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Even more done today! Sent off a gigantic desk, a big console tv and several boxes with the ex. Put another nonworking tv at the road along with another desk, and rearranged the playroom completely so that there aren't hiding spots for the cats to sneak off and do their business behind furniture like they have done a few times. Also sent a computer off to get fixed by a friend of mine for the kids

The playroom is 100% clean and it feels so good! I plan to keep going through the books and toys since I know it can be pared down further. Right now everything fits on the shelves but I'd like to have *gasp* open space on the shelves!

My room is a mess from sorting kids clothes, so I may just sleep on the couch tonight and finish it in the morning. My annual foster care inspection is at 4pm tomorrow... eesh! Gotta run around and do some last minute paperwork tomorrow and check all the fire alarms etc. Then finish up the house, but at least it isn't bad!
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gone. gone. gone.

I gave up on the "kids bundle" (basically listing the items with a group picture and getting rid of a group of quality items in one particular size- cheap). One person asked me to separate out one item out so deleted the add and called two girlfriends with younger girls to come over ASAP if they wanted to go through what I had. The rest went to the curb! I feel so much lighter

I've also been scanning the house for broken items and pitching whatever I can, even listening to old CDs and throwing them away if they are scratched. I feel like I can make this month alone work.

Thank you much for the well wishes jrabbit we are still over the moon

I really need to get rid of my old professional wardrobe. That is the next monster I tackle!
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3 bags of girls' clothes out today ... 1 bag of baby clothes waiting ... might be able to make it "two"... several items listed on craigslist ...
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echospirit I must do the same with all our CDs!

I just threw out a big bag of odd lids and containers and old microwave containers and a couple of baking tins and rusty stuff...no idea why I was keeping all this stuff...

Also sorted more toys to toss and donate.
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i'll join! I'm actually already in the middle of it though hehe.

We have a lot of stuff we just plain don't LIKE and don't feel we need right now and can replace later if we really want. Our couch for instance. We HATED it. It was huge and uncomfy and what a dumb purchase we made (we were young, we had just gotten married and our own place... we had nothing!) So.. we sold it! Now we have one chair and an air mattress in our living room. We'll get a couch someday but for now its just the three of us and we almost never have guests (and the guests we do have are happy on the floor anyway!)

Eventually the mattress will be replaced with an exercise bike once my husband deploys and we don't lay together watching movies at night anymore (I need to purge some pounds too.... )

We've gotten rid of all of our dvds (except the very few we have that are family friendly) as we have netflix and we got rid of almost all our books (something I didn't think I could do! we have a library card though so why not, right?) and we got rid of all but a few favorite cds we keep in the car.

Next up is trinkets and the tables from the living room and clothes. Thankfully my kiddo doesn't have many toys anyway although I DO have a box of them waiting for me to sell I'm also selling our second tv we never use (another young, first place purchase) and we are selling our second vehicle. I have a big box of random stuff we never use except the batteries in there to clean out and I definitely need to clean/organize the christmas stuff. That will all leave our closets pretty bare!

Next year we might be moving and my goal is to pare down as much as possible to make moving and unpacking much easier. We don't need most of this stuff and we can always replace it with things we actually took time to really pick out and consider anyway We like having very few things though. makes cleaning easier, makes everything look neater, and is just so nice and simple!
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Tonight I got rid of heaps of stuff from the garage because the council is collecting tomorrow....cleared out old swimming pool toys, a dishrack, 2 old office swivel chairs, 2 huge pieces of damaged artboard, bag full of rags, 3 bottles of bubble bath, old kitchen sponges....all tossed.

Plus I gave 2 large tricycles and a Little Tykes truck to the next door neighbour.

Tomorrow I am taking a few more bags to the charity store.
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awesome, I love reading about all this progress!

And Cee, you reminded me I passed on the little radio flyer scooter to my almost one year old neighbor! My girls are already enjoying trikes and raining wheel bikes!
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Originally Posted by echospiritwarrior View Post
awesome, I love reading about all this progress!

And Cee, you reminded me I passed on the little radio flyer scooter to my almost one year old neighbor! My girls are already enjoying trikes and raining wheel bikes!
Cool! It's a great feeling to be able to pass things on to neighbours.

Today I also finally unloaded 6 bags of toys, took them to the 2nd hand store first and they took some of them...they paid me $25 cash plus $35 credit to spend in the store...then I took what was left to Vinnies along with 2 enormous bags of books.
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Oh my I've just gained another reason to stay really on top of the declutter war. It looks like we might have the opportunity to buy a house in January. Seeing as I'll be HUGELY pregnant for our move, the more I get done now the easier my life will be later!

