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Thanks for the thrush advice! It's actually feeling a lot better tonight. I do plan on adding lechitin to My regime. Snoopy, we've always had a white tongue too and nipple pain from the raynauds, but this had progressed to an intense burning. I don't get the typical shooting pains though.

Yay aimee for getting more milk. That's awesome of Sophie.

Hand control is getting better here too. Things are starting to make it to her mouth and she's sometimes reaching to grab things close to her so I'm putting toys and blankets near her or in her hands.
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Originally Posted by smeisnotapirate View Post

That being said, I hate hate hate manual pumping. Seriously. I want an electric so badly, but I can't spend the $. Grr...
Look at consignment sales and craigslist. I just got an Ameda Purely Yours to be a back-up for my Lansinoh (since they use the same parts), for 20 dollars. And the Ameda/Lansinoh pumps are closed systems, so they're safe to buy used, you just need to sterilize the flanges, etc.
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Snoopy: I"m going to try the First Years bottle that is designed specifically for breastfeed babies and I'm going to have my son give it to her (she her big brother). I'll let you know how it goes. I mean, she can live without nursing while I"m gone (the longest I'm gone if four hours) but I know it would be much better for dh if she would take a bottle.

Amiee: And go Bubba'smommy! I wish I could pump more to send you. If I ever have extra though it is yours.

Thursh: I don't have pain at this point. But R does have the thick carpet on her tongue. It's not on her checks and she doesn't seem to have a yeasty diaper rash. Maybe it's not thrush? No idea.

Well thank you for the well wishes and prayers. Dh went to the interview and it so wasn't a good fit. It's a public magnet that is run like a military school (ROTC required in high school). Everyone, including teachers, has to wear a uniform. In fact, the first thing they do every day is inspect everyone's uniform. The principal said some things that kind of horrified us. And of course he was offered the job. I KNOW we should just be grateful that he has the job but wow yuck. He's already discouraged and grumpy. I wish wish he had gotten the elementary school job even if it meant us moving Still it is a job so we won't starve or go homeless and for that we are grateful.
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Aimee I'm totally impressed by your dedication to have made it this far!

Hands - He reaches out and hits the toys usually, but often doesn't have his fingers open the right amount to grab. I'd say it's 50-50. Last night he seemed to have figured out how to get fingers in his mouth, but I think he forgets easily.

I rarely do tummy time. He seems to enjoy it for a little bit, and can hold his head up and is figuring out how to use his arms to lift himself up. But then he gets annoyed and tired and I flip him back over.

Rolling - he's been so close so many times, every time I think he's just about to make it.... He's been reliably rolling onto his side for a couple weeks now.

I left DH home alone with LO last night. Apparently he screamed for almost an hour right after I left. DH said he tried to take him outside (always a quick solution for screaming) but it was raining. I was like, umbrella, duh. I wish DH had called me, I hate to think of the screaming... but on the other hand once things were better it helped to build DHs confidence. And he really enjoys getting to give LO a bottle every now and then.

We're going to possibly buy 2 Mei Tai's from Craig's list this morning. The woman is willing to sell both for $55. They are babyhawks. I'm excited! I have a friend who might buy one from me, but if not I plan to give them both as baby shower gifts.

LO is still not napping well. Yesterday he fell asleep in the Mei Tai at one point for a total of 20 minutes. What is up with that? Is he uncomfortable? DH didn't try to get him to sleep last night till I got home, so he didn't sleep until 10:30pm again. He seems to get up earlier in the mornings on the days he goes to sleep later.... does that make sense?
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triony - I sold my MT, and I wish I had it back right now. I am just NOT good at backwrapping a baby and the SSC just seems like overkill.

GTG - so sorry that the job was not a good fit. i interviewed for a job like that, but fortunately they saw it was not a good fit either LOL. but still. did he definately hear NO on that elementary job or he just didn't hear back? because if its not a sure no, he can call up and tell them he as an offer, but really wants to work at the elementary instead and could you please let him know yada yada yada... anyway, that usually gets people moving

toy grabbing - yes, she actually loves her rainfores bouncer! she loves the little frog that pokes his head out. she sucks on her hands like crazy and occasionally stares at them mesmorized. ds never did the hand stare thing! she also sucks on her dress like crazy. i bought her a organic little lovey to suck on she doesn't care for it! oh well. i tried! i want to get her a sofie giraffe!!!

tummy time - i have been trying but she doesn't pick her head up much - only enough to suck the mat. at least she tolerates it better than her brother. LOL I am trying to let her sleep on my chest occasionally as a form of tummy time. its much happier for both of us!
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E loves being on her tummy, but she's the first of my kids to do any "tummy time" at all. I think it's kind of amusing that "tummy time" is even a "thing." Maybe if it's just being laid down on the tummy vs. the back...but mine have all been held a TON and have had that opportunity to develop all those muscles.
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DD1 had a tummyache yesterday (possibly due to me allowing her to have fast food for the first time in about a month). Just in case she had an illness that might be catching, I was trying to keep her and DD2 somewhat separated. DD1 was laying sideways in my bed, and I laid DD2 down at the head of the bed to go potty, and before I could even stand up straight, DD2 had rolled towards her sister. I bent over and put her back at the head of the bed, and she immediately rolled over at her sister again. It was so cute (and a little bit frustrating).

