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Pediatric Dentist in STL Metro Area?

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Does anyone have any suggestions for a Pediatric Dentist in or around St. Louis, either on the Illinois or Missouri side? My 20 month old needs to see someone about tooth decay and I'm hoping to find someone who won't flame me more breastfeeding. I am willing to drive a bit too for the right dentist. Thanks in advance!
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PM'ing you.
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I have a 16 mo old with the same issue and I've been to three out here in west county. While I never really got a warm fuzzy feeling for breastfeeding so long and throughout the night from any dentists I got the best reception from Dr. Ahmed in Ballwin. She was the most compassionate and even encouraged me to breastfeed (just not through the night) She is a ped dentist and is very good. Her info is:


Let me know if you have any more questions about her.
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Associated Pediatric Dentistry in O'Fallon, IL. They are awesome and their office is even decorated like a big barn for the kids to play in. Very kid friendly and the dentists are wonderful!
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I disagree with Associated Pediatric Dentistry.  We saw Dr. Markarian for my son's first appointment at 12 months.  He may (or may not) be a good dentist, but they are not supportive of full-term nursing.  The nurse and he both told me to stop nursing him at night or his teeth will decay.  The nurse had more of an attitude about it than he did, but I didn't appreciate it and am looking for new dentist even though my son is now weaning at 17 months.

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I go to Dr. Larry on Old Ballas Road. He blamed my daughter's tooth decay on night nursing. :( We have no choice though since he seems to be the only dentist who accepts medicaid and takes children before they turn three. So avoid him...

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Seems that some babies, with night nursing, tend to fall asleep with some milk in their mouths, and it leads to tooth decay.  I had one of my babies get the early tooth decay--and he was basically an all-night nurser.  When he started to get decay, we talked to a dentist who told us this--and I decided to check it out...it was true, my son would fall asleep with milk dribbling out of his mouth, never swallowing that last mouthful.  And on top of that he nursed every 40-60 min all night!  I actually weaned him totally at 20mos because I needed some sleep--I could not just sleep entirely through all his nursing, and had such fatigue and chronic backache by then, due to never being able to fully relax at night.  He was my 4th, and the first one to get early tooth decay.  I'd never thought about it before then, and my others had night-nursed too (2-3 times a night).  He's older now, by the way (almost grown up) and after we weaned, he never had any further issues with his teeth.


Anyway, with my next baby I had this in mind and I would check on her at night after nursing sessions (not all the time, just now and then).  And I was amazed to see that she actually DID swallow a couple times once she fell off the breast at night.  And never got early tooth decay.  Same w/number 6, too.  Like most of the others, they'd only nurse every 2-4hrs at night, not all night like my #4 had done.


I'm not saying anyone should night wean--and I didn't night wean my son either, not when the dentist told us this about night nursing and tooth decay.  Never crossed my mind at all.  I weaned him when *I* really needed to.  I actually let him start nursing at nap and bedtime a couple months later, because he hadn't given up asking for it--and that made him happy.  But he'd started sleeping through the night by then (2yrs old) and my milk did not return with only 2 sessions a day anyway.  I am saying that maybe there is some truth to this claim that dentists make. 


On the other hand, our dentist was pretty matter-of-fact and laid back about the whole thing...he said once my son slept through the night, the tooth decay would stop.  He said something like "it's only his baby teeth, he'll grow new teeth later and probably won't have further decay issues'.  He was right.  I guess we were lucky because my son didn't need any major dental work.  In fact, when he was 5 and one of his teeth (which he'd chipped in a fall at age 3) started looking pretty bad with decay, he said that as long as it wasn't causing ds any pain, he wouldn't work on it--because he was so soon to lose those baby teeth anyway (it was a front one, of course).  And the dentist was right--it looked ugly, but caused him no pain, and fell out within the year.  Ds grew some fine new teeth and has no problems since.


Just saying.

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We go to Alvin Sams at Dental Kids in Florissant (he is also one of very few medicaid providers). My daughter has severe decay due to malabsorption as an infant/toddler and he was great. He never blamed us or asked about breastfeeding or anything. They were also cool with not cleaning her teeth b/c she has food allergies and there was no ingredient list on the toothpaste. My dd had 4 teeth pulled and he got in and out quickly and passed no judgement.  We go back in on Fri, so I can update if anything has changed. :)

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I know some kiddos are more prone to tooth decay than others, but I wonder if it is related to lip & tongue ties at all. Those seem to be more common these days & are grossly under diagnosed. It seems milk could pool in the areas where it is tight from the tie. Both of my kiddos had/have lip & tongue ties. DS didn't have an issue with decay but wasn't much of a night nurser either. I knew more w/ DD & had hers clipped just to be safe.
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