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Originally Posted by laughymama View Post
I'll be over in 20 minutes with a couple of bottles of Merlot.

This week in particular, I am feeling the exact same way. These are the days that make me wish I had an on-call nanny. And weren't 34 weeks pregnant.

LOVE Merlot!
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Originally Posted by honeybun View Post
This morning I made a vow to myself - I WILL remember me and do things just for me once in a while. I hope it does not sound selfish.
actually i think not taking care of yourself is v. SELFISH of you.

because ultimately you come to a breaking point. and everyone around you protests because you have brought them up to expect you you you all the time.

soooo glad you had your glass of wine.

its v. v. important that you do something - anything for yourself at least once a way. whether that is just sitting back and enjoying a glass of icy cold water or picking a flower and putting it in your hair. or making sure you change your clothes everyday and not look frumpy ya know.

whatever it takes.

i think only when we take care of ourselves do we actually BECOME the perfect mother.
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