Originally Posted by triony View Post
We're going to possibly buy 2 Mei Tai's from Craig's list this morning. The woman is willing to sell both for $55. They are babyhawks. I'm excited!
Man, you made me check CL for BabyHawks here, and I found one in a design I've never seen before (reminds me of a rosette window) for $40. I can't justify spending $40 on something I can make for $6 and don't have $40 to spend anyway, but man, it's gorgeous, and I want it!!
Maybe it'll still be around when/if my insurance company will ever even begin to process my birth claim and give me some reimbursement.
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Originally Posted by Cecilia's Mama View Post
I love you women, seriously. I don't know what I would do without my internet support!

In other news, bubbamummy saved the day today and delivered me some milk. Thank you Sophie! I have at least 2 donors lined up who will ship to me, we just have to rebuild the budget a bit to afford the shipping, but it's totally worth it. Besides, formula would cost money too, and I'd much rather pay for overnight shipping of boob juice than buy formula!

you're welcome, always come to me before having to buy formula, I pretty much always have at least some to spare!
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i'm not keeping up so well...but i admit its cause i'm catching up on secret life of the american teenager.

still learning the rolling over here. sometimes he'll just roll right over...other times he lays his head down and criiiieeessss. such an interactive boy! loves to look at people and smiles and is generally happy to do anything!

trying to register ds1 for k and very nervous!

met with r's dad and grrrr...i'll post more on FB cause this is a public forum and who KNOWS if he's watching me.
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I'm having a hard day today. Mercy is smiling and being more inquisitive, and my heart is breaking because I keep thinking she's doing the same thing I am: looking for Nicholas, and wishing he was here.

This is horrible. I don't have any more words I can say.
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charlie got a sophie as a gift, and so far she's not too much help. he loves looking at her and talking to her, when i hold her for him. but she's a little to bulky and oddly shaped for him to control on his own yet, so he tends to get frustrated with that...

he really likes looking at things, and can get stuff to his mouth reliably 50% of the time. so weird, how sometimes he seems very coordinated and other times not!

he's been getting his thumbs on his tummy or on our chests for a long time now, but still struggles on his back...

tummy time: now that he can lift his head and shoulders, he actually likes being on his tummy. the downside is that he isn't going to sleep on his own on his tummy anymore, b/c he just wants to play. agh!
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Originally Posted by loveneverfails View Post
I'm having a hard day today. Mercy is smiling and being more inquisitive, and my heart is breaking because I keep thinking she's doing the same thing I am: looking for Nicholas, and wishing he was here.

This is horrible. I don't have any more words I can say.

I know exactly how you feel. I don't know that it gets better really, but you do get used to it, if that makes sense.
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LNF and Dena.
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And my shoes are too small. Oh well.. I'll send them back tomorrow in exchange for half a size bigger.
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to Dena, and thank you so much for understanding. I wish you didn't, but I'm glad for the company just the same.

And thank you to everyone else for your support. I really love this DDC.
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I try and not think about the 4 angels that came before Anna much. It would eat me up too much to think about the what ifs. Last night I felt a bit sad though as I listening to a podcast that was talking about loss.

Hugs to all of us PAL moms.

Reading no cry sleep solution and liking it.
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s to everyone dealing with the loss.

I've been miserably sick today. Every time I feel a little bit better I get up and start doing things, because it's a really busy week. That totally wipes me out, and I end up back on the couch even worse than before.

DD started showing symptoms this weekend and is still sick. It hit Sprout pretty badly yesterday and last night -- the poor boy could barely breathe and barely nurse. He slept so fitfully last night but didn't want any comforting from me -- trying to hold him upright to help with the stuffies just made him more fidgity and upset. So he slept in the crib, tossing and turning and whining most of the night. Then he slept most of the morning until some time after 11am.

Tonight, because his naps were off today, he was extra tired and really cranky about something (might be teething -- he's developed 2 bumps on the bottom front). He was crying and screetching so much during and after his bath, which is usually his favorite part of the day! And he's the only kid I know of who has to calm down BEFORE nursing; nursing doesn't make him calm down. (I hate not having that magic bullet.)

But now the kids are in bed. The house is in reasonable shape for our guest's arrival tomorrow. And all I have to do this evening is watch TV and go to bed.
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Damn damn damn damn damn. I am feeling pretty low again today. Thinking not nice thoughts about myself, wanting to be alone, frustrated with having to watch the baby even though my mom was here for 5 hours this morning helping out. The cat just tripped me a little and I swear it was all I could do to not kick him across the room
I'm trying to tell myself it's just one off day, doesn't mean PPD is back, and even if it is, I'm getting help and can try a new SSRI if need be. But I am having to fight myself in my head pretty hard to get me to give myself a break (if that even makes sense).
How can I love this baby SO much and want to be with her every second of her life, and simultaneously wish desperately I had time to read/shower/work/do nothing, and just be all by myself (much less with DH alone)?... Sigh.
I'm getting that motherhood is just kind of crazymaking, and it makes it tough to tell when I actually am going crazy for real, and not just overwhelmed and frustrated

I also felt pretty sad reading that the April club is coming down soon... I know I tend to just vent and talk about myself on here, and I feel guilt for that, but I also feel a lot of comfort and freedom here, and find myself just nodding my head a lot when reading others' posts, even if I don't post. So it will be sad to have that space disappear.

I also think I am really, really sensitive to sleep deprivation... in the past it has led to things like mono and panic attacks and just a lot of illness and difficulty. So I am trying to ask DH for more and more nighttime help but it is so hard sometimes, I feel guilty and confused. He has said to me "what did you expect?" when I'm struggling with motherhood, and although I know it's just in the heat of an argument, it's really hard to take that.

One day at a time... and, in better news, little miss S is just the cutest dang thing you've ever seen (aside from all of your cutie pies, of course), can't stop talking while sucking in her lower lip so she sounds like she's under water. Ha!
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