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I feel like crying

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My body is wavering at the tipping point for awhile now. I am having irregular contractions. Yes, they are contractions. Mild/moderate, not long, timing all over the place.

I'm trying. I'm uncomfortable. My cervix hurts. I feel sharp painful cramps and pulling, like my cervix is opening and something is starting to push it more open. I get contractions. I am walking around huffing and puffing and doing stuff.

I hate all this pressure to DO SOMETHING ALREADY!

So pity party for me. Boo hoo.

Thanks for listening.
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I so sympathize. One of the MANY reasons I keep thinking to myself "I'm SO glad I'm not pregnant anymore" is the stop and start labor I had off and on for two weeks before he was born. It's just miserable.

I hope yours ends soon!
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I had the same for weeks. It was so frustrating-but, I will say it did lead to a fast labor and one that I went into 6-7 cm. dilated. Looking back (which is so hard to focus on right now for you, I know) I am SO GLAD I had that to help me have a shorter, efficient labor. Not sure that helped....but I'm sorry!
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Thanks Liz and Noah's Mommy. My last labour was only 3 hrs long so we're thinking this will be similar or faster. Actually, the real """"fear"""" is that the baby will come before anyone can catch him.

I didn't sleep much at all last night. Maybe I'll go take a nap.
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Originally Posted by Surfacing View Post
Actually, the real """"fear"""" is that the baby will come before anyone can catch him.
I had a similar fear because this was #3 for me and I was going to have to drive an hour for my VBAC (ended up being so fast I had to go to my small town hopsital and all worked out fine, but it was fast!!). When I asked my midwife what I would do if I ended up delivering her in the car, she kept telling me to remember that if the baby is coming, then things are going as they should and everything is good and normal, to just hold her skin to skin until we got to the hospital, and have blankets in the car, and al would be well!

So, if she comes, someone will definitely be there to catch her - you! - and she will be just fine! GOOD LUCK! Just when I thought I had reached my wit's end, at 41 weeks, when I was most impatient, she came...and now I know that she waited so long so that the stars would align and her birth would be brilliant, amazing, wonderful! Trust that baby! Good luck!
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Thank you for this, livelovelaugh.
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Just when I thought I had reached my wit's end, at 41 weeks, when I was most impatient, she came...and now I know that she waited so long so that the stars would align and her birth would be brilliant, amazing, wonderful! Trust that baby!
I totally agree with this-I was 41 weeks 1 day and was totally DONE. Then she came! Now, I wouldn't change a thing-including 3 weeks of prodromal labor! Hang in there, Surfacing!
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I hear you mama............my pregnant brain can't find the hug smiley.....so *hugs* for you.
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Ohhh sweetie I so totally completely understand!!! I'm sorry you're in that weird limbo place, it's a rough state of mind to be in. Your body IS doing something, your baby IS coming (soon!) and you will be a strong and amazing mama! Besides, even if *no one* else is there (which is doubtful...) YOU will be able to catch your baby

Wish I could take you out for a cup of tea, I completely get where you're at right now.
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Oh Surfacing, I'm so sorry you are feeling this. I was right where you were not long ago! Irregular contractions, unable to eat or sleep or DO anything. And just when I thought it would never end and that I was at the end of my loooooooooooooong rope, it was over and I had a beautiful baby to show for it all! Now I can hardly remember how just how awful those days and days of misery were.
Hang in there...it'll be over soon!
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Sorry mama, sounds very frustrating, hang in there.
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Yeah, that sounds pretty crappy, I had bouts of prodromal labor with my son, turns out things were going off an on because his head was in a funny position. Maybe do some belly mapping? Or try some realignment in case he/she is ascynclitic? Chiro work to open up pelvis to he/she can maneuver better?

Praying for easy birthing for you! I know you will!
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Awww, Surfacing! I hope it's kicking in full-on by now since I'm always behind on the posts.

I'm so sorry you're stuck in labor limbo. I'm glad you know it IS happening and you are ready. Maybe you can get some time to rest and relax for a little while? Take it easy! Watch some comedies or last minute date with hub or smth?

My heart goes out to you---can't wait to read your birth story!
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Thank you all .... it was just one of those days when I needed vent and rant and feel sorry for myself.

No, labour is not in full swing yet. I know he won't stay in forever so I just have to get back to being patient.

We did a bit of shopping, got some kites for the girls, and now I'm cooking pesto with garlic scapes. Ho hum!

Thanks Girls!

Here's something that made me laugh today, maybe it will make you laugh too. It's a parody of "All the Single Ladies" by Beyonce, but it's called "All the Pregnant Ladies":
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Oh mama!!!! I have so much empathy!!!! I am going through the exact same thing today.... So frustrated and have cried several times today. I think my emotions are running super high! I also want to kill my dh for no good reason.

for you!
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HUGE hugs! I had a month of the stop and start labor with DD--prodomal he** It was so exhausting and taxing and just emotionally awful--I feel your pain. I've been having a little bit of the same this time, but it's easier to take the second time around, and I know more now about positioning. What I learned after DD is that the prodomal labor--stop start, unable to get a pattern going, is often due to position, particularly posterior. As much as you can, spend a lot of time on the birth ball, your hands and knees, and leaning forward and avoid the couch, recliners, and reclining back in bed (side is better). This time, I find that doing my "exercises" and positions really helps. At first it may feel like the forward leaning makes it worse, but it's actually making the work your body is trying to do more effective. I'm still waiting on a baby here too, so I'm hoping we both go SOON!
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You know, about positioning, that baby's head is well deep down and engaged, I have been going to the chiropractor regularly getting Webster adjustments this whole pregnancy which has been AWESOME! Honestly I'm in all kinds of positions all the time because I'm living life which includes nursing and comforting my 2 y.o. - I have to recline back a little bit to nurse her on the sofa because of my huge belly. And I get into all kinds of weird positions sneaking out of her bed at night. It's impressive, you should see it. Mostly I'm upright during the day, or on my side when in bed, I recline at night on the sofa for 10 minutes to receive a foot rub . What the heck else can I do?

I'm also one day after my due date. So this couple of weeks on and off thing is maybe not so surprising.

For others in the same situation sending good vibes to you and thanks for the commiseration!
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