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Rose Louise is here! - Page 2

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I love reading about all the arrivals! Makes me even more excited for my own sweet daughter's!

Welcome to the world little Rose!
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Awesome! That's so inspiring! Congratulations--and what a beautiful name!
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welcome rose and congrats momma!
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i love her name!
congratulations all around!
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Thank you all! We are doing great!

Here is a link to the whole birth story over in the VBAC forum!

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Wow! Great story, thanks for sharing!
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Wow, what an intense birth story. Thank you for sharing this! You are an inspiration!
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Congratulations! What a beautiful name she has!
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Woot woot for the VBAC!!
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Congrats and Welcome to the world Rose Louise!!
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Awwsome, congrats on your VBAC, great story! Welcome Rose Louise!
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