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What is this pain???

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Last night I was feeling a bit AF crampy...

Today, my entire stomach is tender, and the top of my stomach, I don't know if it's the top of my uterus, or my stomach or what HURTS. It's like gas pains, or maybe like the stomach ache you get when you eat too much fruit. It's been going on almost all day. Sometimes it even radiates into my back and makes it hard to breathe. I have been taking it easy today, the only times it really feels better is if I am laying on my left side, or if I am up walking... I have gone to the bathroom 3 times I think today and its all pretty loose (TMI I know)

I am not dehydrated I have drank a vitamin water, and over 120 ounces of water today... baby girl is still moving all around....

I probably should have called the dr this morning when I hurt so bad, but honestly, I figured what are they going to do? either hook me up to ivs and stuff that I don't need or tell me i am fine and to go home. I have an ultrasound tomorrow at 130 so I can talk to them then when I am in there, but I was hoping you might all have some clue for me lol Hubby asked if I thought it was contractions I told him I have no clue, because I only know what Pit contractions feel like, I don't even ever remember a BH with DS so I am clueless...
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It could be your gallbladder...

Gallbladder attacks produces symptoms exactly as you are describing. Usually they are brought on by something you have eaten that causes your gallbladder to contract and squeeze a stone into the duct. (usually something oily - like olive oil salad dressing, pizza, etc) This causes great pain, discomfort, loose stools, pain radiating around shoulder blades, muscle tiredness, vomiting, rancid smelling gas, etc.

You could try drinking some ginger and or peppermint tea to see if that helps things any. If it is your gallbladder, you should feel better tomorrow (as long as you don't eat the same thing that triggered it in the first place).

I would give my provider a call if I had one to see what she thought as well...

I just saw that you are having an ultrasound tomorrow - ask them to quickly scan your gallbladder while you are there. It would save a ton of time, money and questions if they did it then and there. If there are stones, the tech will see them.
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I am not sure that it is my gall bladder but I will tell them tomorrow about the pain today. It seems to have mostly gone away. My friend was here and she said it seemed to her that I was having the "pains" every 5-10 minutes... so maybe they were contractions. I am just feeling a dull ache right now.
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Thats the area they ask me about CONSTANTLY in relation to pre-e, so it might be good to get it checked out. Hopefully it's nothing major!
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thanks Jade. The pain came back last night and hasn't gone away since. the only thing that helps is laying on my left side, but I still barely slept. Sometimes it hurts so bad I feel like I am going to throw up. So I am going to call as soon as the office opens and see if I can get an appt for after my ultrasound, I would go before but my son has a very important counseling appt at 11 that he can't miss.
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My first thought was parasites or food poisoning. Both can cause horrible pain. Like someone else said, it could be a gallbladder attack, but when I had gallbladder issues it wasn't like that at all. What frightens me is the possibility of it being appendicitis. Many things would not be a big deal and would pass on their own, but appendicitis, well, it can kill as I'm sure you know. PLEASE contact a doc, if not the ER just to make certain. I'm probably being over-dramatic, but it's only because I care (though I don't know you. ).

Let us know how things turn out.
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Thanks guys I called the Dr office they wanted to know if it was contractions, I told them I have no clue what one feels like since it's been 7 years and I had pit induced contractions. I can't remember.... they think it's a bit crazy I waited so long and that I am waiting a little longer (I will go in at 210 after my ultrasound) but like I told them I have waited 24 hours I can wait a couple more... they said to call if I want to come in sooner... I just feel like if it's nothing I will feel stupid.

Anyways the pain comes and goes it's not constant, hopefully we will have answers.

I tend to not think it's food related, since hubby DS and I all ate the same things and they are fine, and it wasn't anything out of the ordinary chicken cooked to a fair-the-well (I like my meat overdone) potatos and green beans. nothing different... last night was frozen sausage again cooked well done and mac and cheese.... (I didn't feel well and told hubby to make whatever he wanted lol)
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i am back from the doctor's.

they are pretty sure what I am having is contractions, but they didn't hook me up to the fetal monitor or anything. I had some traces of protein in my urine but they didn't seem concerned... the good news from the ultrasound is that my transverse baby is now head down! YAY! the bad news is that my fluid is low. It's not from lack of water as I had 168 ounces of water and 20 ounces of vitamin water yesterday and I have had over 100 ounces today so far... so they aren't sure why. I have a BPP ultrasound friday and while they are doing that they will measure the aminiotic fluid. let's hope it doesn't go down any more. they said if the contractions get worse to call or come in.

So that's where we are. At least I know where we stand. I am concerned about the low fluid, but at least they will check again in a couple days.
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