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Toddlers' funny choice of toys

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Sometimes when we go to the grocery store we will tell DS he can pick something out.

Sometimes this results in him choosing a toy of some sort. Other times he has more eccentric tastes. On more than one occasion he has insisted on a package of paper towels. The big, absorbent pricey ones.
Sometimes he's picked out a set of measuring cups. (He loves to pretend to cook and help out in the kitchen.)

Today beat all of the other oddities he's chosen. He confidently chose a miniature toilet plunger.
He then carried it around the store and became very defensive when he had to hand it over to the cashier. We go home and he has not let go of it since. Right now he is napping in bed, with the mini-plunger in hand.

Anyone else have stories of non-toy toys that your toddler has insisted on or been attached to?
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I love the plunger! That's hilarious. Did you get a picture?

My daughter's favorites so far are strainers (wears them as a hat, face-mask, that sort of thing), a wooden massage thingy with rolling balls at the end... she likes to use it as a dog brush, hair brush, or a car. She's also a big fan of our plunger... I'm ALWAYS taking it away from her after she puts her mouth in it to make echo-y noises (eww!)

Kleenex or a roll of tape or yarn is also a big hit around here!
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I hope you got a picture of that!

My DS is obsessed with bottles/tubes of lotion. He carries them around, lines them up, plays with them. At bedtime, he asks to hold them while he nursed. I let him do it until I realized how much of a distraction they were. Now, he still asks for them every night, but I have to tell him that the lotion went to sleep. This does not make him happy, but we're working on it!
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Oh geez ...

I don't think my kid understands that toys are meant to play with, he always gets attached to weird things. For the past month or two, sunglasses are his big thing. All day every day he asks where are the sunglasses, he carries them around, makes us wear them, washes them, won't let go of them...

He is also fascinated with glasses cases, his comb, DH's watch, and elbows... yes elbows... he goes around saying 'ehbo? ehbo?' and touching his elbow & gets mad if he can't touch everyone else's... do they make spare elbows to carry around???
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how funny! just yesterday i noticed that my 14 month old has been using the swiffer mop all over the place, scooting it around, taking it into bed with him--- i thought he was going to take a nap with it! he loves that swiffer mop!

also, just the other day a friend of mine was telling me how her son (3 yo) was attached and napping with a newly acquired zucchini from her parent's garden!
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Originally Posted by slinden View Post
also, just the other day a friend of mine was telling me how her son (3 yo) was attached and napping with a newly acquired zucchini from her parent's garden!
I heard a story from a friend whose 3 yr old daughter loved to cuddle her avocado. Which is funny, because she didn't like it to eat!
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Oh man, DD would LOVE a plunger! We have an ongoing disagreement about the toilet plunger when she sits on the potty (I seem to think it's filthy and don't want her touching it and she seems to think it's the best toy in the world and her right to constantly try and grab it!).

DD's favorite non-toy toy is probably her stroller. She climbs up it and uses it as a slide. Sometimes she turns it over and plays with the big wheel in front (it's a jogging stroller) or she'll climb into the basket below and hang out with the cat there.

She also really likes DVD cases is constantly trying to get into them.
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Our 2.5yo Dd really enjoys non-toys too.
Lately, she's asked to play with:
* a silicone cooking brush
*my wallet (always a fave)
* a nail file (cardboard kind)
*cloths (she LOVES to clean ANYthing)

Great thread!
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A litte boy I used to babysit got attached to this orange shovel of DH's that had never been used (supposed to be used to dig a hole to poop in if you are hiking). He would carry it around the house everywhere and even take it to bed with him when I would put him down for a nap!
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spray bottles. My mom has a collection at her house with water in them that she labeled and put my sons name on. I have one I use for when we are outside in the heat to spray ourselves with cold water, but if Charlie is around, FORGET IT.

Wisks and spatulas. My kitchen is gated off, so when the boys end up on "the other side" they make a BEELINE for the drawer I keep all that stuff in.

My curling iron. Unpluddged of course. But I store them under the sink in my bathroom. And if the boys are on that side of the house, you can bet it will end up in one of their rooms. Usually Matthews.

My husbands and FILs golf cart, used to tow the race car. Need I say more? What child WOULDNT want to ride around on a gilf cart all day? I mean, really. Charlie will wake up asking about it.
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