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What else will I need?

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So ladies, so far I am 33 weeks in my pregnancy with twins (fraternal/boy and a girl). I already have a twin stroller, car seats, cribs, bedding set for the cribs, very few clothes (some premies just in case), some shoes, cloth diapers and that's it. I haven't really spent buying much things since with my first daughter I went crazy with the shopping, overspent and didn't use half of it. So this time I want to be more wise and buy the things I will use for sure. I've been thinking on a carrier...I am between the maya, baby kirtan, and moby wrap (don't know which one to get yet). I am planning on breasfeeding, should I still try to get a pump? I don't know what else to get. Please I need advice, I won't be working anymore after this week, so I have to be wise about our spending. I will appreciate your help.....I am also getting a little anxious about their coming. Good thing about this is that my husband will be returning from his deployment in a couple of weeks. I've been by myself with DD the whole pregnancy, so his company will be a relief. Thanks for letting me vent and thanks again for your suggestions.

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I haven't had my twins yet but everyone I have talked to about nursing twins has said to get a twin specific nursing pillow. I have my eyes/heart set on the My Brest Friend twins plus deluxe nursing pillow but there are a ton to choose from once you start looking around.
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I recommend the EZ2Nurse twin nursing pillow. Mine was worth the money many times over.

The other big help is to arrange one extra adult if at all possible to help with the running of your home so you and your husband can focus on the care and feeding of the babies. My mother came for us, and she managed the cooking/laundry. It was such a huge help.

Good luck with your pregnancy!
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Another vote for the EZ2Nurse pillow. I am not a gear person, but this thing was essential for us. I plan on using it with my singleton on the way.

I'd go for the Moby. You can carry both easily in it when they are little. As they get bigger, you can add a carrier on for carrying one on the back, too!

COngrats and oooo!!! How exciting!!! I hope you have a joyous labor and delivery!
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I found the Moby to be great when they were really small, but as they got bigger I switched to a woven wrap for more support. I also use a sling for its ease of use when out and about. I also found that I needed to rely on swings/ bouncy seats more for twins than I did for DD. I have one swing and two bouncy seats. I keep the bouncy seats in the dining room because they like to be with us while we're eating. Is there a twins club in your area? I got a lot of my stuff at one of their sales. Or try a baby resale shop? So much of this stuff is used for such a short period of time that buying new and paying full price makes me sick!!!

Best of luck to you with the rest of your pregnancy!!!!
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I also used/liked the EZ2Nurse pillow, but I always needed help using it. At this point, I would wait on the pump. If you plan on staying home with the babies and nursing goes well, you won't need a pump at all. I bought one and used it to try and build up a freezer supply in case I could find a job. I never did find a job and one of the babies refuses artificial nipples, so I've got milk getting old in the freezer.

You're wise not to buy a lot of clothes, I think. For the first two months we just kept the boys in drawstring gowns (it was winter). They would get so upset at being dressed and undressed, that it was easier to leave them in the same clothes day and night.

I also think a wrap-style carrier is very handy! That was the best way to keep them happy at first! I'd wear one baby and my husband or mom would wear the other. We did that until they got too big for me to carry comfortably.

Good luck! And start freezing some casseroles!
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I am the odd mama out, I think, since i don't use my wrap style carrier much (sleepy wrap). I think I would like it for a singleton, but with my boys I find that carrying two is too heavy (although my boys were big from the start) and awkward. . . their heads kept banging together and such. Perhaps i just didn't have it figured out, but at 2 months of age and 12.5 lbs each that is just too much for me in a wrap. I have gotten tons of use out of my ergo right from the start, though. They fit in their nicely without the infant insert. Can't carry both at once in the ergo, though - or not until they are older and I can put one on the back.

ez2nurse was great, but I only used it for 6 weeks. Was awesome for those 6 weeks though. If my babies were smaller I might have used it longer.

We have used our baby swing waaaay more than with our singleton, although they are generally only happy in it for 10 mins or so. Buys me enough time, though, to get a few things done.

Our cosleeper has been a lifesaver. We borrowed it, although if I knew how great it was going to be I would have had no problem shelling out the cash for it.
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Another vote for EZ-2-nurse pillow! I also used "equipment" a lot more with the twins. We ended up with 2 bouncy seats, 2 swings and now 3 exersaucers. Of course, we have more than one level in the house. We also use our pack'n'play all the time with the twins for napping and keeping safe while we go potty. A pump was essential for me as the babes had trouble nursing. However, if you just do the research now, you can hold off on the purchase until the babes come and you see if you need it.

The other essential is freezer meals. WE lived off those for many months.
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I second a breast pump too - at least do your research or have one accessible. My girls had some latch trouble so we breast fed, pumped and bottle fed at every feeding for about six weeks. It was a lengthy process; but totally worth it. Now I mainly breast feed; but pump while I'm at work (only a few hours a week). Also, I'm finding that breast feeding in public places while I'm trying to watch my 2.5 year old is getting really tough - he's starting to push some serious boundaries, so I'm thinking about taking a bottle with pumped milk out and about with me.
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The most important thing you're going to need is help. Whatever way you can get it! My local MOMS Club, my neighbors, and friends all brought me meals. Three nights a week someone dropped off food. It was heaven-sent! And, for the first five weeks I had help all day most days. I didn't always need it but it was nice to know that they were here!

I never got the hang of my wrap. And, I used gear more with the twins than I ever did with my singletons. We had FOUR bouncy seats, two upstairs and two down, and now I have two exersaucers. Part of my issue revolves around the older kids though. If I could just let the babies lay on a blanket on the floor while showering I would. But I have to get them off the floor to keep them from getting trampled!

Oh, I have two EZ2Nurse pillows. One I purchased from someone on here and another was unused by a friend. Carrying them up and down the stairs is hard enough it's nice to have a pillow on each floor. Though I'm finding now that they're getting too big to use it comfortably (14 lbs and 26").

And, I have a pump and have never used it. I purchased it when my first was born and used it only occasionally. But nothing with my second or with the twins. Only to relieve clogged ducts but you could totally use baby for that. I'm with them 24/7! And, to be honest, the thought of having to pump 8-10 oz just to leave for a couple hours sounds more daunting than just staying home in the first place.
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