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Doctors at Homefirst?

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Homefirst is undergoing some changes--no longer covered by BCBS (although they are fighting this and may have it reinstated in mid August), and it looks like some of the doctors are gone. Does anyone know what doctors ares still practicing there? We visit them so infrequently because the kids are healthy! But, we will miss our doctors that we did see over the years.

Who is left?
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Schattauer has gone out on his own http://www.thegreenmedicalpractice.com/about

afaik Rosi and Zumhagen are still there, but someone told me their phone was disconnected when they tried to call yesterday?

They aren't doing births after August (or October, I hear conflicting reports, but most say August).
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Thanks for answering LEAW. I don't like your answer though! Now I have to doctor shop.
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That's strange. . . BCBS still lists them on their provider page and when I called Homefirst last week I was told that the issue was only with PPO (not HMO). Hmmm.
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Re: Homefirst

Dr. Chapman is still in practice there and I LOVE her. She sees patients in Naperville and Rolling Meadows on Wed and Fri. I did hear that it was likely that things would be worked out with BCBS, otherwise they are charging $75 per visit. Well worth the $ to get a doc that has been so supportive of us following the non-vax and Weston Price feeding. Dr. Zumhagen is starting a Nutrition Response Testing practice in the south suburbs.
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They resolved the issue with BCBS! Drs. Schattauer and Zumhagen are still with the practice but with reduced hours.

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