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I've found Jenny's looks grow on ya', ya' know? Or maybe her looks have actually changed a bit since the first episode. I'll tell ya' though... I'm not crazy about anybody's hairdos... except maybe Shanes. Everybody elses hairstyles... yuck. Oh, maybe Francesca and Marina's hair's okay.

Anyways, I love Jenny's eyes, and her voice at times... like when she was sitting on the floor in the bathroom, and her girl friend was all like "Francesca?!" and Jenny was like "Yeah, I know, right?" That voice... those eyes... it does stick out.

But, when it comes to pure lust... it's all about Shane. Oh, my! I want to touch her! When the celebrity started feeling her, and she was like "Oh, well, okay..." and started getting into it.... wow... hot! I love her nipple confidence.

Alice is cute but WAY too flaky a character. Ya' know she's the one who plays a bisexual on the show, but she's the only "out" lesbian in real life?!
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Yes, a friend of mine told me that same thing aboutthe actor who plays Alice! Supposedly she did a lot of research about bisexuality (hmmmm, what kind of research would that be? Maybe I need a new career! ) and was quoted as saying that she was completely convinced that it is a third and separate sexual identity. Wahoo!!!

So the rest of them are straight in real life, I guess. I wonder why they didn't just get lesbian actors to play the parts? I wonder if I should be offended at that - you know, like the way they used to have Caucasians play Asians in movies a long time ago?

Also, as far as none of them being the least bit butch...I've read criticisms of the show only portraying "lipstick lesbians." I bet it's so men will watch. :

Journey, I like Shane's looks, too, but her body does zero for me. She is so bony!!!
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yep Shane is wayyyyy to boney for me too. But I love the way they write her personality! And I love the fact that they aren't all middleclass educated women. I think Shanes past/present brings some important diversity to the group. They can't all be well off yuppie lesbians.

and ITA regarding why they chose to not have a more diverse representation of lesbians. Think they thought men might be intimidated by butches?
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Not so much intimidated as not attracted to them. Men would never watch the show if the women weren't pretty. It feeds into their lesbian fantasy thing, I guess. Sure, cause that's what all lesbians want - a REAL MAN to join in and show them how it's done...:
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don't even get me started on that one :

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Must note: The actress who plays Alice is the only OPENLY OUT lesbian on the cast. The way they've worded it in articles makes you wonder if somebody on the cast is in the closet?

Did anybody see that interview Bill O'Reilly did with the creator of The L Word and the actress who plays Bette?


Jennifer Beals (Bette) looked like she was about to cry. She kept blinking, and looked very stiff and nervous and defensive. The creator was very comfortable, and was sitting back in her chair. I wonder what went on before the interview... or was Jennifer Beals too uncomfortable with the interviewer? :LOL
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Well, it's one thing to say someone sets off my gaydar it's another thing to speculate they are in the closet based on their emotional state in an interview. Just feels like a violation of their privacy. But to each their own.
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Oh, no no no! I was not insinuating that she is in the closet. She's married. I'm not even going to try to guess whose in the closet. It's none of my business.

What I was saying is that actress appeared to be on the defense immediately about playing a lesbian on TV... something seemed very "off" with her in that interview. Something probably happened before the interview.
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ok sorry I misunderstood

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