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I need a place to keep track of the things I want and the cost.... so I thought I'd start this thread. Please add your own!
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I'm going to edit as I go

Newborn prefold diapers $21/dz (green mountain diapers)
lansinoh lanolin
baby wash

baby lotion
butt cream
small bag of Huggies Naturals nb (8.97) (*x2)
wipes (box) 2.97 (*)

gn onesies 7.50
gn sleeper 7.50
white long sleeve onesies 7.50
socks (gn)
gn hats

charlie's soap

To Borrow:
car seat (*)
bouncy seat (*)
possible boy clothes (depending on gender)

Birth kit stuff (need to do some research)
towels (*)
cord clamp/shoe string
good/sharp all metal scissors

bulb syringe
shower curtain (*)
chux pads
camera w/extra CHARGED batteries (have the camera * need extra batteries)
birth ball (*)
fish scale (*)
bowl for the placenta (*)

peri bottle

Herbal/Homeopathic Needs
shepherds purse
rescue remedy (*)
motherwort (for afterpains)
witch hazel (*)
arnica (*)

evening primrose oil
pregnancy/nutrient tea (*)
black/blue cohosh

Post-Partum Menu (lol) I'm thinking some freezer menus but I also want to have a 'snack' plan for labor and after so I don't need to rely on hubby to do everything for me.

Oh! Quit procrastinating on my postpartum pad stash!! I've got a bunch of almost made pads and liners just waiting for me to quit putting them off.

Belly Binder for postpartum
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OooOOh.. I freaking love lists.. (as aforementioned in the chat thread)

This is my ever changing list..
Things in Red are found or bought.

for baby..

*small package of disposables.. 7th Generation or other natural(ish) ones..
*short sleeved shirts (kimono style?!)
*long sleeved kimono shirts
*Weleda Calendula diaper cream
*Organic cotton sherpa prefolds..NB/3-6 Months
*Bamboo/Cotton prefolds... NB/3-6 Months
*Nordic naturals woolens; kimono shirt, wool cap, nappy pants, nursling shirt..
*hooded organic bamboo baby towels (on order from ETSY)
*silk ribbon for wrapping umbilical cord & wash (on order from ETSY & probably in the mailbox)
*flowers/herbs/salt (for lotus birth)

for me..

*breast pads..organic cotton/bamboo (on order from etsy)
*organic nursing pillow (my mom is picking it up for me)
*home birth supplies (i dug up some stuff and my midwife says she has the rest..so im set!)
*Motherwort tincture (My midwife makes it and is giving me some!)&
*Advil for after-pains (they were bad after #3)
* Natural disposable pads

other things..

*borrow infant car seat
*sew baby quilt! (this is my 4th baby and I have yet to make one.. I'm determined!!
*Freezer full of yummy food! (halfway there)

*wash woolens
*weave in ends on baby hat & socks and wash (i want them to be the first thing on baby)
*get shelves up in laundry room & organize things in there
*tidy up bedrooms
*really scrub the bathroom then have a long hot bath
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Originally Posted by ~Demeter~ View Post
I'm going to edit as I go

Birth kit stuff (need to do some research)
Nic do you want me to send you the list my midwife gives out? I know you might need a bit more since you're UCing, but if it would help, it's a place to start

For my list:
*reusable breast pads (need to research brands/prices...any recommendations are appreciated!)
*3-6 month snowsuit
*A new contour changing pad
*A baby jogger double jogging stroller (in my dreams!)
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Another big list fan here.

For the babies:
*Pre-folds and Thirsties covers (I accidentally ruined mine from before because I never learned to properly care for them. I have now figured it out and will be replacing them and starting over)
*Detergent for CD
*Twin style nursing pillow
*Burt's Bees: Diaper cream, baby lotion, baby wash/shampoo, baby oil, and dusting powder (can you tell we are Burt's Bees fans?)
*I really only "need" one more infant care seat but I am sooo tempted to buy two so they match.

For me Postpartum:
*A new water bottle mine is starting to get kind of funky
*A large stash of Luna mini bars and some other assorted snacks that I dont trust dh to get the "right" flavors of when he goes shopping
*Raspberry Leaf Tea and Mothers Milk Tea
*Witch Hazel
*At least 2 good books (I loooove watching my newborns nurse but I have to admit to needing something else to do after a while)
*lansinoh lanolin

So yeah... that's about it. I have plenty of the basics from my other kids so really the only big item on the list is going to be the diapers.

