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I only have twins, but I didn't get any stretch marks until my fundal height was over 40 (it was 52 when I delivered at 39 weeks, babies 8 pounds each). Then my poor belly made up for lost time! I'm only 5'4", and I gained 65 pounds.

I still have twin skin, 16 years later, but it doesn't bother me. I never wore a bikini before I had babies; I'm not going to start now! I wear my stretch marks and saggy belly like a badge of honor - I'm proud to have carried my precious babies as long as I did, and I have the belly to prove it!
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I didn't get them at all with either of my older children (gained around 25 lbs with each). But starting at around 34 weeks with the twins they just took over my abdomen. STREEEEEEEEEEEETCH....it was almost like I could feel them expanding all day long. I gained somewhere around 60 lbs in total but was all belly.

Sometimes I (unreasonably) envy friends of mine that gave birth to their twins early because they don't have the stretch marks (or at least, not as bad) or the real saggy skin. But then reality hits me, I'm SO glad I carried them to term, SO SO SO glad and I'll take what nature gave me.
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I'm 30 weeks and no sign of them yet, but I'm trying to be realistic about it. I didn't get any with my first pregnancy, but at 30 weeks with twins I'm already past my size of that one. I'm measuring 42 cm and have gained about 35 lbs. so far. Still a ways to go. I slather on cocao butter religously. I will have a really hard time if end up with a stomach someone here mentioned looking like "an elephants ass". Please not that! There is a wonderful website out there though meant to show the real face of what pregnancy can do to a woman's body where people upload pictures of their bellies post partum. I cant remember the name of it, but it's a reality check for sure.
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