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Anyone else having intense BH ctxs? If I were 15 weeks further along I'd think I was approaching early labor, or not too far from it. I'm certain these are just BH and not PTL. The bulk of the tightening sensation is at the base of the uterus and is enough to get my attention and make me think about relaxing and such - but I do that at almost anything; it's not like they actually hurt. They are definitely uncomfortable, though. Anyway, I've noticed quite a few tonight, and I've noticed that at some point I will feel the full relaxation of my uterus and the feeling of relief (even though it doesn't hurt) is similar to very early labor. Not sure if that makes sense... but I remember when a ctx would fully fade away there'd be a realization that it was now really, truly gone, where I'd then also be realizing that it had lingered longer than I had been paying attention for. Does that make ANY sense?

I'm drinking up more water because it's entirely likely I'm dehydrated. But I'm wondering if anyone else is/has experienced this intensity at this point?

I have no history of preterm issues but on #4 I'm not too surprised to have even more BH. I don't really mind it - it reminds me of the baby and the work that will come - but I suppose there's also a slight concern given that it's different than even yesterday.

ETA: Ok, they seem to have calmed down. Must drink more water!
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Yup yup yup, I am having some BH that do border on intense. They're not *painful* per se, but they do really make me take notice and stop moving around until one passes. I felt BH from pretty early on last time around, and from 11-12 weeks this time. Now at 25 weeks, it's a regular thing. Totally crosses all the thresholds from my old OB's office (4 in an hour, call us blah blah blah) but my mw is unconcerned because this apparently *my* normal, and she said to call if it departs from what's normal for me.
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@ HeatherB - I've been having semi-painful BH as well. I have been feeling them since pretty early on and they are definitely more uncomfortable than they were with my first pregnancy. It happens to me a lot in the middle of the night when my bladder is full. Having to pee seems to be the most common trigger, followed by dehydration. So hydrate or not hydrate, I can't win!

@ Lemon - just wanted to give you some encouragement on the unmedicated birth front. It's really hard, but you can do it. Don't let women who haven't been through it tell you what you can and can't do. You are stronger than you realize. One thought that kept me going even when labor was intense was that I'd much rather be handling the pain on my own than laying still getting a needle stuck in my back. For some reason the thought of the needle really freaked me out!! If you have the opportunity to have a doula at your birth I highly recommend it. Her encouragement and assistance (with little things like getting me cold beverages and warm blankets at different times) really made the difference. Your mental state during labor is so important and the doula can help keep you positive. Oh and one more random tidbit - visualizing each contraction opening the cervix and visualizing holding my baby helped me get thru the pain as well.

Also - on circing. Of course you have researched the pros and cons, so you know about that part. Just wanted to say that neither my DH nor my brother are circed and they do just fine. We are having a boy this time so I did have a moment of oh crap, now I have to deal with the circumcision issue - but then I realized, no, I don't.
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Lots of BH here as well! I'm trying to drink more water - I've heard that they can be linked to not drinking enough. But I get them progressively earlier each pregnancy....they're an annoyance that I have to put up with during pregnancy, it seems.
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No BH so far this time around, which really surprises me because I usually am having a ton by this point. I am starting to feel the little guys move around a lot more though and that makes me because I love when they get big enough for that and you dont have to worry so much about what is going on "in there".

I was looking around at the belly bump thread you ALL look so gorgeous! Yaaaa for seriously pregnant tummies! I need to get around to taking some pics and post one...
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Originally Posted by Stitches View Post
AFM- I am so . My basement is done, done, done!!!!!! I have my house back, no more strange men in and out the door, no more noise, now I can clean and organize and park in my garage again. Woot!! Can you tell I am excited?
I almost forgot, major big time congratulations Stitches!
It always feels soooo good when you have been waiting for what feels like forever for something to be done and then it finally is.
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Congrats on the basement, Stitches!

I am also having tons of intense BH. I don't remember them this early with my other kids. They make the blood rush to my head. It's kind of annoying!
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Originally Posted by SashaBreeze View Post

I was looking around at the belly bump thread you ALL look so gorgeous! Yaaaa for seriously pregnant tummies! I need to get around to taking some pics and post one...
I was just this morning pondering how I haven't taken a single belly picture this time around! With DS, I was taking pictures every week! Maybe it's time to start, now that I actually feel like i have a baby belly

I've been reading, but now forget what else I wanted to comment on

Hooray for completed house projects! We had a heat pump installed last week; we've been talking about it for two years, and finally just did it. It's a good time to do so; there are lots of incentives out there. Anyway, it was just in time, as today and tomorrow are in the mid-90s (hot for here), and for once we won't need to escape to the coast!

Who was it who mentioned the bead swap? Huge thanks to you, since I'd pretty much forgotten all about it I guess I need to get to a bead store soon...

AFM, our exciting news is that we bought a new car last night! New to us, anyway - it's a 2009 Mazda5. I'm still kind of in shock. We are borrowing money from DH's dad (rather than going through a bank or credit union - more flexibility in payments that way), and just got the money transfered to our account yesterday morning. At the same time, DH found this car newly advertised, with 20k fewer miles than other ones we'd seen at the same price. It seemed foolish not to jump on it. It was kind of scary to write out that big check, though!

