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Second time really IS so different!

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I hardly ever post, but you all were so helpful when I posted about being afraid that labor would never start that I thought I'd share my birth story. Well, for the back story, I had prodromal labor and ended up being induced with DS#1 at 40w6d and I had this deep fear that I would not/could not actually go into labor by myself. Needless to say, I was wrong!

Last Saturday, 7/17, was my "early" due date (the due date from my early u/s - one week earlier than the due date based on my LMP/chart) and was also my anniversary. We woke up and I was again lamenting to DH that I thought I might be pregnant forever But as we were talking about what to do with our day, I said, "You know, maybe we should install the infant carseat." So we did that, and went to get it inspected and then went out to eat lunch at this ice cream place, where I proceeded to eat a greasy cheeseburger, onion rings, and far too much ice cream. So for the rest of the afternoon, when I was feeling crummy, I blamed it all on lunch.

Later on, after DS#1's nap, we decided to run out to do some errands and ended up grabbing dinner at IHOP (yes, it was a bad food day!) I was still feeling crummy, but at some point, began to feel contractions. I had been having contractions pretty frequently for weeks, so I wasn't really that concerned. But there was definitely a point when I started thinking, "Oh my god, I cannot have this baby in IHOP."

So we went home and DH gave DS#1 a bath, while I went to bed. About half an hour later, I started thinking that things were getting more serious, so we called the MW, who said to make our way in. We got DS packed up and off to his cousin's house for his very first sleepover and, thankfully, the dropoff went well. As we started driving to the hospital, I looked like something out of a movie, huffing and puffing my way through the peak of contractions. By the time we got to triage, I was shaking uncontrollably, which felt weird, but I knew it meant that things were moving fast. The MW checked me and I was 4 cm and "very squishy" - the MW said it was clear that I was in active labor. I was monitored for like 20 minutes and they set up an IV for antibiotics (I was GBS+) and then hobbled over to the L&D room, where they had a large bathtub filled and ready for me.

I have to say that hospital and my MW were really great. I got in the tub and everyone just basically left me alone with DH. DH was also great - he held my hand or rubbed my back the whole time, which, it turns out, is all I wanted. I started feeling pushy while in the bathtub and was also a bit uncomfortable being in there - I had to sit in a sort of funny way to keep my IV dry (what a drag... but they took it out as soon as the antibiotic was all in). So I got out and then had a tough time finding a comfortable position. I tried leaning over the back of the bed, but found that I wanted to sit on a stool with my feet on the ground.

They brought out a birthing stool, which for some reason, was missing the seat part, making it not the most comfortable thing. So I was alternating between sitting down and standing up. I started pushing at this point even though an exam showed that I was only 8 cm. The MW said that my bag was bulging and it was making me feel like I needed to push, even though I wasn't fully dilated. She thought it would be okay to push, though, because I was really stretchy. So I did and it caused my water to break in a most spectacular fashion. I will truly never forget it!

After that, I felt like getting into bed and I kept pushing. About an hour later (although it's hard for me to say, exactly), Henry was born. Apparently he was sunny side up, but I didn't have any back labor. He was 8lb3oz, and is healthy and just basically wonderful.

I can't believe it's all over and I can't believe I managed to do it all without any drugs (I only really thought I wanted them as I was pushing at which point it obviously would have been too late, anyway, but I never even asked - so proud of myself!). I'm so in love with the little guy.
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What a wonderful story! I'm so glad it went differently for you this time and now you have this extraordinary confidence in your body! Best wishes for a beautiful babymoon with your new bundle.
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I am glad it was a positive experience...with each of my births they get better and better.
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Great story!! Congrats on your new little one.
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Originally Posted by smerkin View Post
Great story!! Congrats on your new little one.

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Congratulations! A very beautiful birth story, thank you for sharing it. Way to go drug free!
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DDCC Congrats, love the name! I love the dramatic way your water broke! Nice story for those of us who are awaiting #2.
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Great birth story, congrats mama and welcome Henry!
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I needed to hear a story like this, too--thank you for sharing. And congratulations!
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Congratulations mama! What a beautiful birth story - thanks for sharing!
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Congrats! good to hear all went well

It's interesting you mentioned shaking uncontrollably. I did that for my first and I had never heard of that happening before. Even the nurses at the hospital were asking me if I was cold because they thought I was shivering and they gave me heated blankets. I think I was moving pretty quickly, too. I'm curious to see if that happens again this time around
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I had that shaking too after dd2 was born, my MW said it was from the adrenaline because everything happened so fast. Had it a bit after ds was born too.
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I was shaking like crazy too, DH thought I was cold.
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Nice job mellybelly! Great to hear that it went so well. Congrats and welcome Henry!!
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Thanks ladies!

Yeah, about the shaking - I have no idea what causes it, but I know it happens when things are moving fast. When the midwife saw me, she said, "A little shaky? That's a good sign!" So... apparently it's a good sign. Hahaha!
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I had the shakes too, the nurse said it was due to the hormones rushing into my system.
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