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Samantha Jean is here

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Sunday, July 11th, mum and I went shopping for several hours in the early afternoon and got a ready-made eggplant parm from the grocery store for my dinner.

DH and I put DS to bed around 9:45ish and we both kinda just passed out with him.

I woke up at 12:50am to pee as usual. Went back to bed and about an hour later (1:45am) I woke up with weird cramping pains that ran under my belly and around my back. I timed them and had about 5, averaging 7mins apart. I woke up DH and he woke up mum. Called the MW at 2:30 and she said they like moms to be at the birth center when contractions are 4-5mins apart lasting about a minute. Around 3, they were coming about every 2mins but only lasting about 30-40secs. So I called the MW back since I wasn't sure what was more important. She said she would meet us at the center in about 45mins.

I manage to breath thru contractions until almost 3:30. Mum runs to the corner to get drinks and cigs. She was gone maybe 10mins. My step-mum was there to watch DS (who was still sound asleep). Before mum got back I tell DH "We have to leave NOW." He was trying to stall until mum got back but I insisted we had to go. DH got me into the car and I immediately had a contraction and my water broke - Hollywood Style (exploded! All over the seat, splashed on my feet!)

Contractions were coming fast and hard by now. We were about 15miles from the Birth Center. DH broke all kinds of traffic laws. Going 60 in a 30, running lights, etc. During each contraction I was screaming like an animal and C kept saying "you've gotta breath baby!" At one point I screamed back at him "I AM F**KING BREATHING!"

Maybe 2-3miles from the BC, I was having the urge to push that I couldn't control.

DH flew into the parking lot and parked directly in front of the steps to the porch. He ran in calling out to the MW "she's in a really bad way!" (Gotta love my English hubster!)

Only the two student MWs were there. They came running out to the car and helped my shorts off to check where we were. I managed to get out of the car and they were helping me up the three steps. I got up two and they were all saying "one more step". I just flat out said "NO!" I could feel her crowning. I was sure she was just gonna fall out of me and they would have to literally catch her. They got me turned around and sat on the top step with towels and pads under me. Maybe 1 push and her head was out. One more push and her body was out.

Samantha Jean was born on the porch under a moonless sky at 4:03am on July 12th, 2010.

Mum got there 5mins after she was born. The MW arrived a minute later.

They clamp and cut her cord and mum carried her inside while they got me inside via wheelchair. I was shaking so badly I didn't trust myself to walk.

Since I had missed out on my water birth (again) but the tub was filled and waiting, I was able to climb in and deliver the placenta. I then was able to cuddle and nurse Samantha in the tub. She instantly knew what she was doing and is a nursing pro!

The MW weighed her and had to re-calibrate the scale cause she was sure it was wrong. But it was right. She weighs 9lbs 2oz and is 20in long. Even tho she came so fast and was so big, I didn't tear at all. By the next day, most of the tenderness was gone.

We had quality bonding time while comfortably lounging in bed. I took a shower while mum cuddled with her in the family room. And we were headed home by 8am.

By far a better birth experience then I had with DS.
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Originally Posted by MummaLitt View Post
Samantha Jean was born on the porch under a moonless sky at 4:03am on July 12th, 2010.
DDCC ~ This had me laughing out loud!!

What a fantastic birth story! Somehow both humorous yet very touching. Congrats on your new daughter, mama!
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What a great story! Your little girl is going to have you tell her the story over and over again someday!

(my own little girl made me use all of those smilies)
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congratulations! what a great birth story!!!
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Isn't it amazing how efficient our bodies can be? Amazing! Congratulations on your lovely baby and on having an amazing body!

Enjoy your babymoon !
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i have been watching for your birth announcement! and what a story it is! congrats mama.. that is a birth that you will never forget the details of
welcome earthside baby samantha jean..and have a beautiful and delicious baby moon you two!
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Congratulations! I think next time you'd be more comfortable planning to birth at home- you might not make it to the porch!! Welcome baby Samantha!!
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Congrats, you did an amazing job, what a great birth story! Welcome baby Samantha!
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That is a hollywood worthy birth story!! You rock, mama!

Enjoy your sweet Samantha Jean (love the name by the way )
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DDC Crashing to say Congratulations!! I also laughed out loud reading about her being born on the porch.
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