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Still waiting here, too . . . according to my OB I'm 40w5d, but I think it's more like 40w2d. I'm having to do the NST already, which I never did with my other kids who were 41 weekers. My OB is also pushing for an induction on the 30th, which I am simply not going to do.

I've been having some loss of mucous plug and tons of contrax, but nothing ever seems to get stronger or progress into labor. Getting discouraged because of the pressure from my doctor, who up until this point I really liked.
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S&S is "stretch and sweep" of the area between the cervix and the membranes, not rupturing, just stimulating.

I am wondering what's up with all of these threatened inductions????? As if these babies just aren't going to be born without being induced or something.

I'm due tomorrow. Not feeling much but I'm fully effaced so that's something different from yesterday.
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okay, that's what I thought S&S meant, I was mixing my words Rupturing means to actually break your amniotic sac. I never had that with my daughter (well, not until I was already in labor and they wanted to insert an internal monitor that didn't actually work. yeah.) I DID have my membranes swept the day I went into labor, though.

My midwife doesn't do NST until 41 weeks, then I think you get the biophysical profile and NST at 41.5 and 42. I'm pretty sure she won't let me go past 42 weeks, but I'm hoping that won't be an issue.

I was feeling labor-y tonight for an hour or so. Regular contractions, shaking, nausea, few trips to the bathroom... I think it's gone, though. Maybe I just had an upset stomach.
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I'm rooting for all of you Mamas!
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Awww thanks for the love Surfacing!

I have my first NST in the morning but I'm going to try and get out of it. DH has to work anyways and I've got the kids to juggle, I think they require kids supervised by another caretaker while you're hooked up-so if that's the case then I'm able to at least move it a couple days. Baby is moving around tons, I'm having irregular contractions that are definitely stronger than ever before. Nothing closer than 15-20 minutes yet, but that plus having such a smooshy cervix and being 3-4ish dilated means things are moving along and she's doing fine, even if I'd like them to go faster.

I had one ctx tonight that I actually had to stop and think about...that was awesome! It was great to feel like 'things are happening' instead of wondering wth is going on.

I talked last week about the induction thing with my hospital MW (my HB MW is fine to let me go past 42). They are really supportive of natural birth and agreed FULLY that it's my right to refuse induction, even at 42. It is hospital policy, however, to push the induction regardless of maternal/fetal health or necessity. You will seem more 'reasonable' if you ask for NSTs every 48 hours at that point, but you CAN SAY NO THANKS when they 'insist' that you induce at xyz date on or prior to your 42 weeks. The risks DO go up somewhat, and you need to be aware of that, but induction before you or baby are ready increases risks also. Ultimately it's your decision mamas, it's your baby.

I told my hospital MWs that if I get to 42 weeks with no baby, I'm fine going to NSTs every 48 hours, blood work, BFPs, whatever they need to be reassured that baby and I are fine. I also asked if, in the event they 'need' me to go into labor, that they give me 24 hours to make it happen on my own at home. They agreed...as long as baby is doing well, that is fine. So if we get to that point that is my plan. I'll come home and do everything known to mankind to get baby on the way out as naturally as possible.

So my point is, please be assertive. If it doesn't sound/feel right to rush baby out before 42 weeks, calmly say "I'm not comfortable with that" and don't back down. Medically speaking there's NO reason (barring health issues of mom/baby) to 'just induce'. Be strong mamas
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Thanks, Theoretica. I know that 40 weeks is just "average," and that babies aren't really post-due until after 42 weeks. I don't know if I would really want to go more than 42 weeks, but I definitely don't want to be impatient until then. Even though I think the NST stuff every 3-4 days for me is overkill, I've been totally compliant so that I can have evidence to back up my decision to wait. My baby is doing just fine. Now I just need to hang in there and trust that the little one will come when it's time.
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Doesn't look like a full moon baby here . . . Lots more prodomal stuff though.

I hit 42 completed weeks either over the weekend or today depending on which date I use, and the extended date that the midwives used (at my request) has me at 42 Thursday. I'm happy to do the every 48 hour NST's right now b/c I find them reassuring--I like hearing the HB and I try to schedule them for active times for baby so that they are more accurate and less likely to be a false reading (eat first too!). Even though my own mother went to 44 weeks with me and I know other 43 week moms locally, I'm reaching the end of my personal comfort zone. I will say that the meconcium issue with DD was scary enough that I'm not willing to try castor oil prior to induction which I had said that I would do, but after talking to a few people, I'm just not comfortable with for me.

