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Storage question

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I am perpetually confused about which veggies to put in which drawers. I have two drawers in the fridge...one set on the "high" (with a picture of a carrot) end (I know to store carrots there ) and one on the "low" end (with a picture of a tomato or maybe an apple, I'm not sure). I routinely store:

lettuce, greens, spinach, corn, carrots, mushrooms, cukes, squash, summer and winter, leeks, all kinds of fruit, eggplant, peas, beans, and probably things I am forgetting.

Does anyone have a breakdown of which drawer to use for these.

Thank you sooo much in advance!
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This is what my "fridge smart" tupperware container recommends:
High Air flow (low moisture)
broccoli, brussels sprouts,endive, pease, spinach, sweet corn
Med air flow (med moisture)
beans, cabbage, cauliflower, fresh herbs, fresh shallots, green onions, greens, leeks, lettuce, ripe apples, ripe pears, citrus, peppers
Low Air flow (high moisture)
carrots, celery, cukes, radishes, turnips, zucchini,beets, button mushrooms, ripe berries

Hope that helps.
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