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I am not sure what's going on with me(I do have an appt. with ob/gyn tomorrow). I had a natural m/c in May. Had my period about 30 days later, so basically right on time but my cycle is usually about 28 days. So that period was in June, a bit heavier and longer then usual. Lasted about 8 days instead of 5. My period is due today, which is 7/19. Well on 7/10 I had some brownish spotting, lasted a 2 days. I got a bit nervous thinking implantation bleeding(but had little risk for a baby as far as DTD with dh). Well then the spotting resumed, pinkish for over a week. Then yesterday I started bleeding and now I think I'm having my period as the color,flow,etc. is like a period. Could I just be "off" a bit from that past m/c? Could it be a progesterone issue? Anything else? Maybe just a random off cycle(I've always been regular)Has anyone experienced this?