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Some re-lactation questions

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Alright so, long story short...I happily breastfed my DD for 27 months and it was SUCH a joy. I gave birth to my third child on June 11 (he will be 6 weeks old on Friday). Well, around 2 and a half weeks PP I was having terrible panic attacks/depression and put on Effexor and Valium and told I needed to quit BF immediately. I was so anxious and depressed I went out and put my son on formula that day. Before then he was the happiest baby, so content, so peaceful...now he is miserable and I'm even more miserable than I was before. He has terrible gas from the formula (even though it's supposedly for "gas and fussiness"...yeah ok..) and spends most nights after his feedings screaming. I spend the time I feed him bottles bawling my head off because I'm so upset we're not nursing. Well ok actually I've been bawling my head off almost 24/7 since we switched to formula because I miss that bond so much. Last night I decided THIS IS IT! My baby is going back to breastmilk. I called my Dr. first thing this morning and was put on an antidepressant that is safe while nursing (it was really the Valium I think that was the issue but it didn't work anyway and the effexor made me a nut case).

So that's the backstory. Now for the re-lactation questions... Today I went out and got a small electric pump (when I am nursing I have a HUGE supply...like an "I can pump 4oz in 5 mins supply"). So far I have pumped twice. I've been pumping every 2 hours. 15 minutes on each side (is this right?) So far I'm getting droplets, with the 2 sessions I have 1/2 oz of EMB in my fridge. For having switched to formula and weaned cold turkey 3 weeks ago is this good, bad, average? At this rate any guesses on when my supply will be back and I can ditch the stinky (literally) formula? Does anyone have any extra advice? Baby REFUSES to latch so I might end up using only EBM.

Thanks in advance!
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great work so far! are you able to add herbs or oatmeal?

keep trying with baby http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/...to-breast.html and consider a lactaid/sns http://www.nbci.ca/index.php?option=...lips&Itemid=13

hang on there!
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