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Car Seats: Anchorage

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I'm going to be in Anchorag starting tomorrow (Jury Duty) and I want to buy my son a carseat while I'm up there... Unfortunately, I have no clue where to go. I can't afford more than $50-60 bucks... So it needs to be something on the cheaper end... And i want it to rear face...
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Probably hit up Walmart, Target or Babies R Us.

Have fun!
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I wonder if WIC could help you out with a seat. I'll keep my ears open to a car seat giveway.
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The only seat I can think of in that price range is the cosco scenera. you can get them at target, walmart or sears. If you can swing a little more the My Ride will last a little longer.
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Try the Alaska Injury Prevention Center.. sometimes they have seats (new) for cheaper.. they are on Tudor kind of between the police station and the university.

They installed our carseat for free and gave us some great info.. they do take donations for some things I know.
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