For the other post-due date mamas, if you have a BPP, you can do things to make it less likely to end up with a induction for a non-urgent reason--drink LOTS of water in the 48 hours prior to the BPP to ensure an accurate fluid level, eat something prior to it so that baby is more likely to be active, and ask that they not estimate fetal weight (my midwives wrote this explicitly on the order since I made it clear that I wouldn't induce for big baby). I think the BPP and NST are great tools and that being informed helps make them more accurate.
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I am still waiting. We spent last night trying to be chill and watching movies. Went to sleep for awhile, but it was restless. I am not really having contrx now at 12 hours after membrane rupture so commence with blue and black cohosh. I am trying really hard not to freak out, but my 6pm deadline is hanging over me. Temps are good and baby is moving fine so I feel comfortable that we are not at increased infection point, but our state law says we move to hospital at 6. This is a sucky way to start things off. I'm going for a walk while the rest of the house is still sleeping.
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Chiromommy- Good Luck! I'm thinking of you and sending good labor vibes!

Theoretica- I told them I wasn't comfortable with being induced, and she just said, "we don't have many rules here, but that's one of them". Sounds like your hospital is great and very understanding.

neonalee- My practice is not quite as crunchy as I had once thought when going to them at first. I just found out they fired a patient who was having regular prenatal care because she "mentioned" that she may want to homebirth, but she wasn't sure. They fired her immediately for not being "dedicated" to prenatal care. It's total bs.

mataji4- I totally agree about the body being ready. I've done castor, EPO, RRL tea, bouncing on exercise ball, long walks, squats, pumping, etc. You name it, I've been doing it! I've been doing these now since my prodromal labor started 12 days ago. 12 DAYS!!!!!! That's how long I've been having contractions! It's just not helping.

She just isn't ready to come yet. I just feel backed into a corner. If she's still not here by thursday I'm going to call the head OB at my practice and have a little heart to heart and see if she'll give me a bit more breathing room. They can't force me to come in, but I don't want to get fired!
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I said I'd post this last night, but I was sooo tired! This is according to the Birth Partner Handbook. Re: induction, there's Prepidil which is a gel, Cervidil which is a 'tampon-like device' and Cytotec which is the tablet mentioned earlier. The section on Cytotec is the longest explanation and says "often with higher doses (50 micrograms vag or 100 micrograms oral) and sometime with low doses Cytotec causes sudden, very intense cntrx and fetal distress. Dana, sounds like a harsh place, good luck with that talk!

I'm glad to hear about "gentle induction" though. I'll have to ask about that. Maybe that's what my MWs do normally? I know the prodomal stuff is hard on everyone, but I really wish I was having it! Having nothing noticeable at 41 weeks (today) is making me really doubt my body I'm 99% sure my due date was accurate. How can it not be ready?? I did a second round of acupuncture last night and still nothing. Thanks for the NST tips. I didn't drink a ton of liquid yesterday (I think I managed 70oz), but I will today.

Is anyone else on this thread "of advanced maternal age"? I guess I'm just getting scared about deteriorating placenta and stuff
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I'm so sorry they're being difficult, that really sucks. To be fair, my hospital MWs *have* to push for induction, but they definitely seem to quietly disagree with the policy and that helps. I know they don't tell all moms what they told me, but that a big part is because this is #5 and not #1, so they're going to give me a lot more slack. I'd imagine though that the stress of feeling backed into a corner isn't helping with the need to relax and allow her to come on her own time, how frustrating!!

Does anyone else get contractions when they have to pee? Or am I the only one?
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I'm Still around and still pregnant. 40w and 3 days today. I don't have internet anymore... Using my sister's iPhone.
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Thinking of you, Chiromommy! Come on out little chirobaby!
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Originally Posted by Theoretica View Post

Does anyone else get contractions when they have to pee? Or am I the only one?
I was JUST going to ask about this! As soon as I get up from the toilet, I have one. And it isn't when I get up from the couch or anywhere else. Weird!

I am rooting for all of you mamas. This is an amazing circle of strength here, mamas.

My due date is tomorrow and although I know it is silly, I am so scared of not being able to go into labor on my own since I was induced with DS. I need to have faith in my body, and am trying so hard.
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That's funny because I have strange pee experience too.
I don't know if I get contrx after peeing, but I get lots of pressure and what feels like cramps. They go away after standing.

chiromommy: i hope it happens soon. So sorry the water breaking holds an imminent deadline.
neonalee: I think with the NST they have a way of making sure the placenta is not detoriorating. So I hope that can bring you some comfort.

my doula goes out of town for 3 days on weds. I have a feeling this baby might just come while she is gone. I have a back up doula, but since both of them were arranged last minute, I haven't met her yet. I am not so much nervous about not knowing her, or the way she handles things, but I LOVE my other doula.

The family thing is getting hard. My mom informed me (she is newly divorced) that this was a long hard weekend for her where she was just "waiting". She didn't intend on putting pressure on me, but it was too much and once we got off the phone I had a break down and was yelling at DH and couldn't control my emotions. I finally took some Bach's rescue remedy, drank some tea, and calmed down a bit. (Apologized sheepishly to DH)
But I am feeling suddenly overwhlemed. My baby is big...not like measuring big, she is right on schedule, but suddenly fears are arising that I have never had before.
I guess there is only one first time birth.

