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Rhys Michael is here!

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We have a beautiful baby boy!!

We had a wonderful homebirth on the 15th. Rhys Michael was born after a 24 hour labor and 1.5 hours of pushing! I am so in love!!!!
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That's great! Congratulations on your first sweet baby and welcome Rhys!!
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Congrats momma. Welcome baby boy!
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Awww, welcome Rhys Michael! Congratulations to you!
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Congratulations Mama! So glad you had a wonderful home birth! I hope breastfeeding is going well for you and you have lots of good support at home.
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Congrats Mama!! Hope you're both doing well!!
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Not in your ddc but your title stood out on the new posts page - dd's name if she was a boy was going to be Rhys
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What wonderful news! Congratulations!
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Wonderful news to hear!!!!!
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Welcome Rhys!

Enjoy every single second!
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Huge congratulations new mama! Welcome Rhys!!!
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Congratulations! Hope you have time to post the story soon!
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