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Give me the words...

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So after my MIL's visit today my DH said he hoped DD doesn't get sick because she smelled badly of cig smoke. I didn't notice it, but I rarely do unless it is really bad. Apparently she doesn't think we know that she smokes. I really don't enjoy her visits anyway-I can't pinpoint it, but something about her rubs me the wrong way when she is here with "her baby" (that's another vent). Anyway, I really don't want her coming to visit or holding MY baby if she smells like cig smoke. What in the world am I/DH supposed to say to her about that? She is overly dramatic as it is, and will probably make a big deal out of it if we say anything. *sigh*
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email her this link?

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Oooh, I do not know, but cigarette smoke around babies is NOT OK with me! I hope you come up with something convincing. And my second thought is that I'd be sorry she got her feelings hurt, but it's not worth the health risk to the baby!
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