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Originally Posted by HeatherB View Post

Catie, we only recently moved the crib (which has been sidecarred for years) away from my side of the bed and into a "baby room" (which is somewhat practical as extra play space but mostly staging for selling the house, 'cause no baby of mine has EVER slept in a crib, even though we've always had one!). It is *amazing* how much easier it is to get up and go potty now! I was seriously not fond of crawling over DH every night. And neither was he.
We got the crib for Liam before he was born (because that's where babies sleep, right? ) and put it up in a nursery for him.... yeah, never got used! We tried, but he would wake up as soon as he hit the sheets. He did sleep in a basinett for part of the night when he was a newby, but he outgrew that verrrry quickly.. So about 6 months ago we put a twin bed in his room and he's actually been sleeping in that.. we took the crib down and it was in our "junk room." Well, new baby coming and we turned our "junk room" into a playroom, rather than making another "nursery." And I decided that I wanted to go ahead and put the crib up next to the bed, in case this baby is actually a decent sleeper and will let me put him down when he is asleep and he can sleep right next to me.... I like cosleeping for part of the night, but I think my DS1 ruined me on it. I was waking up every hour or more with him for 18 months (until I nightweaned when getting pg with this little one) and he is a very restless sleeper. I am SO enjoying my space and actually sleeping with DH now (kicked him out of the bed around 12 months) and the best part is DS actually SLEEPS now in his own bed.
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Wow, not only is the April DDC up, but several moms in the August DDC are having their babies! For some reason that seems so much closer to November than what July is. Either I have neglected doing much this summer or nesting is setting in early. Worked in dd's room all day yesterday reorganizing clothes and toys and junk in general. It looks great. Too bad the rest of the house looks like a pit!
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chatty mamas!

i was busy yesterday and it feels like everything went flying forward
on april DDC & august babies! my sil & her new babe came over for supper last night (with her other 2 and the kids grama) go to hold him again. he is way too sweet.

my LO`s started swimming lessons yesterday which take up half of the day (and its mon-fri for 2 weeks) then i rushed home to cook a chicken and nut loaf and do laundry and vaccuum and do dishes ect.ect. housework never ends but its sure feeling cozy and nice here. our garden is getting big. we ate a bunch of kale from it yesterday. i love kale! we have baby zuchini`s growing & other squash too.. our peas aren't doing much..which is weird because they usually thrive.. hmm.

anyways, 2 of my kiddos are still sleeping so im sneeling in a minute to catch up

metasequoia: woohoo on the KKAFP and other finds!

bobbi, Yum. we have been eating okanagan cherries too.. just raw and fresh. they are soo good. i just ordered 20lbs of organic blueberries too

demeter: im also starving these days but i get full really fast.. so i feel like im eating all the time. i dont weigh myself, no scale.. but my face is thinner and my rings are falling off..so i guess unless my ass is getting huge and i cant see it, its all going to my belly

not sure who asked about getting up at night, but yes, im up 2 or 3 times in the night to pee then i have to go SO bad when i wake up.. its really fun. weee.

we are going to a music festival come friday. im so excited! its our first of the year and has an amazing line up. please wish us good weather.. its been insanely stormy and windy and rainy here between hot & humid moments where you think you will die of heat stroke.. maybe mother nature is feeling like I do these days..
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Demeter- That's great you're UCing. I did with #4. I lived closer up your way then. I am in Southern IL now and found an IN midwife I really like but it's 1.5-2 hours there for each visit which is a PITA. She's a great midwife, though, but dh keeps trying to get me to UC again. After my last pph I want a mw, though.

Oceletmom-congrats on the hand me downs! Love hand me downs.

Holy bejeezus, April DDC? Time is flying! I started freaking out majorly last night and had an anxiety attack over the whole money and time left before baby comes thing. Add in homeschool planning and a messy house and I was losing it.

