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7 months post c-section and pregnant!!!

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I just found out today that I am pregnant. I had my ds via CBAC well failed VBAC attempt 7 months ago...and now this. my scar healed pretty well and I never had any problems after either c-section, but I am scared I am really worried and embaressed too. I mean everybody is going to tell me how irresponsible I am and about the riscs etc...I mean we waited over 3 years after my dd was born to have another one, this was truely a huge accident and I have very mixed feelings right now.

I do not know what will happen, what problems I may run into and if I ruined my chances in ever having a vaginal birth after all????? Please help encouragement I am soooo worried and confused
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I say 'risk wise' you are fine. Most of the time it's 12-18 months between births for a scar to be deemed 'labor worthy'. But I can understand how it could be extremely hard going down another VBAC journey this soon after a VBAC attempt that didn't turn out as planned (I don't like to say 'failed VBAC' as I feel moms can easily internalize it as a 'failed mom' and I'm sure you are no such thing )

Do you feel you have really healed from both births? Fully healing will help you decide whether or not to go for VBAC or not again, and that choice, I believe, should not be made with a broken mom. It's just too hard.

Have you linked up with ICAN? Maybe just find the nearest group and email the chapter leader there and get some local support too? Go to a meeting? I know at 7 months after my CS I was in no way ready to see a positive test, but I had A LOT of trauma. ICAN was wonderful in helping me through my healing and now my HBAC journey.

I think the reasons for your CS would be a part in determining your chances for a VBAMC. Also, even with the reasons that are most likely to reoccur, you still have about a 65% chance of vaginal birth, and that's with OBs in hospitals, and they usually aren't the best supporters of VBAC, especially without a Doula. So your chances even at their worst are still better than 50/50, and there is a lot you can do to increase those chances as well.

Much LOVE to you!
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Thanks! My scar seemed to heal pretty well I think, I am not sure how the inside looks of course but I left the hospital 24 hr later and was walking never took anything stronger than Ibuprofen. But I am not very pain sensitive. I am just soo afraid that something happens or goes wrong, what if the placenta attached by the scar what if ...I am just so worried that if something happens I will blame myself forever, I am not 16 anymore I should know that things can happen if you are not carefull !!

Well the battle to VBAC begins again, I had not a traumatic c-section, it was actually calm and emotional despite the fact that I wanted to VBAC, I am pretty good with not letting myself consume like that as the births of my children are always important and memorable not matter how they enter, but yes I am craving and want a vaginal birth experience, I do not want to recover from a c-section again. Will they let me??? Home birth is not an option, my husband will never let me, and I respect that.

If we move back to the one place in Germany, I would go to the one hospital it hass a 4% c-section rate and encourages all moms (escept of placenta previa etc.) to give birth vaginally even after multiple c-sections, we will see if its ok after such short time.

I dreamed about giving birth vaginally before I knew I was pregnant, funny!
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It's good that they weren't traumatic. That's a plus. I'd say that in the US, depending on your area, it may be extremely difficult, close to impossible to find an OB or MW in a hospital who will support a VBAMC. Sadly, we are not Germany, and sadly we don't go off of safety and research as they do (and most other countries). I'd say birth in Germany if Homebirth is not an option, and I understand if it is not. Personally, I would (and am) birth at home, but that's MY choice and it's yours too to choose where to birth, and regardless, you should be supported in all your choices in and out of hospital. I think you will not find support here in the hospital, but of what you have said you will most likely find it in Germany.

I think just about every VBAC mom has the placenta previa, placenta accreta, etc fears. I'm pretty sure that can all be ruled out by sonogram, at least placenta previa, and if you do have placenta accreta, having a vaginal birth or CS is not going to be any different, especially if you are in a hospital, so I'd still opt for VBAC.