Oh! I also always buy 3 things for right after the birth. A bottle of Virgil's root beer (I know its not very good for me but it tastes soooo good). A bar of my favorite soap (patchouli scented bee and flower soap) for my first after birth shower. And a bottle of unscented lotion for my wonderful afterbirth body message that dh gives me.
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Jennie.. sure so I can have something to look at, a lot of the home birth kits that come with 'everything' have so much stuff I know I won't use. I don't feel pulled to have too much.. really some chux pads, a peri bottle, some herbs (to help with afterpains and possible hemorrhage), sterile scissors to cut cord after it stops pulsating... and.. uh.. I think that's it.
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For baby:
Car seat
A fuzzy baby cover for the car seat
A new baby monitor
Fitted sheet for play pen
Waledea calendula butt cream

Things to sew and knit:
Booties, hats, sweaters, pants
Fitted prefolds out of the ones I already have In progress!
A cross stitch name keepsake-In progress!
A cross stitch Christmas stocking if I magically find the time-Haha, dream on!

For me:
Calendula tincture
Arnica pellets
Chux pads
A freezer full of food!

Things in red are checked off my list
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Anybody have cloth mama pads that they love? Or have a link to a pattern? My mom gave me her old serger, so I *might* be able to make them before Nov.

I love the kimono top idea, Fern! What about nursing tanks? I've never bought any, but I've heard rave reviews. I'm big chested (40F right now) - are there any that anybody loves and can recommend?

I love lists too, but I've been too busy to think about what I might need. I'm going to take inspiration from you ladies!
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I love mine but I'm not allowed to discuss them on here.

I need to figure out what we are doing car seat wise as well... I've been offered one so I might take them up on that. I could use all the help I can get.

I doubt there will be a shower this time around... and that's fine.
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I definitely will join-I'm a Virgo.

Have to tomorrow, though, have to get the kids in bed!
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Bobbi..the kimono shirts are for baby, BTW..
but some mama shirts would be nice too!
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Tons of clothing up to 12-18m, though a large portion of it has stains that may not be recoverable enough for them to be used in public
All the cloth diapers we need once baby grows into one-size/infant prefolds (this took a few months with DS and DD)
Infant car seat
Maya wrap, OTSBH, mei tai
Changing pad and cover, and a dresser to put it on
Nursing bras that are either close to falling apart or less than ideally sized.
Mama pads
A few toys and cloth books
Some relatively lightweight blankets
A&D ointment
Medela Harmony manual pump
840 disposable wipes
A bunch of cloth wipes
Cloth diapers that will work for a smallish newborn
Ibuprofen (We don't normally keep it in the house as DH is allergic, and I had an hour long afterpain about a week after the last birth that really could have used it!)
Newborn sleepsack

Winter outdoor clothing for baby

Disposables, various sizes
Moses basket or similar
Bed pad or wool blanket to felt/lanolize
Pump and associated supplies (have a manual pump. Want an electric when I get a job, but this should get me through until I have a paycheck to pay for it)
Some sort of diaper pail
New convertible seat (Hopefully I can get a job before we need it and get a nice expensive one with a decent weight/height range)

Wrap carrier
Swaddle blanket
New nursing bras

Want to make:
Wool covers
Cute stuff!
Wet bags?

Lower on the priority list, but I wouldn't turn down:
Nursing pillow (I want one exactly like I had last time, but can't figure out what it was! May have been homemade.)
Bouncy chair/swing/something
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My lists are far too large to put all here. lol I think I have OCD.

But I definitely have to start thinking about labor/post partum foods and making that list.

I have a few wish items, that I likely won't be able to get, but who knows, maybe Santa will bring it later. lol

But I'd like another sling, possibly a new nursing pillow cover.

I SHOULD get some new nursing bras. I've definitely killed mine. Yeah, I should really put those on the actual list, actually.

I've started Christmas lists already too, because ideally I'd like to be done by time DS comes. lol Yeah, done before November, right... lol I forsee enlisting my Mom to tackle some shopping while I'm home bonding and nursing.
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Originally Posted by JSMa View Post
I've started Christmas lists already too, because ideally I'd like to be done by time DS comes. lol Yeah, done before November, right... lol I forsee enlisting my Mom to tackle some shopping while I'm home bonding and nursing.
Oh, god-I didn't even think about trying to do Christmas...AND dd1 will be 12 mid-december. Phew-this will be interesting!
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Originally Posted by Earthy Mama View Post
Oh, god-I didn't even think about trying to do Christmas...AND dd1 will be 12 mid-december. Phew-this will be interesting!
Lol... yeah I tend to really plan ahead because I have periods of physical limitations (I have fibromyalgia) and I know the last thing I'm going to want to do is try to treck out Christmas shopping with a newborn, very early post partum. Just won't be good for me.
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Virgo with OCD here. I have literally over a hundred lists on my computer that I need to whittle through. Not to mention on paper...

