW did that and it really helped me figure out what a head/back/tushie felt like.
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Its much easier for me to tell this time around. Partly because I've felt it before but mainly I think because my tummy muscles are not as toned forst time around so it's easier to distinguish.

One side is always harder than the other with me, depending on what side he's lying on. The hard side is his bum and back. They feel bigger than his head.
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I can tell by checking his heart beat, it's up so high I know he's still breech! This is my 6th pregnancy though, I know it could take another 4-6 weeks for him to turn head down. I do belly mapping towards the end to figure out exactly how they're positioned.
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It seems like the baby might be somewhat diagonal/horizontal. I'm concerned about the position. Is it too early to start worrying? I'll definitely have my MW feel around during my next visit in two weeks. I'll be 31 weeks along then. My baby has been super active thus far, so hopefully this means she'll find her place when the time comes.
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I wouldn't worry about it until 32-34 weeks. Right now there is still room for baby to move around. Sometimes they don't settle into head-down position until the very last minute.
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Definitely don't need to worry yet I think for first time moms baby usually goes head down around 32 weeks.
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and some don't turn until labour has started
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I was able to tell with DS pretty easily by now. With this one, s/he has been in the same position for days, but I can't figure out/envision exactly what that position is. I'm thinking possibly transverse. Legs/feet are definitely to my right, but they're not high up, and I hardly feel anything on my left.

Anyway, I was really good at this game with DS (and we had it confirmed with u/s several times).

If you go to spinningbabies.com, they have a "belly mapping" program. you can use the tips on the site. It's basically where you feel hardest kicks/movement (that'd be the feet), where you last heard the heartbeat (that'd be the abdomen), and where you feel a hard mass (butt).

I think I was about 30 weeks when I was really able to say exactly how DS was positioned.
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Great tips as always, ladies. I'm afraid I'm going to bruise my belly from finger-walking all around the babe. This is so fascinating, and I'll try not to stress about the position...YET. My DH, by the way, is freaked out by feeling for the hard masses. He is like, "Oh my god! Did I hurt her? Stop doing that!" Hehe... Thanks again!
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im stressing a bit about positioning too but im getting calmer, she was head up for a few days and i got totally freaked out, i could feel her apple/orange sized head floating right up in the soft part in the centre of my abdomen right up by my ribs and it felt so vunerable (i poked her a few times and felt bad lol) and the kicks were kinda gross cuz you could literally see feet poking out just above my pubic bone/on bikini line etc. i think she is head down and alternating between LOA and ROA and kicking my ribs, when i need a pee she wriggles her butt out in a huge lump above my belly button to one side - bless her she has her mommas ass poor thing.

also when she was breech my bump looked flatter at the bottom, kinda upside down and i could wear jeans again, now im bulging down there again the jeans are back in the closet *sigh*
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Its still so wierd that we all have little aliens wriggling about inside us.
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