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My water broke!

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My stepdad had surgery on his broken neck this morning (which went well). I was in the recovery room when I felt a kick, then a gush of water. I rushed into the bathroom where water continued to pour out into the toilet.
Not wanting my parents to worry about me when my stepdad just had a metal plate attached to his spine, I told my mom and stepdad I needed to get home and basically ran out. I'm home now with lots of clear fluid continuing to gush out. No contractions yet but we're cleaning the house and setting up the pool.
My water has never broken before pushing! It was like a scene from TV. I should have been one of the moms to pack a change of clothes, LOL.
I said this baby would be born on the 17th or 27th because both my boys have bdays that are the same forward and back-- 1/31 and 12/21 so she needs to be 7/17 or 7/27. Just a weird little thought.
Alright labor... I'm ready! Wish I hadn't been up at 7 to go to the hospital for my stepdad's surgery.
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Now try to take a nap if you're tired!

It's so fun to have ladies in our DDC going into full-term labor!
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Yay! Good luck. Sending good birthing vibes your way!

Now two mama's are in labor...on your marks, get set, go!
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Woohoo! Positive thoughts coming your way! Now go take a nap!
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So exciting!!! Hurray!!
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Yay! Hope it's easy and quick!
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Oh wow! You're lucky you made it out of the hospital without someone trying to force you into L and D

Good luck and easy labor vibes!
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So it's begins! August moms are ready to go.

Happy birthing!
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Still no contractions! I cleaned the house, took a shower, ate lunch, and inflated the pool... come on baby!

Amy, I don't think the hospital he's in even has an L&D; it's a suburban satellite of a city hospital.
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Hang in there, I bet things will start up really soon. Sending you good labor vibes!
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Yea! So excited for you! Will be thinking of you, and can't wait to hear the news!
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Rest while you can~ relax while you can. Many many peaceful, calm labor prayers and vibes to you Mama!!!

Can't wait to hear Edie's birth story!!!!

HOORAY!! OK LADIES~ HANG ON WE'RE ROLLIN' NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Oh and Mandy~~ keep hydrated!!!
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OMGosh! How exciting!! Come on baby, and meet the world!!!

Glad to hear your step-dad's surgery went well as well.
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wow, so exciting! good of you to get the heck out of there, ha! Try to get a nap before labor starts, if you can calm down enough.

sending good labor vibes and crossing fingers for a phantastic homebirth. go mama!
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That's awesome! ELVs mama! Try andget some rest while you can!
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Good luck!!!
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6 hours later and I'm getting impatient! I don't want to be up all night! What's the hold up here?!
I am just not a napper so I can't nap. It takes me an hour+ to get to sleep at night under good circumstances.
I walked to the library and back with the kids and still nada. Sheesh!
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How exciting! I hope labor gets going ASAP!

Good to know that your water broke first after pushing-breaking before. I'm assuming mine won't break until the end because it didn't before either, but maybe I shouldn't count on it!
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keep us posted!
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