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Originally Posted by ocelotmom View Post
My list (except, obviously, the stuff I already have) is taken pretty much directly from my amazon registry, which I fully expect that no one will actually buy us stuff from It's my form of nesting, since we don't yet live where we'll be at the birth, but most (all, except for hand-me-downs received in the past two weeks) of the baby and crafting stuff is there instead of here. And we don't have the money to actually buy most of the stuff on the registry, so virtual window shopping it is...
Yes, exactly! When will you be moving? We *just* finalized the paperwork for our new house, and they say it'll be 90 days from start to finish. So hoping and praying it's no longer than that, because I'm less than 4 months from my edd, with a history of going at 39 weeks. I do have some bins with baby things I've been collecting already, and will hopefully be adding to those in the next couple of months so I'll be ready, wherever we end up!

With my last pregnancy, I didn't find out the sex ahead of time. I had about equal numbers of boy and girl dreams, but all the girl dreams were happy, reassuring, and very realistic, while the boy dreams were anxiety-producing and more likely to include bizarre, unrealistic elements. She ended up being a girl. I don't know if I really strongly wanted a girl subconsciously, or if I somehow "knew" ahead of time.

This pregnancy, I haven't had much in the way of dreams at all, and I don't recall any related to the pregnancy itself. But there's a lot less stress surrounding the pregnancy this time (which seems insane to say, since there's a lot of stress still!), so maybe I have less need to work it out in dreams.
I was remembering that last time I had a good number of girl dreams, too, though NONE as intense as the ones I've had this time. I did have a boy dream near the end, in which I was having an u/s that showed a full-color, fully clothed baby boy. I did wake from that one thinking I should brainstorm for reasons that it would be good to have another boy - and that helped a bit when he came out a he and not the she I'd convinced myself I was having.

Even though I've thought the last two were girls and was wrong, it's very different from this time. I am feeling very impatient to meet this baby and find out who s/he is, but I also am absolutely certain I want that experience *at the birth.* I've had several dreams now about finding out at birth, and one about finding out at an u/s, and I know I just can't do with the latter.

Though I had a friend say to me today, "Aw, it's too bad midwives can't do ultrasounds." What?! I assured her I'd had u/s with ALL of my babies and had not found out with ANY. For some reason, she thinks that's part of me being a "super-mom" that she can only aspire to be. Um, no. Not a super-mom. Just me. Weird, crazy, alternative-thinking, alternative-doing me. And I happen to love surprises, even if the wait is killing me!
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Woke up this morning to the cat peeing and pooping on my dd's carpet . Thought I smelled something icky in there yesterday. Grrrrr....her room is just about finished - and she is so ready for a big girl bed. I'm wondering now if we should just rip out the carpet and put in laminate like we have in the living room and hallway. There are few things in life more gross than the smell of cat pee.

In other house news, dh met with our "financial advisor" yesterday and he thinks that we might get a decent price for our house and be able to move to where we want in town. I don't think that we'll be able to get the house on the market before the baby comes (though part of me says JUST DO IT NOW!) but we're going to shoot for just after the holidays/early spring. I trust the guy (I mean, he is a real financial advisor, but I guess it sounds really weird saying that about him since he is a sort-friend from church) because he lives out here and just moved to town too. Anyway, it makes me want to get going on some projects....like ripping the carpet out of dd's room.

Made the final arrangements with my friend yesterday to start watching her kids in a week or so. We had talked about this before, but when time went on this summer and I didn't hear from her, I thought maybe she was going to keep her little guy in day care. We are really counting on that little bit of money, so I was very glad she called . I'll only have both of them till school starts (less than a month here) and then will pick up her daughter after school and have her 2 year old son all day. I'm really looking forward to having the extra little ones for entertainment. Hope I'm not insane for doing it.
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Originally Posted by HeatherB View Post
The lists thread is making me anxious. I love planning and making lists. And I'm NOT in a place where I can do it yet. Except for my Amazon baby registry - which is always fun to add to and play with. It's the closest to a list I've gotten so far, and even there, I know I'm adding stuff I won't necessarily end up with or need. Like, I dunno how many NB dipes I have, but have a handful on the registry.
It's making me anxious too! I also started an Amazon registry but it's not terribly organized or well-thought out right now.
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Originally Posted by HeatherB View Post
Yes, exactly! When will you be moving? We *just* finalized the paperwork for our new house, and they say it'll be 90 days from start to finish. So hoping and praying it's no longer than that, because I'm less than 4 months from my edd, with a history of going at 39 weeks. I do have some bins with baby things I've been collecting already, and will hopefully be adding to those in the next couple of months so I'll be ready, wherever we end up!
We're moving August 1st, and it seems an almost luxurious amount of time, as I moved at 32 and and 34 weeks with DS and DD (not having to move during pregnancy was one of my conditions for getting pregnant again, but my body didn't listen. Sigh).
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I've never moved while pregnant, but I've moved with a 3 month old and a 6 month old (different kids). That isn't fun, either!
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ugh. we are having a rotten day. DS has been crying/whining ALL DAY LONG.. over everything and nothing. I know he's been sick, but his fever is gone and he should be feeling better.... He does have his last two 2-year molars cutting, so I'm guessing that's why.. Didn't feel like fighting the nap today so we drove around and he fell asleep... hopefully he will wake up in a better mood.

