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It's still so early, and any number of complications could prevent this, but it would be so awesome to have a VBA2C. I have DD who will be 5.5 and DS who will be 3.5., and DH will have to travel around that time.

We are really tight on money, and I know that if I am a candidate for VBA2C, I would need a doula because all the problems start with epidural/pitocin, etc., and my husband isn't interested in playing this role. He has his reasons.

But it feels too selfish because insurance would pay for another c-section without a penny from us, and a doula around here costs quite a bit. My HMO certainly wouldn't pay for a doula. It feels selfish even considering it. The irony of it all is that the doula would be cheaper for the insurance company than surgery.

The thought of having another c-section makes me sad. I mean, there are upsides, and I'm not obsessed with having any kind of specific birth experience. I had 28 hours of labor with #1, and 24 were unmedicated. I know how much it hurts to labor, and I didn't even get to pushing. And c-sections are scheduled, which makes everything easier. I would get another couple extra nights in the hospital to rest instead of having to caretake the other two. I just hate the recovery.
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Do it! I am attempting a vba3c. It is worth it. Babies are meant to come out *down there* unless a complication arises. There is no complication yet, it is not selfish! DO IT!
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I hope you are able to do it. Can you find an apprenticing Doula? They would be a bit cheaper, oh or a friend to be your labor partner?
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I will be attempting my VBA2C as well once I get my BFP. I didn't feel extremely upset ot disconnected from DD after cs 1 but after cs2 with DS it SERIOUSLY screwed me up. Sometimes you don't know how things will affect you until it's too late and I'd hate for you to make a decision you'd regret later. Will you ever regret having a csection and not going for your special birth? Possibly. Will you ever regret the cost associated with a doula in an attempt to get your special birth? It's less likely than the first... I hope you do get a chance to VBAC! I think deep down everyone truly wants a vaginal birth but those who've been scarred by sections sometimes tell ourselves it's not a big deal because we don't want to be disappointed again. With DS (cs2) I attempted vbac with an EXTREMELY unsupportive Dr and it resulted in another cs. Unfortunately my son had health problems which landed him in the NICU for the next week and since I was so I'll from the effects of the anesthesia (which makes me seriously sick... Aka vomiting) and from the pain of my incision I was unable Togo to the NICU and see him. I had to lay in a bed while my mother-in-law brought me videos from her camera of my son. My husband never left his side but also had todo it alone without me. All of this because of unnecessary surgery that could've been avoided. I just want to give u an example of something that could happen that you might not have thought about. Like I said I'd hate it if a similar situation happened and you were restricted because of surgery. Check into local MW. Most of the time they accept insurance even when you don't think they will.and no matter what, just ask yourself, if abaci is important to you, is your little baby worth the cost? Ithink it would be an easy yes. Think of all the "unnecessary" things we buy for our babies... This is the best thing I could ever imagine spending money on. I would pay every penny I have if it would guarantee memo vbac experience. :-) good luck! You've got tons of support here for you.
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This is all true. Thanks ladies. I am going to midwives this time (covered by insurance) if I don't have complications. Even an apprenticing doula around here is hundreds of dollars.

I might try to find a birthing partner, but I feel like to do a VBAC, you really have to have an advocate and someone who knows what to do/say, because most of the risk of rupture comes from interventions. Once you start down that route, it's likely a c-sections.

I just don't understand why insurance can't cover a doula. Seriously, an experienced doula around here is $1200, which is so much cheaper than a c-section.

My c-sections with both kids were fine. Even though my water broke and I was in labor with my second on the day of his scheduled C, I don't regret it. I'm really not married to any kind of birth experience. It's just the recovery, and like the PP said, not being able to hold the baby right away, and like the other PP, being so sick from the anesthesia.
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I fantasize every once in a while about a VBA2C. Both of my boys were breech and if this little babe ends up that way I know I wouldn't attempt it. Otherwise, wow, that would be awesome to have a "normal" labor. I don't know if I'm brave enough at this point.

My 2nd c-section went very, very smoothly and I never felt one iota of pain. I was up walking around a few hours later. The worst part was not seeing ds for 3 hours, though. That just felt so wrong.

I am going to do my best to see if we can at least change that aspect of it. And I'm not closing my mind to VBA2C, but there are so many things to consider.
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just FYI, doulas are billing insurance companies. In my experience with this, every single one of my clients have been denied on their initial phone request, but submitting paperwork brought very different results. Some have been reimbursed in full, some partially, some weren't refunded cash, but their deductible was reduced by the amount and other insurance companies have maintained the strict 'no'.

Basically, I'm saying don't rule out insurance billing as an option. When looking for a doula ask if they've had any experience.
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Trini, I was separated from my daughter after the 1st C, and when I had the second, I told the nurses how long we were apart (4 hours?) and that it was horrible and I didn't want it to happen again, and they let the baby stay with me the whole time.
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@mommyndoula, if we get that far and we go that route, I will do it. Thanks for the tip!
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I haven't introduced myself but I too have had 2 c-sections and am now due at the end of March. May I ask how you are finding out if you can have a V2BAC? What are the criteria I should be looking for? I remember reading something about a study done on a way to see if I would be a good candidate but can't remember what it was? Any websites you've found to be helpful would be most appreciated!
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Amy, here is the abstract of the article:


I remember looking at a table of factors when I was making the decision for the elective C for my second and the ones I remember (that applied to me - I don't remember the ones that didn't) were: fever after birth, c-sections <2 years apart, obesity. Age. Also, ruptures were WAY more likely if you used pitocin or had anesthesia. Really, the only way to do it is unmedicated. Also, the risk is higher with every successive C-section.

I can't find that table though. Maybe at ican.org? Good luck to you!
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Originally Posted by Lyss View Post
Trini, I was separated from my daughter after the 1st C, and when I had the second, I told the nurses how long we were apart (4 hours?) and that it was horrible and I didn't want it to happen again, and they let the baby stay with me the whole time.

Very good to know. Thank you.
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Where in the Los angeles area are you? I'm in San Fernando and there is a place in North Hollywood called Bini Birth. It was started by Ana Paula Markel, who is an amazing doula and person in general. They can help you find a doula who would be perfect for you. I know many doulas our here that will work on a sliding scale and I'm sure Bini Birth can help you find one. Just be honest on what you are looking for and how much you can pay. PM me if you have any questions. HTH
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Where did you find support for a VBA2C?  Im having trouble finding anyone who will do it.  :(

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This is a group for mamas who were due in March 2011. You will find more info about vba2c on the vbac board, which is a sub section of Birth & Beyond.

Good luck!

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Originally Posted by sharpmamma View Post

Where did you find support for a VBA2C?  Im having trouble finding anyone who will do it.  :(

Sharpmama, if you're in L.A., try the UCLA midwives/ clinic.  Good luck!

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