MamaFern-good luck at the music fest! We're going to a 2 day Phish show mid-August...if I can take the heat. I'd hate to not go, but it's so miserable out here. Especially around that time!
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Oh, nursing pads, I need some of those. I got my sis some cloth ones when she was preggo, maybe she still has them...

I worked out today for the second week in a row. I'm aiming for at least Tuesdays & Thursdays. I used to do 3 days a week, but I'd be happy right no with 2. It's an hour long class & we do lots of leg & arm work - tons of squats. I skip any ab work (always have) & just work on my arse during that time & do some heavenly stretching. Today I kneeled down, spread my knees a bit so my belly could hang in between my thighs & laid my shoulders/head down on the mat for like 10 minutes. My inner thigh muscles feel sooooo good right now. But tomorrow I'll be crippled by pain.

Anyone in constant nesting mode already? I heard someone say that with their fourth, they nested the whole pregnancy. That's cool, this house could use a nester.

I'm really missing that sex thread. We tried another idea from it last night & the results were kind of funny, but I'm getting closer to figuring out how to get there.
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Originally Posted by Metasequoia View Post

Anyone in constant nesting mode already? I heard someone say that with their fourth, they nested the whole pregnancy. That's cool, this house could use a nester.
yes... this is my 4th too..I have been nesty since the beginning but I couldnt properly nest till a month ago when we moved in and with still fixing things its been hard, but im nesting where I can. i love it!
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This weekend was horrid!! Got a nasty stomach virus from my DD and ended up very dehydrated and had to go to the hospital to get on IV fluids and so they could monitor for contractions and how the baby was doing. Water was still bouncing back after 10 hours!

Luckily after 2 bags of water and some naseau meds, I was well enough to go home and rest up. DD stayed with her Dad the rest of the weekend, as she was over her 24 hour bit.

My urine read really high in protein though. But my BP is fine. I had a prenatal yesterday and the protein is still high. My MW is hopeful it's just from being sick, but doesn't want to take chances, even though I'm not presenting any other pre-e signs... so she wants me to be very diligent with my diet this week and come again on Monday to check protein again. I pray it goes down!!
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Protein in the urine is actually very common in pregnancy.... in the absence of other things, I wouldn't worry about it too much. You should up your protein intake and more water would be my suggestions.

http://www.jfponline.com/pages.asp?aid=2812&UID= (an article about routine urine testing for glucose and protein in pregnant women)

I nested A LOT with #4, more than I ever did with the first 3, lol. I thought it was because she was a girl. I feel 'nesty' this time around but not as motivated to do stuff. I just told hubby he needs to clear a path for me to get to the dipes and baby clothes.

I can't believe April is up... I keep checking in on the August babes and mamas because that was the due date club I was in when I miscarried. It's crazy to think I'd be at the end already... it's also kind of funny to think when all is said and done, I'll have been pregnant for a year minus a 6 week break.
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Originally Posted by HeatherB View Post
I think a good rule of thumb is, if you can visualize from what's being described, it's graphic.
Thank you for this advice I was really paranoid when I posted on that thread because I wanted to share what worked for me but wasn't sure what was too much. Sounds like I probably did cross the line a little. Sorry.

This week we got some GREAT news! We have been trying to sell our property (no house, just property, the house had to be torn down) for around 2 years now. It finally sold! I can hardly wait. I soooo need some of that money to buy some diapers and things before the twins get here.

I have recently decided that I was incredibly spoiled during my other pregnancies. With all my others I had very mild symptoms, except hip pain at the end of pregnancy with my last 4, so I guess it is only fair for it all to catch up with me. But I have to say extreme nausea and fatigue for months have not been fun.

JSMa that sounds horrible and no fun at all. Hope you continue to feel better.

I dont know if I have been nesting or not but I do know that a few weeks ago dh and I got tired of all the "stuff" laying around our house and did a major deep purge of our home. It has been a very liberating experience.
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Wow, Sasha...I'm tired just reading your signature! I'm only expecting #4, and I feel like I'm tired all the time, but I'm slacking compared to you! Congratulations on your property selling - that must be very exciting (well, extra cash is always a good thing!).