On a happy note- tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY! and DH and I leave around noon for our weekend getaway.. so excited.
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moving & being pregnant is hard! but in some ways its good too because you get to re-nest and make everything just how you want it.
I have moved every pregnancy so far at least once, with my first a few times before finally settling (8 months along)

Ellen, oh no! cats are so wonderful...but can also be such a pain!
i like the taking up the carpet idea.. carpets can be pretty gross anyways, cat pee or no.
good luck on the house!

Can you mamas send me some baby deams?? im having many intense dreams but none that involve babies in any way, shape or form. infact, the last dream i had was really bad and i didnt want to go back to sleep after for a long while.. it was just this weird random dream about someone else through my eyes.

Bobbi.. i tried the pendulum thing on myself.. not sure if it works that way.. but i got straight line right away then it turned to a circular pattern and stayed that way for a long time (2 girls?!) then went back to straight line for a short time, then circular again..
I will get my midwife to try it on me on Monday.. I have my next appointment then If im measuring myself at all correctly (which I always have before) im measuring 32 weeks at 25..

last night at knitting my midwife asked "how are those babies doing?) while she had her hand on my belly. she likes to tease me. i dont think she actually thinks im pregnant with 2..but she knows im worried about it.

i did a card reading yesterday (medicine cards) because i was feeling a bit panicked about the possibility (as i usually am) and the first card I pulled was wolf, which is "teacher" and about intuition and trusting your inner self.. and the second I Pulled was black panther which is "Embracing the unknown" which basically says that sometimes you just have to surrender to what you dont know and let it be... it felt fitting and im trying to just love my baby/babies and not stress about it too much. that said, laying in bed after knitting last night (and home-made raw milk chocolate ice cream ) there sure felt like more than one baby in there
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Fern, I'm not having any baby dreams at all, either.... Seems like I will start to have one and then it changes into something else. I didn't have many with my daughter, either. I should do a reading as well...

Happy (early) birthday, Catie! I hope you have an enjoyable weekend getaway. This Sunday is my anniversary... 12 years, omg! and then the next week is my birthday, I'll be 31. At least I'm not stressing about it this year... turning 30 was oddly difficult for me.
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s to you, LadyCatherine185! My LO has been sick recently too, and it can be very draining all the whining, etc. that you don't know what to do about. Hope your LO feels better soon!

I haven't really had any baby dreams yet either...
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Happy Birthday Catie! Hope you have a wonderful getaway!

Fern- Will you not find out if its twins until the birth day?
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I have only had 2 baby dreams so far-one near the beginning of pg where I gave birth out in my backyard alone (I forgot the fact that it was Nov in my dream!). I also had one where I was introducing my 5 kids and forgot the youngest' name. I felt terrible, but both times the kid in the dream was a boy.
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I have been totally broke but went to look into what I needed to do for the birth bead swap...and can't find the FB group. Can anyone post a link to it or how do I figure this out?
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I'll PM you
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Originally Posted by ILoveMySofie View Post
Happy Birthday Catie! Hope you have a wonderful getaway!

Fern- Will you not find out if its twins until the birth day?

I think that I will know by then for sure.. but im not planning on having any US's to confirm it..
right now its a pretty strong inkling mixed with measuring large and a LOT of movement..so who knows.. I could just be crazy, stretched out and have an active baby
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You read about the July mama with surprise twins, right? I'm very eager to find out what you have, Fern!
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Thanks for all the Birthday wishes Mamas! It is kind of a big one-- 25! It's funny as a kid/teenager I always thought 25 was so "old" because my mom had 4 kids by the time she was 25! I couldn't imagine!

As for the boy, after a long nap (2 1/2 hours! woo hoo!) he woke up a little happier and then asked for a snack.. he started crying while eating and said his mouth hurt. I felt back in his mouth and sure enough those molars have cut through.. just the little points. Poor thing. I gave him some teething tablets and a little motrin and that seems to have done the trick.. he is a MUCH happier kid the last couple hours. Phew!
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All I'm having are crazy teacher dreams :P And sometimes not being able to take good care of Sophie (DD). So sucktastic all around! I always get those teacher dreams all summer long, man!