This may help with some stuff you are processing. VBACfacts.com is a great site. Here is one of their articles on VBAMC http://vbacfacts.com/2008/06/18/rupt...last-cesarean/
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Wow thank you so much for the stats...so that is only 0.3 % more than a VBAC and they scare people off...what I do not understand is why It can not just be our choice alone and ultimately our..what we want to do wheather VBAC or ECBAC....I mean woman can choose between epi or not, people make choices all the time that are far more significant and riskier than 0.9 or 1.1% hello I do not understand why I can not choose alone. I am very sad that a lot of woman may not feel like having a HBAC but yet this may be the obnly option to allow them to birth, wth so how many are going with a CBAC ??? I gave up sooner than I would have if I had more support I think and if they would not have scared my hubs all crazy too. I am hoping to have it easier in Germany, but I will tell them I am not having a c-section unless I need it.
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I do not know what all the pulling and cramping is about i am worried its not healed enough
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I am having a HBAC in September and I have experienced some of the pulling sensations you are describing; fwiw, my MW assured me that it was a normal feeling as two of the major ligaments that hold things up in the front are severed when c/s are performed...the tugging and pulling can just be a natural stretching that is occuring as your body changes and makes room for your growing uterus.

I wish you the absolute best in your fight for a VBAC and hope you find all of the support and resources you need!
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Why is it not our choice? Politics, Liability, money and Malpractice insurance are the only logical (not justifiable) reasons. They don't want 'something to go wrong' under their care and be held liable and sued for malpractice, and they don't want others to know they did this, because they may loose privileges at that hospital. ERC are WAY easier for them, less controversial, and they make more money doing them, and can do more in one day than have a sporadic mom VBAC and they risk not being the attending physician at her birth if labor IS quick and they are not at the hospital at that time.

Yeah, the tugging I'd say in normal, I had that too, and still do (due in Sept) and it's all ligament stuff. You may want to check in to either or both Mayan Abdominal massage for women, and chiro care with the webster technique to loosen and relax those ligaments. I'm doing both and am very thankful I am.

I TRULY believe that if we would have had a better support team with our son we wouldn't have ended up with a CS. So I totally get that, and you do regret it, and I have kicked myself in the butt, and beaten myself up, but I always end with, our birthing team, including me, did the best we could with the knowledge we had at the time.

And yes, it's totally sad some women are forced into either HBAC or UBAC just because they can't find an OB or any CP for their pregnancy. Birth should ALL be about choice, and nothing should be limited.
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Oh ya I love that too, I just saw my massage therapist over a week ago he does myofacial release and I feel good afterwarts...is it ok while pregnant?? I did not know that I was, just found out yesterday!!

Yeah I had two c-sections, two beautyfull babys, two not emergency or lifesaving c-sections...lots of whys and what ifs... that will hopefully be all forgotten If god alows me to birth this child myself

Hugs to you as well..your Baby will be here soon!!!

I am also wondering if I should tell them that my last menstrual cycle was a bit longer ago just a bit...I had a c-section at 41 weeks cause thats the deadline (well I had high bp too) nothing tooooooo dramatic I guess people can always be admited at the hospital and just monitored for a while instead of either now or never!!!
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Originally Posted by claudi81 View Post

I just found out today that I am pregnant. I had my ds via CBAC well failed VBAC attempt 7 months ago...and now this.
I do not know what will happen, what problems I may run into and if I ruined my chances in ever having a vaginal birth after all????? Please help encouragement I am soooo worried and confused
Were you attempting to VBAC in a hospital by any chance. That severely reduces the chance at a successful VBAC, simply because of location...If you can find a CPM (you can check North American Registry of Midwives for ones in your state)...(not CNM, although some do VBACs, most can't because of hospital/backup docs restrictions) who will do a homebirth, that's where I would start. I know of successful VBACs with 14 months between babies. It happens. Your chances for a VBAC are not ruined. I do know people who have had 4 c/s, and had the other 5 at home, successfully...you can do this, but it takes the right preparation, and support from a midwife who is VBAC friendly...waterbirth also makes labor easier, and more comfortable...Congratulations on your newest blessing! Homebirth is the best chance at a successful VBAC!
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I don't think the length of your cycle would matter much, especially if you are BFing, that's probably around the time you introduced solids, so baby MAY have nursed less and your body may just be getting back on track. If it was longer AGO, I'd keep that to myself, as that would make your EDD sooner, and with a later EDD, you won't have to worry so much with a 'deadline to give birth'.
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Congratulations! and Hugs!