I'm also feeling "little chick" (what my DS calls the baby ) move around a lot more. Esp. at night, every time I roll over I tried to get DH to feel last night, but she was sleeping, or feigning to. About two minutes after we gave up, she gave two or three really strong kicks that he surely would have felt. I couldn't help but laugh!
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karen: woohoo! on the new to you car! I also still need to get beads and mail them.. this week I hope!

stitches: im so happy for you! nest to your hearts content!!

im not having many BHx but the RLP is killing me. we just got back from 2 days of music festival and camping and we had tO walk quite a ways back and forth between tent and music.. half of the time i felt like my side was splitting. im not even that big yet. i dont really understand why its happening.
The festival was good. The music was Okay..I was hoping it would be amazing. The kids were amazing though and had such a great time.. so in that regards it was well worth it. I love tenting and waking up with the sun in the trees and making meals on the camping stove.. but the drive home was crappy.. my 2 year old screamed the whole way and now I just want to hide in my room and nap.. but there is laundry to do and im getting hungry.....Blerg. complain, complain.

my good friend and her 2 kiddos (4 &2) are coming to visit us for a week arriving tomorrow! im excited about that and tomorrow is the start of another week of swimming lessons.. and is also the start of my 25th week and my next midwife appointment..so i think that a nap might bea good idea after all.
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We just got home a couple hours ago from our weekend trip.. it was a lot of fun, but I missed my Liam! And, the heat was awful (in the 100's) and something is up with my leg/hip so we didn't get out and do the things I wanted.. but I can't complain because we had a fabulous time just the 2 (well 3 ) of us.

I am so over this summer. I just want the fall to be here so I can REALLY start getting ready for baby, and the weather is cooler. I think I'm having reverse seasonal depression.. I have been pretty much staying inside the last month or two because it has been so hot here.
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Originally Posted by MamaFern View Post
I love tenting and waking up with the sun in the trees and making meals on the camping stove...
Mmm, you make that sound nice, Fern. I've never been camping in my life, and am going for the weekend in two weeks. Not to be a pain, but can you give me some ideas of what/how you cook? I'm absolutely clueless!!!!!

I'm almost thinking of posting a thread called something like, "Anyone going camping?", but I'm afraid that it might be too freakishly off-topic for this forum!
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We went camping in May. I love to camp. Nothing like the smell of camping fires! I can do without the mosquitos this time of year, though.
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Mzminty, we camp now and again. What kind of camping cook gear do you have? Anything or will you be cooking over the fire?
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Karen, I have a Mazda 5, too. We love it!

I had a major pregnancy brain moment yesterday. I emptied and washed the cat litter box (no lectures on toxoplasma, please, I have old indoor-only cats and always wash my hands after), made sure the box was nice and dry so the new litter wouldn't stick to it, cleaned the porch where the box stays, then fed the cats.

I woke up this morning to the realization that I forgot to put litter in the box.

One cat actually peed in the empty box (what a good boy he was trying to be!), the other peed outside the box, and both had pooped outside the box. Thank goodness it was all on the porch.
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Whew, just got back from a weekend away in the mountains. It was HOT! I tried my best to drink as much water as possible but it was sooooo hot and noisy in the apartment we were staying in and between that and walking out in the hot sun and the long car ride I was feeling pretty miserable with RL pain and BH. Ugh, I felt like I was really overdoing it and I really hadn't done much at all! At least the IL's were with us and pretty much doted on DD the whole time so I got to sleep in and take a break from my day to day life, and DH and I got a date night and went out for dinner for a belated 6th anniversary. Tapas, yummy!

Karen-congrats on the car! That's exciting
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Jen! I have done that more times than I would like to admit. The risk of toxo is sooooooo very rare and usually caused from gardening and feral or outdoor cats, I am totally not worried about it at all (I've had cats all my life and they are indoor only). I'm more worried about lightning!
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Re: Camping-- when we go we keep food simple. Pre-make stuff. Lots of sandwiches, etc. We have a little 1-burner camping "grill" we can cook a pot of something on. Charcoal grills also work great. My family goes all out and make MEALS.. They have those Coleman propane grills, plus charcoal grills, etc. That is just too much work for me when I am on vacation. We are going at the end of August.. I'm really hoping the weather cools down a little before then!
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Congrats to all finishing household projects!

mzminty-- We've actually been camping the past 2 weekends. We have a Coleman camp stove but in the summer we try to do very little actual cooking. Usually we're at the beach all day and want something that can be prepared quickly when we return to the campsite. We did burgers one night and sandwiches another. Last time dh made orange chicken, rice and broccoli before we left and just heated it up over the camp stove. Anything you can prep ahead of time is nice. Even in cooler weather, my motto is "as few dishes as possible".
Oh and also-- get a good air mattress!! I would not be a happy camper sleeping on the ground at this point!
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I have colostrum. Wheeeeee!!! I hand-expressed on a whim after DD1's 30 seconds of pre-bed nursing, and instead of getting nothing (like last time I tried, 2-3 weeks ago), I got colostrum! I'm 25w1d. Crazy!!
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I was excited to see colostrum, too! Though my daughter has definitely forgotten how to nurse properly in the past couple months where I had no milk. I's still icky to nurse her and I'm really limiting in how long I let her nurse for.
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