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I agree with what SagMom said (and others touched on). I see this as an issue where you need structure, and you don't like "playing" (I don't either), and part of you feels a need to "prove" that you aren't doing "educational neglect"...so here's my suggestion:

Why don't you create a schedule for yourself with times set aside for one-on-one time with your kids (all at once or individually). When we do this we call it "project time". I'll ask them what they want to do. With DD it's almost always craft time. With DS it is often a video game that he wants to show me, but we've also done crafts, read stories, and even worked on a math workbook (DD likes them, we had some around, he wanted to...). For them it's not "schooly", it's just "time with Mum" which they love. For me it eases the guilt of having kids who play and learn rather independently and I don't like playing. But it can also be perceived by others as "homeschool work". And maybe it's because our program requires reporting (and yes, math in the head would definitely count) but it seems no matter what we are doing (even the video games) I "see" learning in it and it feels validating.

I also agree that confidence and trust in the unschooling approach can go a long way to easing the "I have to buy a curriculum" blues, lol. Really, we all get that way sometimes.
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Piglet- Thanks! That's a really good idea. I've been pondering the 1:1 time so that my kids aren't trying to stay up super late to get it (stay up later than your sibling and get parents all to yourself).
My DS loves video games and they've helped him a lot in ways I never conceived, so that's always cool. Okay, I really love video games also, and have been a big gamer for almost 30 years now.
DD is even getting motivated to learn to read more words so that she can play Zelda without my help.

I'm getting this and I really appreciate this forum and all the ideas and support. Thanks much.
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I smiled as I read the OP - many elements struck a chord. Dreaming you got some very good responses too.

I do think she's getting what she needs and if I put in the extra effort to record what she is learning, I would probably see that everything is fine the way it is.
So how did that work out? I used a google spreadsheet with subjects across the top and dates down the right and just entered things whenever I remembered them. Of course I had to do this since we dont do much written work or follow any curriculum. And I had to show something to the reviewer twice a year. If you dont have to do that then I guess it is for your own satisfaction. It is interesting when you look back.
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rumi- It only worked out because I gave up on the idea for now.
I'm just focusing on making a schedule/rhythm for myself and not worrying about what my kids are doing when. DD has recently taught herself how to swim with no lessons to speak of. She is always working on things and I'm doing my best to just trust her.
Since Texas doesn't require documentation, I am just providing my kids with as many resources as possible and getting out of the way.
I think what I will do is keep a journal and note what was done that day. If I ever needed to pick through it all and be specific about "subjects", I could.
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