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how old, how much do you give, how often?

DS is 10 months and teething again. I do not give it every day. And then, a half dose, or at least the .5 on the dropper. That's 1/3 of the way up. I know his ped said I could give more, but just the .5 does enough to ease his current 'issue'

But how often? I gave an afternoon dose and then apparently my mom (who was staying with him) gave him a pre-bed dose, which was at 7pm, only 3hrs later than my dose.

Is this too much? BTDT advice. TIA
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We only do Tylenol for a high fever that has been there for awhile and won't come down despite other efforts. (And I suppose we would do it in a case of sever pain i.e. broken bone or something if need be- there just hasnt been a need).

We use hyland's teething tablets for teething and they work wonders with us.

You might also look into an amber teething necklace
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Sounds like what you're doing is what it says on the bottle in terms of frequency and timing, so I'd imagine it's fine! My understanding is that every 4 hrs is ok for Tylenol, and I'm sure slightly closer is fine given it was just once and with a half dose. Here's link for info from Dr Sears' website: http://www.askdrsears.com/html/8/t089101.asp

The Hylands tabs and gel do nothing at all for my son (now 6 mos but teething or preteething since 10wks). I've tried and tried as I'd love them to help, but literally not a thing. He's really not into the cold/wet washcloth thing at all either, again I've tried and tried. He likes chewing on firmer cloth and wooden toys though. The Haba teethers have been great.

We use Gumomile oil which seems to ease things a little but I suspect part of that may be the flavour, which he's intrigued by, and the gum massage (it's about the only time he'll let me in to do one). But the only thing that really helps when it's bad is infant ibuprofen (generic of motrin/advil). That helps him sleep at night when the pain is bad and I'll v occasionally use it during the day when nothing else is helping. I understand it can be alternated with Tylenol if necessary (ibu every 6 hrs, Tylenol at 3hr point between them). Haven't yet tried this (and Tylenol itself does nothing for him). Poor little guy has a hard time with teething - it seems constant and he only just got his first 2 teeth! I feel so bad that they have to go through so much pain and discomfort so early in life. Hope you find a combo that works for your baby.
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Im w the pp. Tylenol does nothing for teething pain here. It seems like my little guy has been pretty constantly under the influence of ibuprofen for the last several months (we're working on tooth #7).

I give the lower dose also, with the understanding that if it's not enough, i can safely give another partial dose before the first wears off.
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I use ibuprofen as well. Mainly because I haven't found store brand Tylenol. I think we've used it maybe a handful of times, but my LO is only working on tooth #2.

I wouldn't worry about the dose only 3 hours later since you give a half dose. However, it's a good situation to teach everyone else talk to you before giving any meds. My friend and her husband have messed up meds before because dad was trying to help in the middle of the night and gave meds without consulting with mom first. It's best to get everyone used to coming to you first so you can keep track.
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As long as you're following the bottle, it should be just fine. My friend's 4-year-old ate half a bottle of toddler Tylenol, and Poison Control told them not to worry. The actual dose of medicine in kids' versions is very, very low. Not that I recommend giving baby half a bottle....
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