I too mostly play with my amazone wish list. But it's good to research and really figure out what you want/need! I need to go through our baby clothes before buying stuff, and then I know it's better to wait on things like carseats (expiration dates) and even new diapers, because of the one year warranty some offer! Soon I will start looking for some dipaers, on DS...

Still just sitting here with bad nerve pain in my leg. It's finally getting a tiny bit better, after two visits to the chiro and one to the PT. I'm still taking a bit of vicodin I'm just starting to believe it will get better in time for my trip in a little over a week. But my 30th birthday is Monday and it looks like a trip to the awesome chiro is all we'll be doing Oh well, for DH's 30th in Feb we were all sick. At least he got a PS3 and beatles rock band!
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Ugh. I was typing a reply, then clicked to look at the previous page. :doh So much for my reply. Will try again...

ocelotmom, that does sound like lots of time!

I've moved with a 3 month old, a 6 month old (cross-country but only temporary), then came back to move the whole house (without DH ) when he was 9-10 months, then actually moved back from cross-country when he was 11 months. I have a friend who is trying to tell me that moving while pg is a bad thing, but I can't imagine it being any worse than trying to move with a tiny baby in arms. I mean, at least right now all I have to deal with is my 8yo (who can be very helpful), 5.5yo (who is either not involved or mildly helpful), and my 2.5yo (who wants to help but is more often in the way). To add to that a baby who needs me all the time, and whom I want to be spending ALL my time with? Um, no thanks! Unless we waited a *long* time - a year or more - I can't see it being any better. And, even then, one more person is one more demand on me - my hands, my head, my sanity. At least being pg I can take care of baby and still pack boxes and/or order people around.

Happy almost-birthday, Catie! I hope your getaway is wonderful! Yay for Liam starting to feel better!

Nic, happy almost-anniversary! Ours is on Saturday - 11 years. And it looks like we'll be spending the whole day working on the house.

St. M, boo on the crazy teacher dreams! I hate when stress creates rotten dreams. My mom is a teacher and has had her fair share of those, too. Happy almost-birthday, too! I hope you're feeling a lot better by then. Are stretches or massage helping at all? Some of those you can do at home in between visits. I hope you have a great birthday, regardless!

I need to be productive again today. Feeling somewhat better as I'm getting over this virus DS3 brought to us. So, I thought I'd take the kids and go run some errands, including taking them to Half-Price Books to redeem their reading awards. But, the 2yo (and 5yo?) climbed on the chalkboard/easel and broke it. And the 8yo got mad at the 5yo and pushed him down where he got hurt. And so now everyone's in bed! I needed to do laundry and get a shower, anyway, so I guess it'll be a quiet afternoon! Maybe we'll get to errands later.
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Hey everyone...haven't been checking the weekly threads much lately, and I'm totally out of the loop! I will have to go back and catch up later...but right now I just need to vent and ask for a little encouragement.

I went to the park for lunch with a bunch of my "mommy friends" from church today. I always enjoy hanging out with them and their kiddos, but today I went away feeling so discouraged about giving birth! They've all had different types of labor experiences, but mostly with medication. So, of course, when I tell them I'm hoping to have a completely natural birth, they look at me like I have two heads and say something like "You may think that now, but just wait!" Ugh! I will admit that I'm a little bit idealistic, but can't I still hope for the best? I realize that not every birth is smooth, even with the best preparation, but isn't it better to think positive and know what I'd like to shoot for?

Oh, and somehow we got on the topic of circumcision...and of course, again, I got "the look" telling me they all think I'm a little crazy. And when one mom asked me what the health benefits were, my mind went blank. I did my research a while back, made my decision, not preparing to actually need to defend it in public. So, I guess now I need to go back and refresh my memory. Again, ugh!

Maybe I should just avoid talking about my hopes/plans as much as possible...I always end up being made to feel that I am just the naive little pregnant girl who has never given birth, so what would I know?
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Lemon. I know how it feels to have your mind go blank because you didn't figure you needed to hang on to the info anymore. It's tough to be in situations with people whom you feel should be in one accord, and yet they're not - at all. Continue to surround yourself with the information, resources, and support you need to follow YOUR plans. Is every birth perfect? Certainly not. But can birth be amazing, wonderful, empowering, enriching, and rewarding? YES!! The reality is that probably 95% of our culture is ill-informed about birth and doesn't take an active role in it. Be proud of the fact that you are, and don't let them discourage you. You can always tell those who question you that you've been spending a lot of time researching all of the options that we have in pregnancy, birth, and parenting... What did they find when they researched?
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