Sorry to hear about the sickness, JSMa - I hope you feel better soon.

Fern, I love that your kids' swimming lessons are in the lake! We just finished a 2 week set at an indoor swimming pool, which was OK, but it would have been so great to be outdoors. Is R-B in swimming too? I envy your uninterrupted knitting time!

I would be nesty if I weren't so tired all the time. I'm taking the special pregnancy iron pills (with Vitamin C, Folic Acid and Vit B12 in them, compounded), but haven't found a huge difference in my energy levels yet. I'm going to the mw today (yay! - haven't been since the first week in June, since we were away), so I'll ask her what's up.

Love that we're such a chatty DDC - I seem to remember that my last DDC (Jan 08) didn't have as many chatty Cathys in it.
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I wish I could be nesting! Honestly, that's probably what partly brought on my sciatica, because I was moving all these books I used to keep in my classroom, cramming them (nicely! just several layers deep ) onto shelves here at home, so they were out of the way and I could start other nesting projects. I'm actually a little jealous of my friend who's had bad bronchitis for three weeks, been laid up in bed, on meds... but she could knit! She's made like three longies for her baby due two months after mine! I wish I could be doing something like that, but I'd have to get out of bed to cut fabric, since I only sew, and for days I had to try to zone out and not move at all. I HATE being unproductive. I'd already have my "deschooling" phase when I was just out of school and pretty wiped and then sick. I'm ready for action now!!!

JSMa, that's sounds awful. I'm glad you're on the upswing. It was SO odd being in the ER even for an hour just waiting for a quick eval and script, with those patches attached to me and on my finger; I've never had anything like that before in my life! Made me very glad to be homebirthing this time (last time was with the infamous Dr. Biter, nothing attached to me even in the hospital).
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JSMa, How awful. I hope you are feeling better. Being dehydrated is probably not helping the urine protein situation, hopefully you can re-hydrate yourself and that will help.

Well, in theory our basement will be done done done this afternoon. It's been such a long haul, and I'm never renovating again! (At least while pregnant!) So excited to get cleaning and organizing and put things on shelves etc etc, and then we can get DD's new room done and oh the nesting possibilities.
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I have been nesting like crazy. I nested the worst with #3, but it's started early this time, too.
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Originally Posted by Metasequoia View Post

I'm really missing that sex thread. We tried another idea from it last night & the results were kind of funny, but I'm getting closer to figuring out how to get there.
Me, too.
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Thanks everyone!

Oh yes, I had my first experience (and hopefully last!) with the wretched belly band for continuious fetal monitoring. UGH! I wanted it off in the worse way, even as sick as I was. I just don't do well being tethered and binded. lol

Of course I ended with a resident again that couldn't wrap her mind around my having a homebirth MW. "where are you delivering then? aren't you being seen by one of our doctors?" "no, I already told you my MW's name and that I'm planning a homebirth"

My nurse was really awesome though and said that she is really intrigued by homebirth and she wished I wasn't so sick so we could talk about it! lol

As for nesting... I have the itch to nest SO BAD! I have been buying clothes that have caught my eye the past couple weeks and have no where to go with them until my Dad finishes remodeling the one bedroom. Most of my stuff is packed away in boxes/bags in a corner of the living room. It's driving me mad. My Mom thought he'd be done by end of summer... we haven't even started yet due to many things, this last bit was the evil stomach bug that attacked everyone here.
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yes, the urge to nest is pretty intense this time around. I let myself nest here and there since its so much fun...but I am resisting a few boxes hidden in my closet for something like September, because I really just dont want to nest everything now and have nothing left for later!

