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Anabelle Grace's Birth Story

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I didn't post much here, but I loved reading the birth stories (Hi everyone from August and September who are prepping for your births!)

I had a car accident on Tuesday afternoon. It was relatively minor and no one got hurt. My front bumper needs replaced, but the other driver’s car was fine. I paged my midwives to tell them about it, and they asked me to go to the hospital for a NST. My DH (Henry) was pretty freaked out, so he came with me. We then spent a relaxing evening reading, watching tv, and listening to the baby’s heartbeat. My midwives gave me a stretch and sweep while I was there, so that I didn’t have to go to my appointment in the morning.

Around 4 am, I woke up with contractions. I lay in bed for a while, but they kept coming, so I got up to time them. They were around 8-9 minutes apart. Eventually, I decided to go back to bed. Around 6 ish, I woke Henry up to time them. We fall asleep between contractions, but by 8, they were 5-6 minutes apart. I paged my mws, and she said to take warm bath. I do so, and the contractions ease up but are still there. My mw comes at 10 to check me, and I’m a soft and stretchy 5. She fiddles around down there for quite a while. When I stand up contractions immediately get more intense and are about 3 minutes apart. I get Henry filling up the birth pool, and my mom finishes cleaning my bathroom (!) and takes Moses (my 3 yo) for lunch and to the park.

I lose track of time here, but soon after they leave, I get into the pool. It’s fabulous. I would like to have a huge pool like that all the time. Things ease up briefly, and I’m able to space out and rest a bit. Then I swear I can feel the baby moving down the birth canal. I tell my mw that while I don’t feel like pushing yet, I can feel it coming. They (the student mw arrived a while earlier) page the second midwife to come. (Again it gets hazy) Very soon I’m starting to feel pushy. My water hasn’t broken yet, and they offer to break it, so during a contraction, they do, and then I’m pushing and making roaring noises. It got intense very quickly. I push once, and I hear them say her head is out, and I say, “Get her out of me!” They tell me to breathe and not push, and I was surprised to be able to do that. Then I push again, and she’s out. She’s pretty blue and limp, so they cut the cord right away and bring her over to the table where they’ve got the oxygen set and start rubbing her down. She cries soon after that (which is good because DH is freaking out – I’m sort of spaced out). After a few minutes, the placenta comes out, and I move to the couch. She is crying now, so they give her to me for some skin-to-skin contact and we cuddle for a while. I’m really curious how big she is because she doesn’t seem that big to me. Eventually, they weight her, and she’s 10 lbs. (I discover later reading my chart that I pushed for 2 minutes!!!) and 22 inches long. She eventually latches on and nurses like a champ. I have a 2nd degree tear, which they stitch up. I had been hoping that the water would keep me from tearing, but I guess it’s hard to compete large baby and super-fast birth. They said that her quick exit was the reason she was so limp and blue. She has burst blood vessels in both eyes, which doesn’t help her little old man look. It took us until the next morning to decide that she did look like an Anabelle.

Now, I feel great. I’m a little sore from nursing and my milk coming in. Moses adores her and calls her his sweet pea and snuggle bun. Unfortunately, he’s been acting out with us and really having trouble with any kind of transition (i.e. leaving the house, getting ready for bed, visitors leaving). Today, he seemed a little bit better, so hopefully things are improving.

Born July 14 @ 1:42 p.m.
At home in the water
10 lbs
22 inches
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Congrats!!!! Amazing story!!!
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Congrats! Welcome baby girl!
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Welcome baby Anabelle! Congrats on your healthy girl!
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Congratulations sblisster! It sounds like your baby is delicious and squishy! Your birth sounds like it was an empowering experience. That's a great way to start Motherhood. So glad you are enjoying your babymoon. Take care of yourself too!
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Hooray- big babies come out! Congratulations and welcome to your sweet Anabelle!
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congrats and welcome baby Anabelle
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Congratulations on the arrival of your big healthy girl!!
Such a pretty name!
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