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DH and I have been presented with an offer to purchase a business. My FIL was a former business associate of the owner of 2 stores. FIL ran one store. Several years ago FIL opened his own store further away to get out of the city. The owner of these 2 stores does not want to run both. He wants FIL to either run or buy the one store. FIL suggested that with me being unemployed we may want to purchase the business and he would help us with the initial investment and getting everything in order.

I would like some opinions.

Pros: It is an established and very profitable business. We will have help from FIL. The investment is rather small(about 60,000 but FIL will help).

Cons: It is a very time consuming business. It is located in the mall so we would have to follow mall rules including opening and closing times and days, we may not be permitted to take the children with us(waiting on this info), ect.