I also have an intense urge to go buy all of the small necessities like bra pads and nipple cream and idontrememberwhatelse like NOW. I need to remember what else I need and seriously make a list, you would think I would know what those things are by now but somehow I have no clue.

anyone want to help me?
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I'm kinda into making lists right now as well... I'm sad, I had a ton of prefolds with my daughter but traded them when she got a bit bigger. I saved some, but it's not enough.. 18 prefolds will probably get us through a day and that's about it. So now I"m stuck with a dilemma... do I buy more? Do I try to just weather through?? I was kinda wanting some newborn prefolds this time (last time i had small and toddler size)...

I also need a bouncy seat, a moby wrap (though I have a storch.. wonder if that's good enough for a nb??), and a few other odds and ends (lanolin, baby wash, butt stuff, lol)... I wasn't this concerned about the little details last week, but it's pretty intense today! eep.
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Oh!!! Plus all of the birth stuff!! I'm somewhat perplexed at what I will need... looking at the pre-fabbed kits, seems like most of that I won't use.. list, list, list... oh and herbs!
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Originally Posted by St. Margaret View Post
We're getting a TrueFit. Supposed to fit newborns really well, we live in San Diego so we never would need to bundle up baby inside or keep the seat from getting too cold, etc. I'm hoping the removeable headrest will mean it will fit okay in our compact car while it's really reclined RF, and then we can put it up a bit more upright RFing when the headret has to go back on. I really hope to squeeze all four of us into our little car, b/c right now we cannot afford the upgrade to minivan! the safety forumhere IS really great, I totally rely on it for carseat into.
I am endlessly behind since MDC stopped sending me email alerts, but I remembered to check the weekly chat thread this week Good thing, since I am officially car seat OBSESSED

Anyhow, the TrueFit is fantastic and does fit newborns really well and does do really well in compact cars -- and even when you have to put the headrest on, you'll be installing it much more upright, and even *then* it still fits great in most compact cars! I <3 the TrueFit Oh, and don't bother with the newer models -- the original model is fantastic so save your $$!
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I like list making too!
so much to think about...I actually like MDC for keeping trck of things because I can re-read old posts and not bother with paper since my kids will inevitably destroy any paper products i have around..I have many lists in notepad as well

I like lansinoh lanolin cream for my nipples (its also great to have around for lanolising woolens!).. and im not sure about breast pads. im thinking of getting some bamboo ones if i can find them..but i haven't looked yet..maybe etsy?
My organic baby hammock is in the mail from Germany as i type , but may take a few more weeks to arrive, which is totally fine since we have 4 more months to wait...(thank goodness!)

I still need to order the nursing pillow that I ..and a few small things from ToysRUs (evil... I know but they have free shipping in canada!)

oh, today my 18.00PPD KKAFP arrived in the mail. its almost brand new and so soft and squishy. I had to put my 2 1/2 year old in it to try it out. she felt very large its like a mocha colour.. or creamed coffee and I really love it. now I have an olivey green one and a brown one and those are my favorite colours for sure. I would like a wrap but Im only going to use one if I can borrow or be given one since my carrier money is spent (all 18.00$ of it ) i already have carriers for bigger babies anyways..

bobbi: swimming in the lake is lovely, but cold.. my kids are always after and blue lipped and shivering. its not the super hot july we were hoping for. we have had days, but it keeps cooling off. arg!

sasha: you are pregnant with twins right? its only normal that you would be feeling it more..but still sucky..

im having intense round ligament?! pain on my right side.. like I was almost in tears walking to town this am for swimming lessons with my kids. its brutal! it comes and goes, but when it comes. yikes. i was trying to describe it to DP and i suggested he grab his balls and yank them really hard upwards and maybe he would get an idea. he didn't like that suggestion..go figure

demeter: its so funny how we are all obsessing about the small details of what we need when we really do have quite a bit of time left.. but I so hear you. every time I go shopping I have to stop myself from buying the bum cream I want and other little odds and ends because I know I will need to do that near the end when the waiting is too much.. that's when knitting & sewing come in handy too! but yay for us on being so "on it" and organized.. i just dont think my bank account can handle it these days
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