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I could have totally delivered with no one in the room, she was crowning when I called to tell them. I wouldn't have labeled it a UC since I was in a hossy but if you are lucky you can deliver and then call the nurse and say it just happened to fast or something.

Good luck!
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Originally Posted by Lexibaby View Post
Sorry to have offended anyone if I did. I am just now looking into all of this stuff and don't know everything about it yet. Only way to find out is to ask questions, right? I was taught the only dumb question is the one you don't ask.......
Maybe I will do more reasearch before asking more questions.
Don't apologize, you did nothing wrong. Ask any questions you need. Take what is helpful to you and leave the rest.
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What about getting a hotel room very close to the hospital when you go into labor?
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Jacksonmom, ouch.. yeah W&C is way worse than LG nowdays.. LG at least tries to be mom/baby friendly.. WC has the highest c/s and induction rate in the area. (I want to say in the 30+% for c/s but i can't remember the exact number.) I would never go anywhere near there as a pregnant woman.. When I took my dd there to the ER I do have to say it was much nicer/more helpful/knowledgable doc than the pedi at LG. She acutally didn't argue at all with my choice not to vaccinate my dd (we were there for a dog bite to her face and got her a tetnus shot.)

Anyway.. sorry to go so far away from the OP.. I don't see UCing in a hospital as possible, but it's all about what you're comfortable with.
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Yeah, I thought a big part of UC was not only not being interfered with, but not being watched and/or monitored either.

I can't imagine that a hospital would be okay with not doing some kind of checks.

If you follow hospital policy it will ENSURE that you have unnecessary intervention, thus leading to all kinds of garbage.

I've heard of so many moms (and witnessed first hand) who went in there thinking they would just bypass the policies and have a totally free birthing, then crumbled miserably when it came to the overly pushy staff.

The best of intentions and the strongest personality in the world can lose out in a hospital birth battle.

You couldn't pay me a million dollars to risk it with my precious little one.
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