Ok, I'll have to edit as I go:

TONS of diapers.
baby clothes!
A bouncy seat
Nursing pads
Beco and 2 ring slings
Baby socks
Baby snowsuit and mittens
small pack sposie newborn dipes
Lansinoh nursing pads
car seat infant headrest thing
Nursing bras-sleep and bravado
Maternity undies
two nursing/maternity pj sets

yarn ($100 for xmas presents and baby things-some of this I am trading for!)
To make a diaper bag *bought one!*
Baby wash cloths
Belly binder ($32-46)
wool blanket for bed-our room is insanely cold
RRL tea supplies, rescue remedy, massage oil, and baby soap from Frontier ($100)
Liquid Chlorophyll ($14)
Birth and Joyful Pregnancy Affirmations mp3s ($20)
Diaper pail
Car seat- Safety 1st Onboard 35

Ultrasound ($100)
This nursing bra
Puddle pad (found a piece of wool fabric in my stash!)
white noise machine
Some of those OXO Candela lights ($30)
Natural Health After Birth book ($12)
velour diaper doublers ($10)
velour and flannel wipes
Milkies milk savers
Color coded towels and cups for kids (long story)
Wrap and snap and Bravado nursing bras
Nursing PJs

To Do
Homeschool planning
to knit longies (one down!)
Pay off credit card ($200 to go)
Get a new minivan
Pay off midwife ($650 to go)
Organize library for next school year
Get rid of all our crap
Clean and bring down bed guard
Donate attic stuff to Salvation Army and sell extra books
Find out how much for a house cleaner to come once a week for the month after baby is born (not happening)
Finish a budget and calendar for dh to pay bills and do some household stuff
Paint living room and bathroom
Caulk bathtub better
Seal tile grout
Paint doors and wood frames
Decide on encapsulation vs. placenta smoothie (both!)
Organize and color code birth binder
Put phone numbers into phoneand make up list of who to call when
Clean carpets
Test pool

Get Christmas things out and put aside with instructions on what to do and when
Buy and wrap presents by November for Xmas, Chanukah, and 2 birthdays
Plan birth announcements *picked some out*
Find a family doctor
Belly cast
Set up baby changing and bed baskets with supplies-dipes, wipes, nail file, water bottle, lotion, towel and receiving blanket, extra baby outfit, book

Make kid belts
Build storage systems for kids rooms-bought Expedit instead
Knit longies (1 of 3 planned done)
Knit sleep sack
Knit and sew some baby hats (one down!)
More nursing pads with PUL
Mossy jacket

Pre-baby prep
Freeze a whole bunch of meals
Energy bars
Matzoh Ball soup
Veggie soup
pies-apple, cherry, pumpkin?
Italian Beef
Start hypnobabies
Start RRL tea and chlorophyll (will NOT be staying with the chlorophyll)
Start Vit K and Floradix
Print off emergency backup plan and pack emergency transfer bag
Sterilize blankets and clothes for birth and keep sealed

Birth (and after birth) supplies
Birth kit ($81)
Birth pool
Hose and adapter *on it's way*
witch hazel
peri bottle
cotton rounds
arnica tablets
heating pad
small crock pot
Cramp bark ($11)
Bottle of rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, hibiclens
small unopened olive oil bottle
zip lock bags
popsicles and crackers
straws and recharge
grape juice
exam gloves

36 weeks
layer bed with sheets and shower curtains
test birth pool
clean carpets, rug, and upholstery
pack emergency bag with printed emergency birth plan, insurance card, gown, bra, contact stuff, shampoo, phone numbers, emergency plan for Nick, baby outfit, socks, toothbrush and toothpaste
Check car seat in car
Make emergency car birth kit-2 zip lock bags, blankets, towels, scissors, cords to clamp, heat pack, wipes, chux, baby hat and outfit, water bottles, juice bottle, granola bars, small copy of emergency birth info.
bring down heater and take up a/c units
make up ipod play lists
check birth ball inflation
sterilize sheets, blankets, towels for after birth and keep sealed
make sure all clutter is out of the way
wash all baby clothes
garlic, acidophilus, vit. C daily. Echinacea the last week.

Weekly from 36 weeks
clean bathtub
clean bathrooms and vacuum daily
long walks

Orange=not happening
Red=dealt with
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wow this is all so helpful! my own list may actually materialize kinda soon...
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@ kittywitty yay for another OCD Virgo!! And thanks for reminding me to put on my "look into" list about a house cleaner to come out prior to the birth.
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I am such a freak. But if I don't plan all this out to the tiniest detail, I'll forget with my mama brain and it will drive me crazy!
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hehe another Virgo here...but I like to think I have my ocd under control
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