I'm so stoked to have our own real house (we have a condo now, with neighbors above us and no yard) WOO HOO!!!!
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Wow, everyone is kicking some serious clutter booty. Things are slightly on hold for me. DH is on a long work related trip (1.5 months) and I'm not staying at our apartment because it's in a crappy neighborhood. But I'll be passing by the house every other day or so to check up on things and hopefully I'll be able to haul away some of the boxes I filled up last week.
On a side note: I'm really really sad right now. I've never been apart from DH before and it sucks.
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(((green_momma))) I'm so sorry. I'm getting ready for just this. Drop my hubby of at the airport on Tuesday and I don't pick him up until 9/11 I have a feeling I'll be slowing down when he's away and just trying to stay on top of our regular stuff. Don't be so hard on yourself. The most wonderful thing about separations is becoming reunited!!! Feel free to PM me if you just want to chat!
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I've been continuing on the basement and its improving. I got rid of a little kids table Wednesday and a coffee table today. We live on a main thoroughfare and EVERYTHING we put out at the road gets taken. It makes it a lot easier to get rid of it. Liek the coffee table, we got it for free eesh, 8 years ago!, repainted it, and used it. It wasn't getting used now though and has been in the basement for 5 years. It would probably eventually get used again, but it seems so much better to let it be used NOW by someone. And when I do need one, I can find the perfect one, rather than a handmedown.

My ex helped me move stuff around in the basement a bunch Wednesday and it feels like its coming together, especially now that the washer got fixed today and I can do laundry! Theres a big pile that needs dealt with, but the basement is clean and swept around the edges and the big stuff where it needs to go mostly. I just have to go through the junk thats accumulated in the center over the last year or so and find it homes or send it with the ex.
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I got a closet cleaned out... got rid of a whole box of things I also sold a couple things on CL and have a few other things posted.
Next up is clearing off a shelf in my closet followed by going through a couple boxes we never unpacked when we moved in (its mostly decoration stuff like picture frames... nothing on the walls here hahaha)
then I need to dump a few things in the kitchen... that'll pretty much be it for the house. Its weird actually not having anything anymore... by sept 1 I should be done with everything....

then on to the shed. joy.
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Originally Posted by green_momma2007 View Post
On a side note: I'm really really sad right now. I've never been apart from DH before and it sucks.
Sending you lots of hugs...don't forget to come here and tell us if you are feeling sad while he is away; it may help you even just a tiny bit to know there are people here in cyberspace to listen.
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I want to join in! I am finding it impossible to keep the house up with so much junk and clutter everywhere that we don't need, and it really just sucks the life out of me. Plus we are moving in 6 months and hope to majorly downsize! So getting rid of everything NOW would be awesome.
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Count me in, too! I started a major purge of more challenging sentimental items i have been putting off in the 3 years (yes, years!) since I began this decluttering phase...

Baby #3, who will have to be in our room due to space in this house, is to arrive in about 7.5 weeks, which is making it hard to clear everything, but I am reminded of our move in March, and I am *not* paying to have junk moved, lol!

So far:
-large bag of DD's clothes to a church/school friend
-2 boxes of books
-small box of knick-knacks
-winter maternity clothes
-smaller summer maternity clothes
-bag of my clothes that have not been loved/worn in over a year
-box of old, broken, etc. toys from DS
-large trash bag of broken, old, etc. toys from DD

I love hearing about everyone's goals getting accomplished - you all are inspiring me!
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my work in progress (highly motivated by a little problem-- brown recluse spiders hiding in my kids' rooms!! )--
to the yard sale:
all magazines are going away. I can definitely do the 2010/2010 thing. I estimate close to 50 pounds in magazines!! they are out of the closets and on their way out the door.
a side table I don't like
a few clothing items of mine (I really don't have much to begin with)
2 large garbage bags stuffed from ds1's room (stealth mode!)
stand mixer, ice cream maker, popcorn popper
3 sets of extra dishes
10 recessed can lights
keyboard, stand, case, amp-- GOODBYE!!
some extra blankets, shower curtain, duvets
rags to animal shelter
outgrown girly clothes and baby stuff
backpack (the camping kind-- big, with lots of places for spiders!)
at least 50 books
weird plastic bike toy, when I can sneak it out (ah, guilt!)
stuffed animals
several bottles of lotion, conditioner, etc left over from our store that closed

I'm going to have to count because I'm curious now-- as I list all this I'm realizing I am probably at least 1/4 there for the 2010 thing!
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This week I purged:
a bunch of shoes ( 2 bags full)
pizza pan
grill top for stove
a bag
decorative plates

with out the kids knowing I got rid of :
kids books
broken laundry hamper
a few toys
baby clothes I was going to sell

Unfortunatley I bought two things at the thrift after I donated my stuff (one was a picture though so at least its up on the wall).

But it does feel sooooo good to just get stuff out. I need to get out of the mindset that I'm going to get things sold and just get them out of the house. It's not worth my time to make a couple of bucks!
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This thread motivated me to go through my clothes and get rid of somethings that don't fit/I don't like. They were nice work clothes and when I went to donate them to a more upscale local thrift shop (they don't just take anything), I found they weren't taking donations today! I can only get there certain Saturdays.

I took back/sent back some items I'd bought that I turned out to not need/didn't fit - will end up with about $150 in refunds. Straightened up my BR walk-in closet, pitched a LOT of paper, and took coins to the counting thingy at the grocery store, getting an almost $30 Amazon gift card (I'm always getting stuff from Amazon). My place looks much better and calmer.
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Today I attacked my closet and so far got rid of:

2 jackets
2 pairs long pants
5 skirts
2 dresses
4 tops
6 old coathangers

Plus I gave my daughters a few things that suit them better than me!
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