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I have a Lands End pack that I've used for a year and I love it. It carries a ton and is really heavy. I also have used LL Bean packs. I don't think you can go wrong with either one.

I would caution against getting one that's too big -- if they don't sit correctly, they're terrible for kids' backs. (My Lands End one fits my adult frame nicely -- but it's one of their bigger ones; it contains a padded laptop sleeve that I love.)
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The packs at MEC are great quality, and last forever, you may have a local store, and if not, they have cheap and free shipping.
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We love the Lands' End backpacks here! I ordered a Lands' End backpack for DS1 when he started kindergarten 2 years ago. It's survived kinder and Grade 1 beautifully and he'll be using it again here in September for Grade 2. It's in great shape, especially since it's used 10 months out of the year and DS1 has not been all that gentle with it. I'm hoping we can get through at least Grade 3 with it. We'll be ordering another Lands' End pack when it comes time to replace his current one.

I just ordered and received earlier this month this StudyHaul backpack for DD who's starting kinder this fall. It's a little smaller than DS's but it still has a lot of room. She used it last week for Y daycamp and it held her bathing suit, extra change of clothes, beach towel, bottles of sunscreen and bug spray, lunch kit, water bottle and morning and afternoon snacks with a ton of room to spare.
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I do NOT recommend the Hannah Anderson backpacks. Really cute, but didn't even last the year in Kindy.

I'm happy with our Lands End bag. It's going on year 2, including every day at summer camp.
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Our lands end backpacks have lasted 2 years of school plus vacations/trips and still look great. I think what we got was similar to the classmate studyhall. This fit my daughter who was going into kindergarten without a problem, but she is tall for her age.

For my daughter who was 2.5 I got the small haul version, and it was a little big for her at the time. It fits her fine now that she is 4.5 and I plan on her using it for daycare this year and kindergarten the next year. She will probably need a bigger backpack for first or second grade though.

I got my backpack from LL Bean and it is well made as well. I honestly don't think you could go wrong with either company.
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Another vote for LL Bean. I purchased my dd at an outlet store for $20 last year, and it is GREAT. She will def. be using it again this year.
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Just wanted to update: We order the deluxe LL Bean packs for the older two and the original for the youngest. They arrived yesterday (very quickly!) and they look wonderful. The kids are happy with them and they have TONS of room for everything they need.
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I'm still debating what to order! (and I didn't even start this thread)
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I ordered Land's End packs last year - for DD (3rd grade) it worked great and still looks good. But for DS (4th) who had a wheeled one (which they recommed at that grade as they switch classes) it did not hold up well. I KNOW he pull and drags that thing but it had holes on the bottom by the end of the year.

I just ordered them both LL Bean rolling packs and am hoping they are better quality.

In our school they recommend roller packs starting in 4th grade when they are switching classrooms (no lockers)
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