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Gift for midwife?

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OK, would like some feedback on this idea:

I want to give my midwives a gift, but I can't really afford that much (I still have to finish paying off the birth...). I'm also not that good about knowing what's a nice kind of thing to give.

I was thinking to print and frame Hathor the Cowgoddess's "BirthsMart" series (she'll send you a PDF for $1) for them to hang up in the office somewhere (don't know where )


But on one hand do you think the comics are too close to the truth that they might hurt instead of being funny? And is it a weird kind of thing to give?

Any other ideas?
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I love these comics! But they are indeed infuriating and leave me with a feeling of rage. Ahh, the medical system...don't get me started!

Anyway, they might be a good gift, but I agree with you that they might also be offensive, or probably just saddening to women who have gone through these experiences. I probably wouldn't pick them as a gift for that reason, but also because my midwives' office is FULL of pictures/knicknacks/statues/mementos that they have no more room for. Perhaps your midwives' office is different.

I'm giving the whole office some sort of sugary decadent treat (someone else on this board suggested a cake or cupcakes). Being a nurse, I sure love when my patients bring treats for the floor so everyone can share them, and there's nothing like chocolate to perk you up during a long shift. Plus, it's eaten, so nothing to store or find room for in the end.
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