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pregnancy update

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I know it's been a while. Hope everyone is doing well, and enjoying their baby kicks.

According to an ultrasound last week baby girl is now 4 pounds and measuring due at 9/22 however, according to my LMP she is still due 10/01 - she's just big

Only a few small stretchmarks! Yay!

I need depends. Seriously. :P

I am getting more anxious about my choice for a HBA2C - but still going fwd with the plan.

I am on modified bed-rest... had to stop working last week due to signs of PTL - however everything is under control. Bf now looking for work. :-/

Umm... gained about 20 pounds so far.

Everything is going well!
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Nice to hear from you I had a wonderful hospital vba2c with dd3, good luck!
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Hi Triceratops! Glad to hear that baby is well though that stinks about the modified bed rest. I hope you're not finding it too tedious and that it has the effect that it should. So exciting about your HBA2C!! Try to channel your fear energy into excitement and curiosity - it's going to be an amazing experience!
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Glad to hear that things are going well for you!

I hear you on needing depends...it would make life so much easier right now.
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