I'm not any help on the facts, but if you want some comiseration... I also found out that I was pregnant 7 months after my sucky c-section. I'm so impressed with you for facing the labor issue head on. I still have awful thoughts about my previous section, and have decided to deal with this by pretending I"m not pregnant.

I hear you on worrying about everyone elses thoughts about the child spacing. I have not told anyone except my brother and sister for that reason. I judt don't want to see the look of pity mixed with i told you so on my mom's face! s!
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Thanks everyone what would I do without you guys encouragement I am feeling better every day now...I just send out an email to a hospital in Germany, the system runs a bit different over there much different, however I have to make sure if wwe move there what my options I send the head OB a bunch of statistics on how it makes no difference whether you had one or two c-sections as far as rupture riscs and how I am not willing to just walk in there to an scheduled c-section again as non of mine where life or death situation where it was sooooo neccesary.

We will see what reply I get if I get one at all. In germany you always have a midwife on your side despite an OB the healthinsurance covers them and they work at each hopital that is why giving birth in a hospital there is much different than here. They also like to see you walking and out of the bed, unlike here. Homebirth is not an option however I will stay home with my my personal midwife till she says its time to go.
I know that in Germany all hospitals let you VBAC, however VBA2C not so much that is still very rare, and I will have to work my butt off to see what I can do.
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Well my dh made it public on fb that I am pregnant again just 7 months after my 2nd c-section. As you can immagine I got mad at him and the very next minute people kept posting and telling me how I must rest and one of them just kept hitting my buttons she is a midwife from Germany and tells me how I am in danger my scar has not healed and I did not just have one c-section I had 2 c-sections (as if I forgot, thanks for mentioning)

Anyway I started to feel ok about being pregnant again and faced everything and now this...I have to justinfy and explain and instead of people saying congrats it's being put as you are so high risk be glad when you guys survive

Of course I send links about statistics etc. that explain that the cut heals withing the first 12 weeks etc...but it just feels like you are being put down and again being placed into a 2nd class category

Sorry I need to vent
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I can completely relate to you. I have had 3 sections all within 2y9m. I also had had a dehiscence or window (a hole basically) where my prev. scar was with both of my last two. All babies and pregnancies were healthy. I was so embarrassed when ds3 surprised us when dd was only 6 mo. I had a 2yo and a 6m and I was pregnant again. But I have to say, that I am so happy with my babies. They all get along so well. I love having them so close together, though of course its a lot of work. I hope you can resolve your feelings of embarrassment quickly. I didn't and I hated being pregnant the entire time and I was depressed for most of the last half of the pregnancy. Good luck and Congrats!

P.S. My husband's cousins partner had 4 c-sections all 1 year apart!!! I can't even imagine. But the body is an amazing thing.
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Hello.. I just recently joined this site because I too just found out that I am pregnant and it has only been 7 months since my son was born via emergency c section.


I am extremely scared because our last experience was horrible.. my son was born at 33 weeks and kept in the NICU for 40 days. The pregnancy was high risk and over the course of it we were at the doctors what felt like hundreds of times (once a week the whole 33 weeks.. sometimes twice) not to mention the visits to the NICU everyday for 40 days. Anyway.. things around here were finally calming down, and then yesterday I took a test that read positive. Everyone has closely followed the pregnancy and birth of my son because it was such a commotion. My husband is actually very excited, and in a way I am excited too... just scared. We love our son and were planning on having more soon after, but not this soon after! lol I am feeling a lot of things.. I am mainly just afraid of my health and the babies. I have a horrible distaste for the healthcare system after our last experience.. Such a long story but basically my word and my husbands were completely disregarded in pretty much everything to do with our son. I'm not sure what I am going to do about this one.. I want it to be as natural as possible but I was already high risk and have had premature delivery in the past... I'm assuming this makes me more high risk? Ugh. I feel your stress! Have you talked to a doctor yet or told your family? What have either of them said about your situation?

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