Hugs Mamas, hopefully some progress will be made soon for us all. If not than lots of peaceful moments to fill our days.
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I've been lurking on this forum for a while, even though I'm technically due August 2. I never had a postpartum period after my last baby, so this all STILL seems surreal.

I am TIRED. And lightheaded. I have really low blood pressure so my doctor wants me to drink gatorade and eat more salt.

Trying to be patient.....life will be crazy once the baby is here and this week of boredom will probably be missed ; )
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Still here. Still pregnant. 42 weeks by all possible "due dates" now. 4cm/very soft 80%/0 station. Good NST. Another stretch and sweep as a last ditch effort, but unless I go tonight, we'll be doing AROM at 7 tomorrow morning. The midwife is willing to go 12 hours of no contractions before we talk adding pit, so I am so relieved that we won't be starting with it and will have a little time to get things going. My doula is ready with accupressure points and position tricks, and as much as I did.not.want an induction this time AT ALL, I'm at peace. Sometime in the next 24-48 hours, I WILL have a baby, and I feel good that I gave it a full 42 weeks before intervention. All of a sudden, it feels a little fast after all the weeks and weeks of waiting.
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Theoretica, Chiro-- space! yes. I'm sorry, ladies, Most of my hanger's-on have taken the hint and are dropping off or at least calling before they come by, tho my godmama dropped by this am during mw visit, and my mom is officially here so . . .

Dana- Cytotec: yes, that's it, and apparently it can be baaaad I asked my hb mw about it today. Guess I was lucky I got a half dose for my induction. Current mw says that the progesterone tampon thing that was mentioned earlier is much gentler and always works in her experience, but it costs more $150 for one dose, and that's why hospitals defer to the cytotec. So maybe you can get the prog insert instead??? Clary sage essential oil used in massage oil on the belly is supposed to be pretty effective, from what I've heard *shrug* I am hoping the best for you and everybody else who is on a "deadline", that sucks!!

My mom is guilting me about not being here during the birth. Now I feel bad about it. Everybody wants to be here and I wish that they didn't. Everybody else I feel okay about saying 'no' but I am feeling bad about my mom coz she hasn't been at any of her grandkids births and she'll actually probably be in town during this one . . . so this is pretty much her only life chance to be at a grandkid birth, kwim? IDK, we'll just play it by ear and if dd needs a buddy maybe we'll call my mom.

I just don't want people stalking around nervously looking at watches, ACK!

Ok- here's my quick update:

Ctx in my sleep and hard belly all night last night. Not a lot til 1:00pm today after mw visit, wherein I ate some homeopathics that help what's already going but won't "induce" independently. dilated to 2, very soft & effaced, baby station +1, engaged, and looking toward my right thigh Sex and nip stim Went to lunch and walk downtown. Nice crampy ctx abt 3-4 per hr for abt 3 hrs, mw on call in town (lives 2 hrs speeding away). Came home and rested, nada for abt an hr Sent mw home w/ promise to call w. any changes.

Just now had one good ctx They are definitely getting more intense, longer, and sometimes a little ouchy, but irregular. Still cramping off and on. Hoping for more sleep labor tonight.

That's about it. I feel like we're getting closer and trying not to be discouraged after things picked up and then stalled out after today's walk.

Sending everybody mad ELVs!!! And crazy baby love!

Maybe tonight . . .
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, mamas!

Today I'm feeling a bit discouraged. I'm 40w 2ds, which I realize is no cause for alarm! And yet I'm starting to feel pressure. I have no more meetings with my midwives; from now on (starting this Friday! I don't think I'm going to go...) it's weekly NSTs until I go to 42 weeks. If I don't give consent to an induction on the DAY of the 42nd week, they are going to have me do daily NSTs. I just know when I start doing the NSTs (starting tomorrow), they are going to freak out on me in the hospital and start pressuring me to induce. It's good that I don't *have* to concede, but I still hate feeling the pressure and feeling like I have to fight against them all the time, you know?

Also, my midwife today said that they will probably induce with cytotec. CYTOTEC! I will not be allowing this.

I just can't imagine labor starting now (indeed, I've had next to no signs of impending labor which, to be fair, I didn't with dd, either, until the moment labor began) and this is a discouraging feeling. I want to try to just relax now and enjoy these days and not worry because, honestly, for the love of god, THERE IS NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT! If only the rest of the world would believe that!

Tomorrow I'm going to the farmer's market with some friends. We have had a friend over tonight and are planning to go out later with some other friends in the week. I'm trying really hard to just live my life and not worry and feel discouraged. It will happen when it happens, and it will happen soon enough no matter what!

Much love and support to the rest of you, and lots of lovely labor vibes!
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Team discouraged here too

I had several good ctx last night, woke up with more this morning. By 11am still contracting so I got the kids to a friend and DH and I spent the day doing nipple stim, birth ball squats, eating labor cookies (yum but spicy! LOL) and we managed to have a quickie.

Everything. Stopped.

No ctx, no nothing for HOURS. It's all come to a screeching halt. The kids are on the way home for the night and I'm tired and sad.
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