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How do you get your news?

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We canceled our cable about a month ago but I have noticed that I feel out of touch with what is going on in the world. I used to get my news from TV, which was convenient because I could listen/watch it while I cooked or cleaned.

So far I haven't fallen into a replacement routine and am wondering what everyone else does. Do you have a favorite website or online radio station/podcast? I want to know the top stories of the day without the sensationalized, meaningless type of news (like whatever is going on with Lindsay Lohan. Well because of my no-TV transistion, I don't know what is going on with her. I just saw her picture on the cover of the tabloids recently.)

Thanks everyone for sharing with me how you get your news. I'm interested to hear what everyone else does and how it works into your daily routine.
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I've slowly added a whole bunch of news feeds into my Google Reader. It's taken a while to figure out exactly what I want, but now I get pretty much just the stuff I'm interested in (plus a bunch of parenting, crafting, and financial websites ).
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NPR. I listen to Morning Edition every morning while I'm getting dressed. No Lindsay Lohan there, LOL!
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Agree with the NPR. I am an NPR junkie! I listen to the radio all day sometimes...which can be annoying as my husband is an NPR junkie too and they repeat the earlier shows about the time he comes home. So some days I listen to everything twice.

So, yeah. I really know the news.

I also check in with the local papers online about once a day. I am always surprised how they tend to frontpage stuff that I find really trite, and religate the international news to the bowels of thier site.
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We have the NYTimes delivered and receive our local weekly in the mail. I listen to NPR when I'm alone in the car and in the evening when I am making dinner. If I don't get around to the post-dinner clean up until 10 pm the BBC Worldsevice is on and so that gives me a different perspective. I have a yahoo e-mail so when I go to check my e-mail I can even stay caught up on the Bragelina and worse (not that you want to, but it is very hard to avoid, try as you might. I just see the headlines and that is more than enough)
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I wanted to add that I don't like to listen to the news on the radio when the little kids are around. With my older kids, it's sparked some great conversations, but with the littles, I feel like it's just too much for their little hearts to handle.
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My internet home page is the local newspaper website. If nothing else, I at least scan the headlines to see what is going on in the world and in my area.
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I don't. I decided about 5 years ago to avoid the news. It's lovely!
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NPR and the New York Times. But mostly NPR.
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I get the local paper. I don't get to read it all. But I try to read the front page. Other then that I listen to Mark Levin. I also read CNSnews.com online.

Funny I was wondering the same thing.
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DH and I read newspapers online. We avoid tabloid papers but there is still a bit of tabloid-y stuff in some of them, we just don't click through to read the articles.

We also listen to the radio, usually ABC either local or national. In Australia ABC is the national public broadcaster, it tends to have the highest quality news and general interest programs in our opinion.

As to how it fits in our day, DH tends to read the papers when he gets up for work, while having b'fast etc. I read them at some point when J is asleep but not every day. I often put the radio on when J and I are home together for a bit of background noise and J loves the music.
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I don't think what is on tv is real news anyway. It's more like propoganda. I would seek out more authentic news souces online. I'm a big fan of the Nation, BBC online, Huffingtonpost, Mother Jones, or NPR if you're in the car. But really, very very little of what is on TV news is important to know about
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I don't really care about the news. Never really cared before either. I can look it up online if I want to know the weather, etc. I do see news online from time to time and if something gets my interest, I will research.
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Most days I check out Fox News and The Huffington post online. I skim. I like to know what both sides have to say.

I listen to talk radio sometimes.

I have cut way back on my news reading though. I cancelled our newspaper years ago. I stopped watching t.v. news maybe over a year ago? Maybe more.

I figure if anything BIG happens, someone will call me and let me know.
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I get the local paper, and I subscribe to National Catholic Register. I read some news online and from iphone apps.
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Mosty here -- http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world/
And then NPR and NYT online as well.
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Originally Posted by SubliminalDarkness View Post
I don't. I decided about 5 years ago to avoid the news. It's lovely!
I totally agree. I figure that if something big enough goes down, I'll find out about it via the blogs I read (that aren't news related) or someone, usually my mom, will mention it to me and I'll investigate on my own. I don't need to be bombarded with so. much. negativity all the time! Because it's almost *never* good news, right?

We do listen to NPR occasionally - but mostly on the weekends when it's not so news heavy.

I totally agree that TV news is 98% infotainment and 2% actual "news." Every time I watch it at my parents' house now I end up laughing hysterically and/or cursing extensively at it.
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Well, that's not exactly true. But frequently I sign into facebook in the morning and find out big news before I ever go to CNN or listen to NPR or whatever.
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We have a very good local NPR station so I listen to morning and evening news ANC podcast a few shows. I also listen to a rebroadcadt of bbc every day because i like the i tetnational perspective Also read a couple newspapers.
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NPR, CBC, and the international radio service from a lot of european countries.

I love satellite radio for new and talk.
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