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Gu Syndrome

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Thought some of you might find these articles interesting. My TCM doctor is going to treat me for this...I have been diagnosed with blastocystis hominus, leaky gut, gluten intolerence, adrenal fatigue and pharmaceutical drugs were unhelpful (for the parasites). People that have autoimmune disorders, candida, allergies and/or parasites, among other symptoms, may find this helpful. I'm urging my doctor to prescribe me a raw, custom blend of herbs that I make into tea versus the pills. The only bummer about this protocol is that it takes years and years to get completely well, but I'm already on such a restrictive diet (SCD) and I still have other symtoms. So glad my TCM doctor sent me these articles...makes a lot of sense. You have to download the documents in English after you click on the link.



You can PM me if you would like a phone consult with my TCM doctor...I live in Asheville, NC.
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Hi Anitakidcrazy,


I've just booked an appointment to the Fruehauf clinic in Oregon in my last desperate attempt to get well from blastocystis hominis and many other neuro/endocrine issues. I would be grateful if you could tell me about your experience with the Gu herbs and were they successful for you?


Thanks for you time,



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